Earth Day: Time to Protect the Earth or Deal with the Consequences

Earth Day: Time to Protect the Earth or Deal with the Consequences

Our planet is the backbone of our existence, and without it, we would be lifeless and homeless. Each year on April 22nd, more than one billion people worldwide celebrate the Official Earth Day, and the number is growing each year. Protecting the earth is essential and combating pollution and climate change is the main focus of making the earth a better place.

The first official Earth Day ever celebrated was on April 22nd, 1970, in the form of a rally organized by then serving Wisconsin senator to raise awareness about lingering environmental problems. These rallies took place all over the United States and eventually led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. 20-years later, Official Earth Day was celebrated in more than 140 countries.

Many of you might have never heard of Earth Day, and you might be wondering what contribution you can make to improve the environment on earth. The main goal is to give you some information on how to approach Earth Day and what you can do to make the earth a safer and more prosperous place. We also look at habits to fight global warming and support the Environmental Protection Agency.

1. What is Earth Day

With pollution on the rise and more people moving to technology-driven tools and creations, people are slowly making a dent in the quality of the environment and damaging some of the essential parts that we need to survive. To combat the increased levels of pollution, we need to stand together to make people aware of the damage they are causing.

Earth Day is the perfect day to bring global awareness to the damage caused to the environment. With the fluctuation of temperatures in some regions of the world, crops and other essential agricultural areas are being struck. This leads to weaker crops during the harvesting season and affects the entire global economy.

Earth Day: Time to Protect the Earth or Deal with the Consequences

With Earth Day, we stand together with more than 1 billion people from almost 150 countries worldwide to say no to continuous damage to the environment. As a collective, we make people aware of the environment they are damaging and show in protest what the result will be if we continue to live the way we do.

It is also a day for banding together with like-minded people and doing everything we can to reduce the impact on the environment and make changes. Small gestures go a long way to increase everyone's peace of mind. You must try to join a group and help make the earth a happier and healthier place on April 22nd (official Earth Day).

The modern environmental movement aims to support the clean air act and reduce air pollution. In order to reduce global warming and improve human health, earth day events are held around the world and supported by the Environmental Protection Agency. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting prosperity on earth.

2. What we propose to do to support Earth Day

Since Many people haven't heard of Earth Day or only now understand what it means, it doesn't surprise that people don't know what to do on Earth Day. Fortunately, there are a few things that we propose you do to make the earth a better place. These are essential and straightforward things to keep in mind while living everyday life.

2.1 "Ride, don't drive" (promote cycling as a healthier, viable means of transportation.) Earth Day: Time to Protect the Earth or Deal with the Consequences

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions resulting from transportation of motor vehicles account for around 29% of all emissions in the United States. Due to constantly using a vehicle and public transportation, you contribute to emissions, which harm the environment. Cutting down on these could be a great way to reduce your contribution.

You can either walk from one destination to the other, but this can be tedious and extremely time-consuming. Choosing an electric car might be a good option, but the prices of these vehicles are astronomical. Unfortunately, most people don't have the funds to invest in a Tesla or an electric vehicle from another brand.

The far better option would be riding a bike. Or, in this case, you might want to use an electric bike to make things even more accessible. The Eskute Polluno Electric City Bike is the perfect option for commuting around the city.

Riding your bike overdriving is also a straightforward way to support the clean air act and fight global warming/air pollution. The current climate crisis can be significantly reduced with an e-bike. You will significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to an overall improvement of human health in the long term.

2.2 Use recycle material

Earth Day: Time to Protect the Earth or Deal with the Consequences

Millions of tons of materials are discarded every day, and some of these end up at dumping sites, where it is burned and turned into ash. The effect of this is that the fumes will go up in the atmosphere and affect the air quality. If left on these dumping sites, it can often end up in places populated by wildlife and can essentially kill some of the wildlife.

If we all band together and use recycled materials, it becomes easier to reuse the materials repeatedly. Things like paper and glass can be refurbished and reused in other products, which means less junk ends up in the rubbish dumps or the environment. These small gestures can have a significant impact in the long term.

Aside from using recycled materials, it would help if you looked at biodegradable materials. The materials will essentially turn back into something that can disappear within the earth or even improve the environment. It should not have such an adverse effect on the quality of wildlife or negatively impact their environments.

2.3 Plant A Tree

One of the best things you can do on Earth Day is to contribute to the environment and help to fix it. Planting a tree might seem futile, but if 1 billion people band together and plant one tree, you are looking at numerous potential forests in the long run. Trees are vital to our existence and promote healthier and cleaner air.

Earth Day: Time to Protect the Earth or Deal with the Consequences

2.4 Use Resources Sparingly

While we want you to save the environment, we also understand that you need to live. However, things like electricity can contribute to global warming, and water is one of the essential resources that we could lose. Another proposal is to try using less electricity and save some water. Instead of using your drinking water to water your garden, you can set up a system to use water from your bathtub or shower.

2.5 Promote Earth Day

Aside from social media, many people might not have the opportunity to learn about Earth Day and what it stands for. However, you have access to other people, and there are methods of making people aware. Even if you start by telling someone, they might tell someone else. Spreading the message and doing things like sharing this article can go a long way to improving the earth.

3. Try to do something as a habit.

It might seem like we are fighting a losing battle, but there are a few things that you can do and incorporate into your life. Some of these things can significantly impact your life and your local environment. We have identified a couple of great habits that you should start implementing in your everyday life.

3.1 Green Commuting

One of the first habits you can adopt is green commuting. Instead of using fossil fuel-driven methods to get you from point A to point B, you can rely on greener forms of transportation. Now, you might be thinking that green commuting revolves around walking, but an electric bike like the Eskute Polluno Pro E-City Bike is designed to help reduce possible pollution.

Earth Day: Time to Protect the Earth or Deal with the Consequences

3.2 Cultivate Your Own Garden

Instead of sourcing your foods and vegetables from around the world, you can create your garden at home. Having a vegetable garden gives you more sustainability and control over what you eat and how you contribute to the environment. It can take plenty of work when you are just starting but will eventually yield more benefits.

3.3 Adopting A Minimalist Lifestyle

Everyone loves the glamorous lifestyle that the rich and famous have cultivated. However, not everyone enjoys the carbon emissions and negative contribution to the environment of this lifestyle. It might be a more viable option to adopt a pragmatic and minimalistic approach to life where you can.

Sustainable development can help counter-air and water pollution and protect essential natural resources as well. You will also encounter different species in your garden, and the endangered species act is another thing you will be contributing towards. Many world leaders have been pushing the idea of a more sustainable development approach.

3.4 Spreading the Word

Finally, spreading the word and doing easy things like sharing this article with your friends and family could help educate more people. Since many people are oblivious to their effects on nature, it can be easy to continue doing these types of things. By spreading the word, you are making a significant contribution to changing the world for the better.

You should also look out for official Earth Day events in your community that help inform people about the climate crisis or climate change. Such an annual event can bring you into contact with like-minded people while making you part of the modern environmental movement. It is crucial that we reach the hundreds of millions of people who do not understand Earth Day or conserving natural resources.

Earth Day: Time to Protect the Earth or Deal with the Consequences


We all need to do our part on Earth Day, but it should not only stop with one day. You should cultivate a mindset that every day is Earth Day and try to contribute to something bigger than yourself and your local environment. We would love it if you could share this with friends and family and help them better understand the roles they could play on Earth Day.

You can also check up to see new information from the Environmental Protection Agency about climate change and air pollution. Hundreds of millions of people can be informed and reached using social media to share this article. Earth Day can become an even bigger environmental movement in your local area.

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