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      ESKUTE bike with lock

      Bike Locks

      When you buy a higher-priced bike or electric bike, a quality bike lock becomes standard equipment to reduce the risk of theft. ESKUTE picked a bike lock with the bronze secure rating for customers to secure their beloved bike. 

      Bike Seat

      Bike Lock

      Before buying a bike guard lock, consider the situations you'll use. A U-shaped bike lock is a good option for most situations, and you can lock it on your tyres directly. But when choosing a cable lock, it's better to consider the surrounding environment where you park the bike. A fixed fence or frame is necessary, or if you cannot find anything for a bundle, you can tie two tyres together. The cable lock is better when you have more than one bike. If you're hesitating to buy a U lock or cable lock, we suggest the ESKUTE combination bike lock. You can determine whether to use U lock or cable lock separately or together.