Electric Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid, town & trekking electric bikes are ideal for the varied terrains of UK towns and cities and suitable for a mixture of uses. Our Polluno and Polluno Pro are the perfect ebike choice if you want to ride faster, keep up with friends or cycle your commute to work!
These best commuter electric bikes can reduce your carbon footprint and pollution and help you discover more!

Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike

Polluno Electric City Bike


The Polluno electric hybrid bike is a comfortable and versatile city ebike powered by a rear-engine, helps you from A to B with no sweat and pedals towards a greener and more environmentally friendly future. The ebike is easy to get on or off for ladies or seniors with a step-through frame design. 

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Top speed


Top speed


Top speed

36V 14.5AH

Top speed

65 Miles

Top speed

7 Speed Types

Top speed


Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike

Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike


The Polluno Pro is a modern hybrid e-bike. It is designed to be your best partner for daily commuting in the city or the countryside, allowing you to move around with efficient pedalling support, ensuring safety and comfort. The

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Top speed


Top speed


Top speed

36V 20AH 

Top speed

80 miles 

Top speed

9 Speed types

Top speed



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Best Hybrid Electric Bikes of 2022

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Health experts always advise that you exercise every day, but sparing a few minutes to exercise daily may be difficult. Nevertheless, getting a bike can easily integrate exercise into your daily routine.Cycling has tons of health benefits. Some benefits include stress reduction, depression reduction, and anxiety reduction.

If you've decided to purchase a bike, you should get one optimised to handle your type of commuting. For example, you can't buy a road bike when you regularly commute on rough terrains.

Going for a hybrid bike is usually an ideal option as it can handle any terrain. A hybrid electric bike makes things even more interesting, as you can ride faster and longer.Yet, you may find it time-consuming to scout through the many hybrid electric bikes available. As we've researched for you, you can spare yourself time and stress. 

Out of the many available options, here are our top picks for the best hybrid electric bikes of 2022:

Best Premium Electric Hybrid Bike - Polluno Electric City Bike

The design of this premium electric city bike is one to love. As the name states, it’ll make an ideal buy if you regularly commute on urban roads.

Although it’s marketed as a city bike, it can withstand rough terrain like hills, thanks to the 32 nm torque. The Polluno Electric City Bike is also capable of riding through strong winds.

Another great feature is the 250w hub-drive motor. The upside to this motor type is that it requires little or no maintenance. You can match the gear system to your needs with five pedal-assisted speed levels.

Aside from that, the bike has an innovative 522Wh battery which you can charge on or off the frame. While you ride, you can count on the integrated lock to prevent the battery from falling.

The Polluno Electric City Bike is smart as it features a backlit LED display. The screen displays your pedal-assist level, speed, battery status, and mileage, among other details.

Best Value Electric Hybrid Bike - Wayfarer Electric Bike

If you're on a budget, the Wayfarer Electric bike is the best value electric hybrid bike you can purchase. Available for less than £1,000, the bike uses a brushless gear hub motor with a 15.5mph limited speed.It's a safe electric hybrid bike with sturdy tires, lightweight brake discs, rubberised handlebar grips, and rustproof chains.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts long enough to cover over 40 miles. It's detachable, so you can remove it when not in use.

You don't get a backlit LED display with the Wayfarer Electric Bike but an LCD digital panel. Nevertheless, the LCD panel is just as helpful in monitoring your trip.This display shows the battery level, current speed, the distance you've covered, and the pedal assist level. Adjusting the pedal-assist level is as easy as pressing a button on the panel.

What Is the Difference Between a Hybrid Bike and an Electric Bike?

A hybrid bike comprises the features of a road bike and a mountain bike. In other words, you can ride it on city roads and rugged off-road locations.

Hybrid bikes are widely revered as versatile since you can take them anywhere. They're not as heavy as mountain bikes and yet more sturdy than road bikes.

On the other hand, an electric bike features a motor and battery to facilitate pedalling. The pedal assist from the electric motor makes it possible to ride faster.

Notably, you won't have to apply much effort compared to riding a conventional bike. As a result, electric bikes are relatively convenient to ride as you won't strain your knees and thighs.

A hybrid bike can also be an electric bike – called a hybrid electric bike – by simply featuring an electric motor. With such a bike, you enjoy the features of a hybrid bike and the speed and convenience of an electric bike.

Are Hybrid Electric Bikes Worth It?

Hybrid electric bikes do a lot of good to you, the rider, and the environment. The most obvious benefits to you are the speed, less effort while pedalling, and the ability to ride on almost any surface type.

Furthermore, electric hybrid bikes are superb alternatives to vehicles. Rather than drive 4 - 6 miles to work in your car every day, you can use an electric hybrid bike instead. For example, an electric bike at a maximum speed of 20 mph covers 5 miles in approximately 15 minutes. It takes a car around 5 to 12 minutes to cover 5 miles. If there's traffic, it could take longer.

Hybrid electric bikes release 96% less carbon dioxide than cars for the same distance, making them environmentally friendly. Not to mention, you'll save money on gas as these bikes use rechargeable batteries.

Finally, an electric hybrid bike is easier to maintain than a vehicle due to fewer parts you can replace. 


Investing in an electric hybrid bicycle is an excellent choice if you want to get in shape, help the environment, and ultimately improve your quality of life.

Before purchasing the best hybrid electric bike, you must consider your requirements. Your choice will depend on how often, how far, and long you intend to ride. Your budget will also play a role in your decision.

Notably, it's better to invest in a quality bike than to pay a cheap amount for a second-rate one. If you're ready to make the purchase, feel free to go with any of the best options listed here.


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