The Story with My Wayfarer

As a YouTube content creator I am always looking for new ways to take my photography to the next level, but I never imagined that an electric bike would become a valuable addition to my kit list, not just for myself, but also for my wife Denise who accompanies me on most of my adventures.

Wayfarer Ebike Eskute

I had never even sat on an electric bike before and was a little nervous about getting one, but after unboxing and assembling it, which was very easy to do, I was eager to try it out. My apprehension quickly turned into complete excitement as the power assist propelled me forward after just one cycle of the pedals.

Wayfarer Ebike Eskute

As we all emerge from the difficulty of the last eighteen months, some of us with a lower level of fitness than we had previously, finding the motivation to shed the lockdown pounds can feel a bit daunting. Not every cyclist wants to feel the burn of an uphill climb and With an Eskute , I have the option to use it as a manual bike to rebuild my fitness level or have the benefit of battery power when I need extra help on more challenging terrains or when going uphill. As a Landscape photographer, I am often up in the hills or on off road routes looking for new and interesting locations. For me, the Eskute bike has been a huge benefit in enabling me to carry my heavy camera bag with ease and continue to enjoy my passion for photography without being completely out of breath when I reach a location after several stops. With a distance range of forty miles, it also opens up the limits to travel further to find interesting locations.

Wayfarer Ebike Eskute

Whilst on holiday in the UK during the summer, we were able to ride further along the coast road with a packed lunch on the rear cycle rack, further than we would have managed on foot. When the pathways became more uneven the front suspension helped to soak up the bumps in the road.
Another benefit of the bike is when it comes to sunrise photography, I can get up a little later knowing that the ride to a location is going to be easier and take less time than walking and for sunset photograph.

Wayfarer Ebike Eskute
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