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When you buy a higher-priced bike or electric bike, a quality bike lock becomes standard equipment to reduce the risk of theft. ESKUTE picked a bike lock with the bronze secure rating for customers to secure their beloved bike. 

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Before buying a bike guard lock, consider the situations you'll use. A U-shaped bike lock is a good option for most situations, and you can lock it on your tyres directly. But when choosing a cable lock, it's better to consider the surrounding environment where you park the bike. A fixed fence or frame is necessary, or if you cannot find anything for a bundle, you can tie two tyres together. The cable lock is better when you have more than one bike. If you're hesitating to buy a U lock or cable lock, we suggest the ESKUTE combination bike lock. You can determine whether to use U lock or cable lock separately or together.

Are E-Bike Locks Necessary? Importance of an E-Bike Lock


All bikes are expensive pieces of machinery. For this reason, it is important to ensure they are secure wherever they are, and there is no better way to do this than using an ebike lock. An ebike lock isn't merely a decorative accessory; in most cases, it's the only thing keeping your bike secure. 

Without a great ebike lock, you risk losing your bike if you frequently use it to commute to work or park it in a public place. Bike thieves have upgraded their "skills" by using better crackers. In order to keep you one step ahead of them, we examine the importance of this accessory in more detail.

The benefit of Using an Ebike Lock

The primary benefit of using an ebike lock is that it protects your bike from theft. Electric bikes are expensive, and replace them even more. Using a reliable security system minimizes the risk of theft.

Another benefit is that these systems allow you to take advantage of public parking. If you have safe spaces to park your bike, bike locks might not be a priority. However, for a rider who has to utilize public parking spaces, parking without locking your bike is an invitation to theft.

Another great thing about using locks is that some brands give you insurance coverage. When you purchase your Ebike locks from accredited stores or some Ebike manufacturers, they insure your bicycle up to a certain amount.

If your bike goes missing while its locks secure it, they will give you back some or all of your money.

Things to know about Electric Bike Lock Types

It's one thing to get an Ebike lock. Another thing is knowing which one to get and how to use it properly. Here are some tips on how to properly use an Ebike lock.

1.Combination Locks Are the Best

A combination lock is a type of lock that employs more than one type of lock to secure your bike. For example, some combination locks simultaneously use a U or D-lock and a cable lock to secure bikes.
The significant advantage of using a combination lock is that it increases the time it takes for a thief to break through the waves, thereby making your life safer.
Imagine a thief spending about fifteen minutes breaking through a cable lock. It will take at least double that time to break through a D or U-lock. 

Thieves will try to break through a combination lock only if they are confident they have all the time in the world or your bike is parked deep in the woods away from prying eyes. Both scenarios are implausible.

A combination lock might be slightly more expensive, but its security blanket makes purchasing it worthwhile. We'll talk more about combination locks later.

2.U-Locks or D-Blocks Also Get the Job Done

If you aren't up to the expense of a combination lock, the next best lock to get is either the D-lock or the U-lock. Both bike locks get their names from their shape and do their job well. However, they aren't foolproof, as enormous U and D-locks are pretty easy to open with crowbars. 
If you are thinking of securing your e-bike with either of the locks, ensure you do the following.

Lock the bike in more than one place.

We don't mean to use more than one lock. We suggest ensuring that the U or D-lock is more than one bike part. Using the lock leaves little space for a potential bike thief to work.

The smaller the lock, the better.

Bigger U and D-locks are less insecure than their larger counterparts. Many assume the bigger the lock, the more difficult it is to break. In this case, you would be wrong. 

For instance, when you use a large U-lock, it leaves enough space for a thief to put a crowbar or other equipment through. Examine your electric bike, and look for the smallest U-lock that can fit it. Ensuring that you leave as little space as possible when using a U or D-lock might be the difference between a stolen bike and a secure one,

3.Cable Locks Only Aren't Effective

You might think securing your Ebike with a cable might be a good idea due to its simplicity, but we will tell you now it's not a good idea. When used in conjunction with other types of locks, cable locks might do a passable job, but they aren't very effective on their own. 

Their ineffectiveness is because several tools can easily disable a cable lock. Either through cutting the lock or disabling it. Also, at its most effective, cable locks are more of a nuisance than a security tool.

They might slow down the thief if you use them to secure your tires or make it more difficult to access the bike. However, using a cable lock as the only line of defence between your electric bike and a thief will only lead to loss. 

Best Way to Use a Lock on an Electric Bike

No matter the type of lock you choose, the most effective way of locking up your electric bike is through its frame. The horizontal bar is the longest part of the electric bike and connects to most parts of the cycle. 

Securing your bike by locking it through the frame makes it difficult for thieves to get the whole bike. However, a disadvantage of doing this is that other parts, like seats or wheels, become vulnerable to theft. That is if you are using a single lock.

Final Thoughts

Whether you own an electric or ordinary bike, securing your bike no matter where you are is essential. Getting an electric bike lock should be one of the first accessories you should get alongside your bike if it does not come with one.

Getting a lock doesn't mean any will do. Ensure you have a lock that will secure your bike no matter what happens. Besides getting the best locks, you should also know that parking and locking your bike in public significantly reduces the risk of loss. For more electric bike safety tips, read other Eskute blogs for more tips.