Benefits of Using E-Bikes: Why You Should Get One


You must surely have been hearing a lot about E-bikes lately, and you have been wondering what all the fuss is about. E-bikes remain one of the top promises of technology for better transportation, health, and a solution to mass carbon emission. E-bikes have so many benefits, and we have compiled essential benefits of E-bikes and why you definitely should get one.

Why You Should Get an E-bike

1. An Economical Way to Get Around

Electric bikes are a more economical way to get around. Not only do they cost way less for fuel compared to gas in other vehicles, but their maintenance is also less expensive compared to the others. Electric bikes are a no petrol transportation alternative and consume up to 10% of the energy consumption of a car. They are also much more sustainable where transportation is involved. E-bikes are designed to be functional and effectively sustainable.

E-bikes are cost-friendly and a huge money saver when transporting yourself from place to place. They are also environmentally friendly and cheaper than even their other electric counterparts like the electric car. They are also a great way to build stamina and fitness just by going about your everyday life. They come at cheaper costs, they also go at a faster speed and are suitable for the environment. Cut back on transport costs with an economical selection like an e-bike.

1.1 A Competitive Price Than a Motorcycle

An electric bike also costs far less than an electric motorcycle, not just in terms of fuel cost but also maintenance. E-bikes are motorbikes but without colossal fuel consumption, carbon emission, and maintenance. Unlike regular bikes with issues at crossroads and corners leading to many accidents, e-bikes are more equipped to maneuver around corners and speed up highways. They are a healthier, more economical, and nature-friendly version of motorbikes. They have all the perks and pros of owning a motorbike but without the cons. Don't want to pedal? Just like a motorbike, you can also get around without much of an effort from your end. E-bikes come with an assistant pedaling function.

1.2 Save on Running Costs

An e-bike saves you a whole lot of money on running costs. To start with, vehicles like cars come with a long process of buying, and maintenance which is into your finances, without even considering the insurance costs. The only high cost that comes with an e-bike is the cost for purchase which is also low compared to other transport vehicles. The cost for maintaining an e-bike is close to that of a regular bike. Hikes in fuel prices do not cause as much increase in transportation costs as in other vehicles. Taking an e-bike from time to time saves you tax and insurance fees that would have accumulated if you use a car and parking costs.

  1. A Convenient Way to Get Around

Are you tired of always having to run after the bus or hitch a ride? Or maybe you can't deal with crowded vehicles with so many people all packed together? E-bikes are a convenient way to get around. Not only do they help you cut back on costs you most likely would have spent on transportation, but they can also help you ditch that heavy traffic. They also do not require a license, and their fast speed can help you get to your destination much sooner than you would have to chase a bus and getting stuck in traffic. The bike comes with a motor that can ease up the effort put into riding the bike and have you at your location looking the same way you did when you stepped out of the house.

  • Fix the Traffic Jam

Imagine rushing around so that you can get on the bus only to be stuck in traffic. Slow movements accustomed to traffic also come with exposure to carbon emissions from vehicles for long hours and being stuck with loads of people until the road clears up. E-bikes are an intelligent way to ditch the traffic and navigate your way through with efficient speed that will get you at your location in no time at all. E-bikes have the speed, functionality, and portability needed to get you out of traffic jams in minutes than would a car or bus. Shorter time in traffic means shorter time exposed to carbon gases, and coupled with the fitness that comes with riding a bike, you ultimately pave the way for a healthier life just by choosing to use bicycles for transportation.

2.2 Cut Off Your Time Waiting for Public Transport

What do an e-bike and a drive-through have in common? They are both "on the go". Unlike the unpredictable reality that you might not get that ride in time if at all, e-bikes put all the possibility of reaching a location in time without time allowance for public transports on the line. With e-bikes, you are in charge of your movements. You can move whenever you want and to wherever you want without waiting at junctions to catch a ride. You also get the extra time by yourself to take in the scenery, meditate on your day, and plan out your tasks mentally without the distractions that come with having so many other people on the bus with you.

3 A Low Carbon Way

If global warming is giving you the chills, then e-bikes are a way to play your part by helping mother earth. With low fuel consumption and pollution, cutting back on heavy carbon emission vehicles like buses and cars and choosing to go with an e-bike is a big way to make a difference for mother nature. E-bikes use up less energy than other fuel-driven vehicles and thus lead to improved air quality and clean, green transportation.

3.1 Electric Help and Zero-Emission

E-bikes have a better effect on the environment than cars, buses, and motorbikes. Unlike diesel and petrol-driven means of transportation, the bike runs on batteries and can be charged up most of the time, using solar energy. An e-bike also comes with the perks of a regular bicycle but without the cons. It is much easier to get around without breaking a sweat or harming the environment with a functioning motor to back you up and act as an assistant pedal. So, all in all, e-bikes not only help make mother earth happy, but they also help you get around easier, faster, and healthier.

4 A Friendly Way to Novice

Learning to ride a bike comes with constant falling, balancing issues, knee-grazing, and wrong directions. Being a novice at riding a bike doesn't always mean bad news, and lots of hard work you aren't sure will pay off. You can now go from novice to a pro in no time. E-bike features and functionality makes it much easier to practice your cycling skills, learn how to move and maneuver, and ultimately become an expert at bike riding. E-bikes are a fun way to learn about cycling and explore the world.

4.1 Easy to Ride An e-Bike

Riding an e-bike is just as easy as riding a regular bike, except it comes with more support. As a newbie to the riding world, you don't have to worry about missing a cycle, not being able to go up a hill, crosswind, or other challenges usually faced by regular bike riders. E-bikes are equipped to help; even the less experienced riders get the hang of how to move around places using the e-bike. While you get the hang of pedaling the e-bike, the features are there for you to rely on till your e-bike can stand on its own while you pedal it.

4.2 Easy to Maintain Due to Simple Structure

When you hear e-bike, what comes to mind? One of those electrical machines with wires hanging all about? Or walking all around with a power bank? Or maybe something even sleek, convenient, and stylish like electric vehicles in movies? Well, it is definitely the latter. E-bikes come in simple structured and functional designs with only essential parts needed for a smooth, comfortable ride. It is intentionally designed to feature crucial components like the motor in a simplistic and stylish model design. It is designed in many similarities with the regular bicycles but with added features that are also very easy to use.

Its simple structure and design, just like the traditional bikes, do not attract a high maintenance fee due to this sleek yet simplistic structure and design compared to other fancy vehicles, including the electric car. With enough understanding of your bike and scrutinizing the manual that comes with it, specific maintenance can be done to it yourself without needing to break a sweat.

5 A Safer Way

E-bikes are an authentic way to get about safer. Regular, traditional bikes were recorded to have increased casualties, which kept growing at an alarming rate. From maintenance issues, lack of proper understanding of the bicycle, or general traffic and transport issues. Quite several accidents were caused by the inability to control the movement and direction of the bicycle both uphill and downhill. E-bikes are the perfect solutions to these problems as they come already designed to tackle everyday issues faced by cyclists on roads.

That's not all. E-bikes protect you in more ways than one. Taking public transport is not just stressful, it can also be unpredictable and harmful to your health. With the surging rate of COVID 19 pandemic globally, ditching public transports and crowded stations should be top on your prevention list. The COVID'19 virus is known to leverage on underlying health complications and conditions, mostly associated with respiration.

Multiple fuel-driven vehicles stuck in one position for hours release loads of toxic, unhealthy chemicals into the atmosphere, affecting air quality and taking its toll on health. Taking the E-bike also helps cut through traffic which means no long hours stuck in an unhealthy atmosphere, and you still maintain social distancing, thereby keeping yourself safe on all sides.

5.1 Avoid Catching COVID'19

If one opposing side is associated with taking public transport, you are exposed to a higher risk of contracting an infectious disease, most likely airborne; of which we have the COVID'19 virus. Taking public transportation, running after rides, waiting at bus stops, all of these and more bring you in very close contact with people every day. While it might be an excellent chance to socialize and contact new people, it is also very possible to pick up something unhealthy from someone.

Sometimes, public transports get stuck in traffic or get overly packed. Both of these occurrences would mean you will be in constant contact with so many different people from so many other locations. In a time where the COVID'19 pandemic is ravaging the whole world on a global scale, getting an e-bike and having yourself take this bike as your official transport to wherever you want to go reduces your chances of getting the virus from one of the many people you are with, onboard.

6. The Future of Transportation

Technology is advancing and will continue to grow as new methods and ways are being discovered to increase humanity's standard of living and make it better. Just as many movies have shown, sleek, functional, efficient, and portable designs of vehicles are the target for future transportation. An e-bike is an example of these directives and is a great way to live in the future right now.

6.1 Smarter e-Bikes: Application Automated E-bikes

Old, bulky, carbon emission, all of these and more will be eradicated as technology keeps refining, redesigning, and updating e-bikes to become the future of transportation. Alongside many other projects, the e-bike is also close to the top in these innovations and movements. E-bikes will continue to improve over time with one of its many proposed modifications to include application automation.

Many countries, including those in South East Asia, have adopted e-bikes as a more sustainable means of transportation and as a means to curb air pollution.


E-bikes are beyond just going with the trend. They offer so many benefits alongside so many solutions to problems individually and globally. E-bikes are taken over in so many countries and is predicted the future of transportation. Get yourself an E-bike today!

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