Complete Guide: Electric Hybrid Bikes

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Are you looking to buy an electric hybrid bike? Do you know what to look for when shopping for one? This article will go through everything you need to know to own one, from the frame type to the bike's design. You must consider its features and benefits when buying an electric hybrid bike. Read on to learn this and find some of the best options available.

A brief history of electric hybrid bikes

Electric hybrid bikes have been a transport alternative idea that visionaries and inventors have tested for quite some time. The first patented electric bike was created in the US in 1895, but electric bikes only came into production in the 1990s.

The first one was the Sinclair Zike, a folding bike with pretty small wheels. It was meant to inspire people to use bikes for transportation. The project was a big flop, but it did inspire bicycle manufacturers to delve into the electric bike industry.

The second bike to hit the market was one built by Giant in 2001 called the Lafree. It was not as efficient as riders would have liked because it was heavy. It had a small car battery, and the classic French design was the inspiration behind its looks. However, it worked flawlessly and paved the way for better bikes.

Since the Lafree by Giant, many electric bike manufacturers have developed versions of their own. During that time, inventors came up with different variations of electric bikes. One of them was the electric hybrid bikes that have gained significant popularity.

Giant Lafree electric hybrid bike

What is an electric hybrid bike?

The most basic definition of an electric hybrid bike is; a combination of an e-mountain bike and an e -road bike. Manufacturers design them suitable for various terrain by including the best of both worlds. They perform best in urban areas and have become popular with many commuters.

The handlebars on electric hybrid bikes deviate from the drop bar on e-road bikes and are similar to those on electric MTBs. This design is similar to an electric mountain bike regarding the display, brake components, and gear shifter.

The design of the electric hybrid bike allows the rider to sit upright, somewhat like on a mountain bike. Most riders find it safer when in traffic and quite comfortable.

The tires blend the slim, sporty design and thick tires like on a mountain bike. The slick design is excellent if you spend time riding on the tarmac in a city. If you want to go to the country with grass and mud, you must consider the tread on your tires.

Electric hybrid bikes are great because they are low maintenance and long-lasting. They are built to withstand and absorb bumps on the road making their experience enjoyable. They may also come with a pannier rack for carrying some luggage when you are on the road.

Eskute electric hybrid bike on the road

Types of electric hybrid bikes

There are two main types of electric hybrid bikes available on the market. These are recreational or leisure bikes and commuter bikes.

Recreational or Leisure Bikes

Sometimes, cycling can be challenging, especially when you get to tricky areas like steep hills. This part of cycling can discourage people from taking up cycling. An electric hybrid bike is built to assist when riding in challenging places.

Although built for the tarmac, electric hybrid bikes can also handle light off-road use. They have a front fork with suspension, which helps absorb the bumps on rough ground. Some models come with mudguards and others with lights and locks.

Commuter Bikes

Urban commuter bikes have a design that makes them efficient, light, quick, and have peak performance. They are ideal for commuters going to the office who do not have time to stop for a change of clothes.

Commuter electric hybrid bikes have powerful motors that make them ideal for short distances. They are also efficient and fast, making them an ideal alternative to cars or public transport. They can also carry quite a lot without affecting performance.

How to select the proper electric hybrid bike?

Selecting the right electric hybrid bike will depend on several factors. The first and most important is; what will you use it for? It will influence the features you will want to have on the bike. Next, how much power do you need? It affects the distance you need to travel and the speed. Other factors you will need to consider are frame styles. Here is what you need to know about frame styles:

Step through frame

Electric hybrid bikes make riding easy for many people. One of the designs that make this possible for people who cannot hoist their legs over a conventional bicycle is the step-through frame. It is a great option for people with mobility problems or the elderly.

a lady rides her hybrid ebike with step through frame

Slopping top tube frame

These frame-style electric hybrid bikes are very woman-friendly. They usually have features that favour women, such as a battery mounted on the back. Their design ensures that stand-over height is not affected by the components. Manufacturers will specifically advertise these bikes as built for women.

Straight Top Tube

The straight-top tub frame is ideal for taller riders and riders looking for a sportier ride. The natural structure of the bike produces rigidity, so the materials do not need to be hardened.

Which are the best electric hybrid bikes?

There are many options for electric hybrid bikes in the market. You will need to find the right one to give you good rides and last long. Here are two of the best bikes in the market with great features. You also get a 2-year warranty with these bikes.

Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike

Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike is the best choice for people who live in the city. It also performs well in rural lanes and rough outdoors. The step-through frame is ideal for many people who want to take up riding. It has a powerful battery that provides for long rides and adventures. It also ensures quicker commutes and easy hill climbing.

Polluno Electric City Bike

The Polluno Electric City Bike is an excellent alternative for commuters who love biking but want to avoid all the sweating. It has a hub motor that makes hill climbs smooth and effortless. It also has a step-through frame, making it easy to hop on and off.

Eskute Polluno Electric City Bike

What makes electric hybrid bikes better?

There are several arguments supporting electric hybrid bikes over other bikes and cars.

One of the major benefits is that you need less effort compared to conventional bikes. You can move quickly, carry more and travel far with little input.

Another is that they are very economical. When you analyze the energy consumption of an electric hybrid bike, you find that you use about 5 pounds a year. That cost is significantly low when you compare that to the cost of running a small car for the same period.

Electric hybrid bikes are also very user-friendly. Because of their design, they make cycling accessible to many people. They can get a good workout every day they use it, whether commuting to work or running errands.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a hybrid electric bike? Do you like the idea of commuting without polluting the environment? Then it would be best if you tried out hybrid electric bikes from Eskute. They are excellent bikes that give great value for money. Their performance is fantastic, and they feel great. You get a good workout without getting too tired or sweaty.

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