Far better than expected.

I have been waiting for over 14 months for a bike I contributed to on an Indigogo crowdfund and it looks like my wait will not be over for a while yet. I needed a quick replacement for my old steed which is heading out to pasture and for the headline price I thought it worth a punt. I was a little bit wary and did not set the bar of expectations too high, thinking that at the price they were selling it would be a run of the mill, stopgap that might get me over the hump until my 'proper' bike arrived. Boy!, was I wrong.

Firstly I ordered it late on a Saturday evening... the promised delivery time was 5-8 working days?.. it was waiting for me when I arrived home from work the following WEDNESDAY! My initial concerns on seeing the bashed up state of the shipping carton were completely groundless. The bike was snugly and securely packed and in perfect condition. Putting it together was a breeze and I was absolutely blown away by the quality and feel of the bike. The level of additional items that were included was astounding... even on my premium bike(which I haven't got yet!) such luxuries as mudguards, a light, carrier etc. came at a pretty hefty extra charge, along with Shipping costs and VAT & Customs still to pay before I get it. So not only was this excellently built quality bike stacked with extras included but it was delivered molto rapido with NO shipping or extra fees. I had it out of the box and assembled in under forty minutes, all the tools required were packed with the bike and even something that would normally be regarded as quite technical(fitting the optional and free, throttle?) was an absolute doddle. Everything fitted well, went together properly and there was even enough juice in the battery to take it for a quick spin around the block. I met a friend of mine who is a welder and he immediately commented on how clean and tidy the welds were, something I never even noticed, to be honest.

ebike eskute

I have been riding this as my daily commuter for over a week and I cannot praise it highly enough for its sure-footedness and solidity on the road not to mention the ease with which it crunches the not inconsiderable uphill journey in the morning. The only concession or modification was to swapout the stock saddle, which is actually fine for most people, for a gel-filled old mans ass saver comfy saddle and a wider set of platform pedals, again the provided pedals are just fine for most users but I like a wide platform for my feet. All in all, this has been a very very worthwhile purchase, so much so, that I may just put the so called 'premium' bike up for sale and stick with this one instead. On top of everything else, customer service and communications from the sellers were superb, FAR better than I would have expected. If you are havering about getting yourself an Ebike? Don't Be, buy one of these, you will NOT be disappointed.

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