Best Entry-Level Electric Mountain Bike

Best Entry-Level Electric Mountain Bike netuno on the slope

Entry-level electric mountain bikes are all the rage amongst bike enthusiasts right now.

They complement your input and protect you from the harsh impact of the bumpy road through the sharp, steep climbs.

Here's more information on why they're all the rage, their characteristics, what to look for in an e-MTB, and the best entry-level electric mountain bike. Lastly, you'll discover if and why you should get one.

Why do People Like Electric Mountain Bikes?

Built for rough terrains, dirt paths, and steep mountains, everyday commuting is a walk in the park with electric mountain bikes. The best of both worlds!

You'll get all the technology and parts found on a regular mountain bike and a pedal-assist feature that amplifies your riding experience and increases your range using a high-powered motor.

Now, that's not to say you keep going at extremely high speeds. No!

E-MTBs are smart enough to cut off the assist once you've exceeded a speed limit of about 20 miles/per hour in the UK. Better yet, when you stop pedalling, the motor stops, ensuring that you still catch the fun of pedalling through the dirt or mountain. Only, this time, you're having more fun with the same input level.

What's not to love about these rugged beauties?

What Should You Look For in an Entry-Level Electric Mountain Bike?

Your ideal choice of entry-level e-MTB should have the following features:

Suspension Systemmountain ebike front suspension

A good suspension system helps your bike absorb shock and ultimately helps you ride comfortably on any terrain. It protects you from the impact of the gnarly, uneven terrain.

Electric mountain bikes can have one of the three types of suspension systems below:

  • Front Suspension System
  • Rear Suspension system
  • Full Suspension System

A suspension system is characterised by the relative positions of the forks/shocks in the bike.

A bike with a front suspension system has its suspension fork in the front, while one with a rear suspension system has its rear shock at the rear wheel. Lastly, a bike with a full suspension system has a suspension fork in the front wheel and a rear shock in the rear wheel.

So, which one does an entry-level rider needs?

Full suspension systems have neither a rigid front nor back. They're more flexible, comfortable, and fast. But full suspension e-MTB is heavier than hardtails. So, a hardtail is a better suggestion if you're a green hand for an electric mountain bike.

Motor Drive

A motor drive system amplifies your pedalling efforts.

You want to look into that in an entry-level electric mountain bike.

Any eMTB you get can have either of two major motor drive systems. These are Hub Motor Drives and Mid Motor Drives. Just like the suspension systems, both motor drives are categorised based on the location of the motor along the bike's frame.

A hub drive motor is placed handily in the wheel hub of the electric mountain bike. As a result, it can make the wheels turn fast even if the pedals are not turning because they drive the wheels instead of the crank.

On the other hand, a mid-drive motor is placed directly between the pedals or the cranks exactly at the centre of the bike frame near the bottom. This drive system puts you directly in control of the pedal amplification efforts.

Battery Capacities

Your batteries power your motor drive system. They give you range and determine how long you can ride.

So, you need to look into the battery capacity of the electric mountain bike you're about to get to ensure you're not stranded somewhere in the mountains or the woods.

Most electric mountain bikes come with Lithium-ion batteries these days. That's because they have a high energy density, so they can store a large amount of energy and remain lightweight. You should get an eMTB whose battery capacity is higher than your energy needs.

check the battery capacity

Bike Frame Type and Size

Size does matter!

It affects your fit, comfort, and, ultimately, your riding experience.

An electric mountain bike that is too small for your body size might keep you overcompensating because you can't find the right balance as you ride on it. At the same time, you might be outstretched if you're riding on something too big.

Therefore, you should get a proportionate size for optimum riding experience.

The frame size, adjustable length, and handlebars' height contribute to the bike's fit.

For instance, you can change the saddle seat of a bike like the Netuno e-MTB by Eskute to a more comfortable one. Further, you can adjust the stem and seat as you like to fit individuals of varying heights, making it ideal for individuals whose height range from 160-200 cm, i.e. 5'3 "-6'7".

Characteristics of Entry-Level Electric Mountain Bike

For a good first experience, an entry-level e-MTB should have the following characteristics.


An efficient e-MTB should propel you faster than you're pedalling. This efficiency depends on the motor capacity.

In the UK, e-MTBs are categorised as electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPC). The motor capacity of these e-bikes is required to have a maximum power output of 250W and should be able to stop propelling the bike when it travels at speeds higher than 15.5 mph.


You must be able to pick up your entry-level e-MTB for a ride anytime.

The feasibility of this depends on the quality of all essential features like the motor, suspension systems, gear systems, etc. Reliability is crucial to your level of comfort on the bike and, consequently, your overall satisfaction.


E-bikes are generally heavier than normal bikes, and e-MTBs are also quite heavier than e-bikes by about 18.14 - 31.75 Kg. So, entry-level mountain bikes are generally heavier and thicker than standard mountain bikes.

Introducing the Best Entry Level Electric Mountain Bike- Netuno

With a 250W G020 Bafang Hub motor producing a whooping 45Nm of Torque and reaching a maximum limited speed of 15.5 miles/h, the Netuno E-mountain bike is what any entry-level rider needs to start riding more trails with confidence in the UK.

Its 36V 14.5 Ah battery has a total capacity of 522Wh to support your adventure rides for about 63 miles of travel on a single charge.

All these features tell you this bike can deliver the functionalities any entry-level rider might need. But it still needs to catch up in terms of aesthetics.

Its backlit display is a pure definition of 'functionality meets aesthetics' because it lets you monitor your speed, mileage, pedal-assistant level, battery status, etc., all in a single tap. You'll also get a customised type C port to charge your mobile device, so you don't lose contact with your riding buddies.

Indeed, the Netuno electric mountain bike is the best entry-level mountain bike for off-road bike riding, you can click to watch video about it.

charge your mobile device via type C port on the best entry-level electric mountain bike Netuno

Who Needs an Entry-Level Electric Mountain Bike, and Why Do They Need One?

Anyone who enjoys riding a bike for commuting or exercise needs to get one. They're just awesome!

However, they're better suited for beginners who're just starting off-road riding or people who've ridden in the past and now need more confidence. The pedal-assist feature can make it easier to grasp the concept of off-road riding and ease back into it gradually till they get comfortable.

When you do get the right entry-level eMTB, the benefits are just numerous.

The maximum fun you'll catch from exhilarating off-road rides can improve your mood and mental and physical health. You also breeze through hills, inclines, and rough terrains quicker and safer.


So, there you have it! The Netuno E-mountain bike is the best electric mountain bike for you, especially in the UK.

Its 250W geared hub drive motor and long-lasting 522Wh battery power your rides for the best riding experience. You'll get an improved mood, maximum fun, and memorable adventures for a long time with this bike.

You need one!

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