A Guide to Buying the Perfect Kids' Electric Bikes

A Guide to Buying the Perfect Kids' Electric Bikes

Your kids need electric bikes for cruising around the home in the evenings or making meaningful strides outdoors. Parents prefer these electric automobiles over manual two-wheelers because they're safer and more reliable. Are you considering purchasing the perfect electric bike for your kids? We've got you covered.

We explore how to purchase the perfect kids' electric bike and answer some vital questions surrounding the item in the following paragraphs.

What Are Kids' Electric Bikes?

A kid's electric bike is a smaller version of an adult's. They generally have smaller frames and less powerful motors and use batteries with lower capacities than adult eBikes. The bikes also weigh less than adult bikes allowing your children to easily navigate the roads or carry them if necessary.

Like most adult eBikes, kids' eBikes operate with the pedelec system. Once your child places their feet on the pedal, they activate a battery-powered electric motor and get the bike in motion. Next, we highlight various types of kids' electric bikes.

Benefits of Riding Kids' Electric Bikes

There is no doubt that mountain trails have rugged and unpredictable terrain that makes finding the perfect route for a family-friendly excursion challenging. However, an electric bike often provides the perfect solution to this challenge. Whether it's a short biking vacation or the kids are having a regular lunch-hour ride, here are some benefits of riding a kids' electric bike.

  1. With kids' electric bicycles, It is easy for your child to ride over new and exciting landscapes while minimizing energy use.
  2. Ebikes are often perfect for routes or pathways which are too distant or steep for conventional bikes. Essentially, the e-bike makes moving over any distance on two wheels much easier.
  3. With electric bikes, your kids cover more distance faster, allowing you to choose the perfect time without fear of time wastage.
  4. Ebikes make a healthy alternative to sit-at-home toys like video games or the TV screen. While delivering the same fun, they also get outdoors and exercise themselves to healthier bodies.
  5. Electric bikes make attractive alternatives to cars, providing more environmentally friendly, healthy, and affordable ways to travel. Reducing your carbon footprint will undoubtedly benefit your health and help make the world better.

Types of Kids' Electric Bikes

Electric Quad Bikes for Kids

Kids will enjoy playing outdoors on this fun, electric-powered four-wheeled eBike. These four-wheelers run on batteries and are considered safer and cheaper than fuel-powered eBike types. As a result, they produce less noise and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Moreover, charging them is way easier, and you won't need to purchase fuel to power the bike. Another advantage of kids' quad eBikes is that they can start riding them as young as 2.

As they grow older, they will be able to switch to the 12V electric quad bike alternatives, with more control features. Then your children are ready to explore electric motors of 24 to 36 volts when they reach ages 8-14 off-road or in closed areas.

Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

Electric dirt bikes for kids are smaller scale-versions of larger dirt bikes. They're often cheaper than fuel-driven eBikes. Moreover, they're also perfect for preparing your children for extreme adult sports, all within a safe environment.

Electric Balance Bikes for Kids

Electric balance kids eBikes are excellent training tools for your children. These low pedal-less bikes help toddlers coordinate and balance their rides before graduating to the larger bikes.

A balance bike, or glider, is a great way for your toddler to practice steering and balancing. As soon as they develop their skills and are more stable, they will have no problem transitioning into using pedalled kids' eBikes.

Kids Electric Tricycles

Kids' electric tricycles allow kids that find it challenging to ride quad, electric balance bikes, or the traditional two-wheelers. Similar to its adult version, a kids' electric bike features three wheels for a more stable and balanced ride.

Some trikes have pedal support, and some may have custom features like a backrest. Generally, these kids' electric tricycles are excellent for kids who are just learning to ride bikes. With a more stable tricycle, they can easily enjoy outdoor time with family and friends.

How to Choose the Best Electric Bike for Kids

There are various factors to consider when choosing the best eBike for your kids. They include seat heights, eBike weight, and the motor's position in the vehicle.

Considering the highest and lowest seat heights on your preferred eBike helps provide a fitting vehicle for your kids. Then you want to avoid buying a heavy eBike as your kids may want to lift them over their heads between rides.

Moreover, lighter eBikes usually have smaller batteries and motors and are excellent for mountain rides and shorter journeys. The heavier eBike alternatives have longer life spans and power levels, which make them perfect for longer commutes.

Bikes with motors at the rear are the most popular and are perfect for pavement riding. While bikes with motors on the rear are cheaper, they can affect the eBike's weight distribution and make it feel like they are being pushed from the rear side. That's why mid-drive motors are the most recommended; they can provide a more balanced riding experience.

Moreover, mid-drive eBikes lower the vehicle's centre of gravity and are easier to replace when the tyres are worn out. With rear hub motors, removing or replacing the rear wheel is more stressful and takes more time.

Mid-drive motors are more common with high-end electric bikes, while kids' eBikes with front hub motors are rarer.

Safety Precautions for Kids Using an Electric Bike

Your younger ones always need to note that their new eBike is different from their regular toys. If you're purchasing an e-bike for your children, it's essential to ensure your kids understand the operation of an eBike's digital displays, brake system, and motors.

In most societies, there are some safety requirements eBikers need to follow, like:

  • The motor mustn't use more than 250 Watts.
  • The rider shouldn't travel beyond a predetermined speed.
  • Your child should wear a helmet.
  • All eBikes should have fully operable pedals.

To ensure your e'Bikes are safe enough, ensure your kids don't ever use the bike without a helmet. While it's a legal requirement, it also has obvious safety benefits for your children. Additionally, ensuring your kids don't travel at high speeds is vital for a safe ride, whether on a mountain trail or across a busy street.

That aside, you also want your children to become proficient in riding regular bikes before allowing them to get on the motorized alternative. Once your children are conversant with riding regular bicycles, it's the right time to buy the perfect eBike for them.

How Old Should a Child Be to Ride an Electric Bike?

Compared to non-motorized two-wheelers, electric bikes are more powerful. You want your kid to grow a little before leaving them to ride such a motorized vehicle. Kids should be 12 years old before riding most electric bikes – just before they reach teenage. By this age, transiting from conventional to electric bikes is relatively straightforward, giving your kids a new riding experience they'll cherish.

That said, kids bike manufacturers specially produce some eBikes for toddlers and other younger kids. Once your kids reach the age of two, you can buy them a quad eBike or trike.


Investing in your children's fun is a good investment. Moreover, buying the perfect ebike for your kids is an excellent alternative to excessive screen time. Before sending your kids off on the road, ensure they comply with all safety rules, ensuring they remain safe at all times. For more helpful information on electric bikes, check our other blog posts here.

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Graham Howarth

Graham Howarth

UK law states a child must be at least 14 years old to ride an ebike anywhere, Not 12.

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