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      The Eskute

      The Eskute Bike was founded by Alan Chen in 2019, for the passionate idea of providing our customers with not only a much more affordable price, but also a new means of transportation that will surely play a significant role in both environmental protection and commuting in the future.  

      The latest surveys continually indicate that the market is showing the ever increasing demand for electric bikes under the tough circumstance of COVID-19. Compared with the traditional crowded choices, such as buses, underground, and cars etc. approximately, people prefer to find out a safer and healthier public transportation solution for their daily life. And surprisingly, the electric bikes are catching their high attention quite fast.

      The Eskute Bike is a very fast-growing e-bike company, and we are and will always be working on the tour of providing people who either commute or have leisure by means of taking E-bikes, with our best products and services. And we will keep striving to offer various choices to satisfy our customers as well. We hope and it will be our pleasure and honor to have all of your attention, support and care always alongside us, while we are fighting on the way to get bigger, stronger and further.

      Try ESKUTE, take back your freedom

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      Why Choose Eskute Bike?

      Since we are doing a direct-to-customer business, we promise to offer the best quality products at the best price to our customers, also coming with our considerate customer services. We will also keep on moving for generating much more cost-efficient bikes for all of you, no matter what is your age, what is your occupation and where are you from.

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      We have been running our factory in Poland for over a decade as we have such a strong desire of making the best bicycles for our customers and promoting better quality and techniques. Also, in the past years, we have been specifically concentrating on finding very unique and innovative solutions for everything from suspension design to manufacturing process. Based on our accumulated experience and mature skills, we eventually made up this challenging and inspiring decision----having our brand “Eskute” founded in 2019.

       We offer 5-8 days free and fast delivery to customers in Europe as we have our warehouses in both the UK and Poland.

      Our Mission

      Ride for Freedom

      You will never be caught in traffic congestion again. Experience the freedom an electric bike has to offer. Don't want to arrive all hot and sweaty? No worries! Get a Eskute bike!

      Ride for Fun

      Get ready to explore anywhere you want! Whether you are on vacation, out with friends, exploring with a sweetheart, or just want to go for an adventure, our electric bike make all possible.


      Ride for Planet

      A Eskute pedelec doesn't run on fossil fuels, so it doesn't emit greenhouse gases. Riding a bike expands your eco-friendly footprint by keeping you off the city's congested streets. You're giving the planet a much-needed break.

      Our Customers Love Us


      Very sturdy looks great good value for money.

      Eskute Voyager


      I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you bought one

      Eskute Wayfarer

      Vicki Steward

      I have no hesitation in recommending Eskute.

      Eskute Voyager


      😉Sunny Day, Nice ride with my Eskute Voyager.

      Eskute Voyager