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Go biking is one of the best ways to enjoy nature's splendour. However, riding on rugged terrains with an ebike may seem too much of a task which is why most people tend to shy away from it.

Nevertheless, it does not have to be. Your ride can be smooth and comfortable with the best hardtail ebike. Next, we discuss this bike type and where it works best.

What Is a Hardtail Electric Bike?

A hardtail electric bike features a single front or rear suspension system. This contrasts with full suspension bikes with both a front and rear suspension system.

Most hardtail electric bikes available are mountain bikes. The name "hardtail" references the rough terrain mountain bikes ply. Typically, most hardtail ebikes have a front suspension system rather than a rear-mounted one.

Since they have a single suspension system, hardtail electric bikes are usually flexible to control. The front suspension acts as a shock absorber, minimizing the impact when riding over bumps and jumps and reducing the strain on the rider.

If you are new to off-road biking, you will find these hardtail ebikes an excellent entry point because they are less expensive and easily adaptable.

Uses of a Hardtail Electric Bike

Hardtail ebikes are the preferred choice for many bikers for numerous reasons. Notably, they are useful in different situations, some of which include:

Off-road and on-road riding.

Hardtails are meant for off-road riding on mountain bike trails. However, these bikes are versatile, so you can also use them on the road.

Many bikers prefer buying a hardtail mountain bike to a road bike, even if they want to bike on the roads. Doing so allows them to ride on mountain trails whenever they want.

Furthermore, you can purchase a hybrid hardtail. Such an ebike offers a perfect balance between off-road and road riding, and with a front suspension, it's as good as non-hybrid hardtails.

a man is climbing the mountain by his hardtail e-bike


When it comes to climbing hills, you need a lightweight bike with wide tires. You get both with a hardtail ebike, specifically, one with a front suspension fork.

An ebike with a rear suspension – like the full-suspension ebike – requires much power in pedalling. With a hardtail e-bike, you do not have to worry about this because the rear stays rigid.

You only need to focus on manoeuvring the front as you go uphill, and the rear will follow.

Fast commuting

You can use a hardtail electric bike to cover longer miles faster. While they are not as light as bikes without any suspension, they are lighter than full suspension bikes.

The hardtail's front suspension makes acceleration much faster, especially on the hybrid versions. However, when it comes to speed, it majorly has to do with the bike's wheel size.

Most standard hardtail electric bikes feature a 27.5 or 29 inches wheel. While 29-inch wheels are more effective on extended rides, 27-inch wheels offer better acceleration.

The Best Hardtail Ebike in 2022

Netuno Pro Electric Bike is our best hardtail bike as it ticks off many components excellent hardtail bikes should have.

To begin with, it uses a front suspension system which means it moves across terrains better. The 250W Bafang brushless motor ensures you move on uphills and mountain slopes without trouble.

We all understand that tracks usually get tricky during rainy days, especially gravel terrains. However, this is not a worry as the Netuno Pro Electric Bike is IP5 rated and can be used in the rain.

Fast and comfortable riding are both key benefits of hardtails, and you get both with this ebike. The bike goes as fast as the law allows, which is 15.5 mph. In addition, it has five assistance levels for your comfort, two of which are the pure human mode and electric assist mode.

That is not all, and the Netuno has a range of 65 miles on a full charge, meaning you get to go the distance. Finally, it comes with a Backlight LED display and a type C charging port for you to charge your device on the go.

a man leaning on Netuno Pro Electric hardtail Bike

Hardtail vs Full Suspension Electric Bikes

Both hardtail and full suspension electric bikes are primarily mountain bikes, suitable for off-road riding. Both possess a suspension system which may make you wonder which works better.

So, if you need to know the differences between both, check the table below for a more detailed comparison.

Hardtail Electric Bike Full Suspension Electric Bike
1.Features either a front or rear suspension system – but usually a front suspension system. 1.Features double suspension systems – a front and a rear suspension.
2.Usually lighter as it has a single suspension system 2.A bit heavier as it has two suspension systems.
3.Suitable for all-purpose commuting, including rough and pavement terrains. 3.Suitable for rigorous off-road commuting, including rugged trails with rocks and roots.
4.More affordable to purchase and maintain 4.Slightly more expensive to purchase and maintain.
5.A bit less stable on rough terrains since the rear is rigid. There is the possibility the rear wheel bounces. 5.More stable since both front and rear wheels have suspension systems.
6. Hardtails offer more durability as the rigid frame withstands damage from impact better. 6.Full suspension has a shorter lifespan as they are made up of several moving parts.
7.Suitable for new off-road adventurers. 7.It takes a bit of getting used to for new riders.

Eskute hardtail e-bike on the bridge in the sunset


Purchasing a new electric bike is no small undertaking, and you must take special care to make the right choice. A hardtail electric bike works best if you need an affordable one for your off-road travels.

Whatever your riding experience level, the Netuno series is guaranteed to meet your needs. Do you require more information about hardtail electric bikes? Reach out to us at, and our profession will be happy to help!

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