Electric Bike Throttle

Sale price£25.00

This throttle only applies to Polluno and Netuno e-bikes with rear motor.

Before Buying:

  • Wayfarer city bikes come with the throttle, no need to buy them separately
  • The throttle cannot be installed on the mid-hub electric bicycle.

Instructions for use:

  • To use the throttle, you must first change the assist level to 0. If the numbers 1-5 on the screen do not light up, the assist level is set to 0.
  • You can also set the level to 0 directly through the app.


  • Accelerators are not strictly necessary for e-bikes and are prohibited in the UK.
  • Considering the safety and legality of e-bike use, ESKUTE does not recommend customers install the throttle handle on the electric bicycle and ride at full load.
  • ESKUTE is not responsible for e-bike damage or traffic accidents caused by using the throttle.
  • Please use the throttle correctly according to local regulations.