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Netuno E-Mountain Bike

£799.00 £1,299.00
Netuno E-Mountain Bike
Motor: 250W 45NM
Battery: 522Wh
Range: 65 miles
Motor: 250W 45NM
Battery: 522Wh
Range: 60 miles
Motor: 250W 45NM
Battery: 720Wh
Range: 80 miles
Motor: 250W 32NM
Battery: 522Wh
Range: 65 miles
Motor: 250W 65Nm
Battery: 720Wh
Range: 100 miles

An Ebike for Every Type of Rider


Infinite power at your feet

The ultimate solution for those who want to explore the world with ease and comfort! Its 20 inch mountain bike frame and front and rear dual suspension system conquer any terrain, The hydraulic disc give you more control while riding and can help you stop faster. while the powerful electric motor provides an extra boost of speed and power.

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OMG exercise and a real sense of freedom.

if you know how to ride these things correctly you can get really super fit .it just use the eco mode most of the time and the boost when you're really need it

I live surrounded by hills and have kids who want to go bike riding and friends who bike ride. So now I can manage and keep up without trashing my knee/leg.

Takes the pain out of going up hills. Gets you out in the country side more exploring places you had never been before, good exercise and fresh air.

Hills are no longer a problem and i now get to work and back so much faster.

I have found this a great way to get back into cycling and hopefully get a bit fitter.

So if you’re looking for a great value, reliable e-bike, either for commuting and trekking, or even off-road adventures, look no further than Eskute.

Eskute was founded to make quality electric bicycles accessible to the masses, and produces a compact range of models that are priced competitively enough to make cycling the most economical choice in almost any situation.

Commuting and street riding on e-bikes is what Eskute specializes in. They enable regular riding even with hilly commutes and hilly conditions. That’s 100% of what an electric bicycle from ESKUTE does. Avoid traffic, save resources, get fit and make the effort flexible so you can do it day and day out.

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