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Phone Holder for Bike

ESKUTE can provide a range of phone cases and phone holder for bike to fix and protect your mobile devices during cycling, and they are universal for motorbike phone holders or motorcycle phone mounts.

More and more cycling APPs are designed for riders to track ranges, calories, speed or share locations, etc. Smartphones are increasingly crucial for riders to keep on the trail, connect with companions and never fall behind in the group. A bicycle phone holder can secure your smartphone for a long ride and never miss a message or phone call when riding. We have bike frame bags with phone holders, which offer more room for daily necessities like keys, small cash, or spare change.

Phone Holder for Bike- Should My Bike Have One?


In today's world, everyone is connected on the go. Twenty-four hours is rarely enough to get things done, and people have become adept at multitasking, which is why you rarely see anyone without their phones.Even in transit, having your phone close to reaching and available is expedient. The need to have your phone close is why a phone holder is one of the most important accessories for people who use their bikes regularly, whether for transport, leisure, or exercise. The phone holder is arguably the best way to hold or carry your phone while biking. Let's check out the benefits, how to recognize, and the best phone holder in the market.

Benefits of A Phone Holder

Ease of Access

A phone holder makes getting to your phone quite easy, even when riding. While riding, you can access your phone safely without reaching into your shirt pocket. This way, you aren't jeopardizing your safety and that of others by being distracted.


While some cycling jerseys have pockets, these pockets don't offer enough protection for a phone while riding. Suppose you crash while riding and have your phone in your pocket. There's a great chance you will damage your phone.

Saves Time

With a phone holder, the phone is right in front of you. You can do whatever you want while riding, which saves time. Imagine using a navigation app. For instance, with a phone holder, you can navigate easily.

Though some experts say phone mounts are better for in-city and leisure riding, we will say most electric bikes aren't meant for mountain biking. So, if you are thinking of a way to store your phone safely while riding and access it simultaneously, the phone holder is the way to go.

What to Look Out for in Electric Bike Phone Holders

Before getting a phone holder for your electric bike, you need to know the different qualities that make for a great phone holder. When you decide to get a phone holder for your bike, you will know what to look out for.


The most important thing to know about a phone holder is if it will work with your phone. Even the best quality phone holders are useless if they won't work with your phone. Some phone holders only work with specific phones. 

Before getting a phone holder, ensure that your phone will work with it. The best way to do this is to search the internet and work with your phone. You could also search for phone holders that work with your phone.

Ease of Use

After ascertaining that the device will work with your phone, the next thing to know is how easy it is to use your device while riding. It would help if you looked away from holders that are complicated to use or make the riding experience difficult. A phone holder shouldn't cause more trouble than it's worth to hold your phone.


Another thing to consider is the method the holder uses to secure your phone. Some use clasps, others use a magnet, while some employ suction cups. There are phone holders that require a mount that is attached to the handlebars. 

Your pick of a phone holder should depend on how strong you think the holder is and the available space to fix the holder. If your bike handlebars are already crammed with accessories, you can consider a phone holder with a flexible mount.


While the primary job of a phone holder is to secure your phone while riding, it also has a secondary job to protect your phone. It is essential to select one that offers adequate protection to your phone while riding.It should be tough enough to secure your phone on bumpy roads and absorb most of the damage during a fall. We should state that there are no unbeatable phone holders, but they are tough ones on the market.

Charging Capability

Since we are talking about electric bike phone holders, you should consider one that can charge your phone. The major reason you are looking at getting a phone holder is you want to be able to use your phone while riding.

Having a dead phone defeats that purpose, whether for navigation or entertainment purposes. Some electric bikes have USB ports that allow riders to charge their phones while riding. 

If your phone holder does have the capability to charge your phone or isn't compatible with your electric bike that can charge your phone, get another one.

If you wish, consider waterproof holders that protect your phone during the rain.

Best Phone Holder for Electric Bike

After trawling through the internet's underbelly and looking for a phone holder, we found one that meets our requirements. In our opinion, the best phone holder for your electric bike is the Eskute Bike Phone Holder.

The Eskute Bike Phone Holder

This phone holder from the stable of electric bike and accessories giant, Eskute marks all the requirements on our checklist. It's compatible with all phones between 4.5 and 7 inches in length. No matter the make of the phone, as long as it's within that length range (most phones are), the phone holder will work with it.

Eskute Bike Phone Holder is also easy to use. It has a knob where you can screw it yourself. It is also easy to remove. Apart from the ease of installing and uninstalling, the phone holder can move 360 degrees, allowing the rider to tilt the phone for the perfect view.Some of the other qualities of the phone holder include:

Slide grips secure the phone and allow the rider to view the screen fully.

Silicon contact surface minimizes vibrations, prevents scratches, and gives a firm grip.

Pocket-friendly price.

The Eskute Bike Phone Holder is the best phone holder for everyone.


Getting the right phone holder is even more important than getting a phone holder. You need one that fits your needs and isn't expensive to boot. That's what you get with an Eskute Bike Phone Holder.

For other bike accessories, secondhand e-bikes, new electric bikes, and everything to do with an electric bike, check Eskute out now.