8 of The Best Scenic Bike Trails to Explore in The UK

Torridon one of the best scenic bike trails to explore in the UK

There's no activity better than cycling when it comes to going out on an adventure and keeping yourself fit. There's no shortage of beautiful bike rails in the United Kingdom.

It's good for the environment and does wonders for one's health. Many previous railway lines now out of service provide impressive cycling tracks through natural wonders and picturesque landscapes.

The country has a long history of bike exploration, so one shouldn't hesitate to continue the tradition. From country routes to hilly paths, there's no shortage of stunning views. Discover everything from pretty villages, beaches, and famous landmarks, to historical sites.

What more could a cyclist want? As Buzz Lightyear says, to infinity and beyond!

The Camel Trail, Cornwall

It is one of the easier trails on the list and, thus, a good place to start the list.

It makes it easy for even amateur cyclists to enjoy a traffic-free track with views of the sunny coast and Cornish countryside. Plenty of heritage sites, villages, and seafood spots would make the ride fun.

It's a route open for walkers, runners, and cyclists. Since the trail is flat, it's even suitable for disabled access. The track is 27.8 kilometres long and is used by an estimated 400,000 users each year.

camel one of the best scenic bike trails to explore in the UK

Bristol and Bath Railway Path, Somerset

The photo alongside shows the view of the Bristol and Bath railway track as it passes across the River Avon valley.

It is a 21 kilometres route on the National Cycle Network, which connects Bristol to Bath. It is a popular trail used for 2.4 million trips in 2007 and is increasing by 10 per cent each year.

Moreover, it lies in an important wildlife corridor, which means you might get to see some beautiful animals along with the picturesque landscape.

Torridon, Scotland

This 46 kilometres loop route near Strathcarron, Highland, provides a stunning seascape along with rugged mountains. It is considered a difficult route and takes an average of around 12 hours to complete.

This trail is also great for running, hiking, and biking. The relative difficulty of the track means there aren't many people around, and you can enjoy the views in peace.

The trail also takes you towards Beinn Eigh mountain ridge towards two Munro's, a mountain with a height of over 3,000 feet.

Westminster Bridge to Box Hill, London

Box Hill one of the best scenic bike trails to explore in the UK

What can say more about the track than the fact that it was included as a part of the 2012 Olympic Cycling Route? Just one ride on the track might help you see why.

The trail stretches just a bit over 40 kilometres and provides a view of different views throughout the journey. It starts from the city, then the suburbs, and eventually into the pure lush nature.

Elan Valley Loop, Wales

It is one of the harder tracks on the list since it's situated in hilly areas almost exclusively and runs for around 29 kilometres.

It starts in a pretty village, Llangurig, goes onwards to a few small, sparse residences and then gives a tough ascent to Ffair-Rhos. However, it's worth it when you reach the top since you'll see magnificent views of the Cambrian mountains there.

It's all downhill after there, literally.

Elan Valley Loop Box Hill one of the best scenic bike trails to explore in the UK

Berwick to Lindisfarne, Northumberland

This trail starts at the Berwick train station, where you look for the signs for Route 1 guiding you through the town towards your route.

Berwick is a town with historical significance that should be explored before the trail moves ahead. The walls of the town, once built to keep invaders out, are still intact and can be walked upon.

The route consists of a coastal path that passes a golf course, a stony path, and, eventually, Holy Island. Holy Island is also an interesting historical site used by the English, ransacked by Vikings, and ultimately renovated by the National Trust.

Big Ben to Richmond Park loop, London

If you want to stay near London while cycling and exploring nature, this trail is perfect.

It starts from Big Ben, then after passing through a few streets, you come across the north bank and ride beside the Thames river till you reach London Wetlands Centre.

Here you can take a break, stop for coffee in a cafe, or just enjoy the countless frogs, birds, and other creatures in the centre. Since the route is 10.8 kilometres, if you're in the mood for more, you maximize your riding time by taking as many laps as you wish.

When you're done, you can ride towards Big Ben in the manner you came or take a more direct route, skipping the London Wetlands Centre.

Yorkshire Dales Cycleway, Yorkshire

Yorkshire Dales Cycleway one of the best scenic bike trails to explore in the UK

It is one of the most challenging routes on this list, with most cyclists covering the more 200 kilometres route over several days.

The 2014 Tour de France race included over 21 stages, and it began in the Dales, Yorkshire. Despite the steep climbs and difficult hills, the epic views are worth it.

There are famous historical sites, such as Bolton Abbey, and geological sites, such as Aysgarth Falls and Malham Cove, that should be seen at least once in a lifetime.

You can make the trail less challenging for yourself by covering it over more days, taking ample stops, or reducing the length of the trail you cover.

Wye Valley Greenway, Dean Wye

The Wye Valley Greenway, which follows an old railway line, has now been converted into a very well-looked-after cycle route and a great route for walkers.

It is now the old railway tunnel that is a huge 1080 metres long at the mouth of the famous Tidenham Tunnel. Through the entire tunnel, there is a walking and riding path. There is low waist-height lighting in the tunnel, so you should turn off your bike lights. Many bats inhabit the roof area of the tunnel.

Eskute e-bikes owners planned a ride day out on Wye Valley Greenway, and that's a wonderful riding experience for the group. Thanks for the support from all participants; we hope more owners will join our next cycling activity!

Wye Valley Greenway one of the best scenic bike trails to explore in the UK

Ending Note

Of course, this isn't the most comprehensive list of bike trails in the UK, and it was a tough call to decide which to include among a few of them.

However, these are a good place to start, and once you begin, you could discover more tracks as you ride along.

One great place to learn more about those tracks and everything you need to know about cycling is the Eskute Blog. Head onto it to explore more and have all your biking-related questions answered!

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