Electric Mountain Bike Size - What Size Is Best for You?

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When choosing an electric mountain bike, size is an important consideration. That is because only the correct bike size can guarantee your comfort and make your ride smooth. In addition, the perfect size increases the fun your bike provides and makes off-road rides faster.

No doubt, choosing the right ebike size is tasking for many people, as we all have different body sizes. That is why we put together this detailed electric mountain bike size guide to help you find the perfect fit.

Electric Mountain Bikes Sizing In Detail

If you want to enjoy, to the fullest, your electric mountain bike investment, you must understand the different size categories. Getting a good grasp of electric mountain bike sizing will guide your choice of mountain ebike and help you avoid ebikes that only bring discomfort.

Electric Mountain bikes come in different sizes, so it is essential to find the one that best suits you. Use the following electric mountain size categories to assess if an ebike is right for you.

Frame Size

The frame size of an electric mountain bike is the most critical category when considering the suitable ebike for you. Therefore, you must take all your time to find the right size for you. An ebike frame is unadjustable, so there is no going back when you purchase an electric mountain bike with the wrong frame size.

To determine the correct frame size, factor in height and inseam length. You can measure your height using a metre rule from your head to your feet ( with your shoes off). As for your inseam length, you have to stand with your feet about 7 inches apart and then measure from the floor to your crotch.

Most measurements are in centimetres and inches, although some manufacturers use size designations such as XS, S, M, and L. Here is a size guide to help you choose the right size for your electric mountain bike:

Height Inseam Length E-bike Frame Size
148 CM - 158 CM 61 CM - 73 CM 33 CM - 37 CM
158 CM - 168 CM 63 CM - 76 CM 38 CM - 42 CM
168 CM - 178 CM 66 CM - 78 CM 43 CM - 47 CM
178 CM- 185 CM 68 CM - 81 CM 48 CM - 52 CM
185 CM - 193 CM 71 CM - 83 CM 53 CM - 57 CM
193 CM + 73 CM + 58 CM +

e-bike frame

Handlebar Height and Size

Getting an ebike with an adjustable handlebar significantly impacts your ride's quality. Even if the effect is little, you could experience a new level of comfort and freedom while riding. Such an adjustment feature allows you to alter your handlebar height to suit your posture and comfort.

Your handlebar's width is another feature to watch out for when selecting an ebike. It would be best to get an electric mountain bike with a handlebar whose width won't cause discomfort. Ideally, your arms should be shoulder-width apart when clutching your handlebars.

Saddle Adjustment

Your bike's saddle height is another important feature you should pay close attention to. It would be best if you do not get an ebike whose saddle height is too high or too low, which causes discomfort. An electric mountain bike with an adjustable saddle height guarantees the best biking experience.

To know the right saddle height for you, take one of your feet and put it on the lowermost pedal while sitting on the bike. You will notice a slight knee bend, letting you know the minimum knee strain.

Wheel Size

The ebike wheel size is another factor you should pay attention to when considering the bike size that is right for you. A rider with a large body size should go for an electric mountain bike with a large wheel size. This way, the wheel cushions the effect of the rider's weight on the bike. Another advantage of an electric mountain bike with a giant wheel is that it scales obstacles easier.

What Size Of E MTB Is Best For You

Ideally, consider your body size, i.e., your height and seam length, to determine the best electric mountain bike size. By knowing these measurements, you are closer to understanding the right e mtb size for you.

Every manufacturer has a sizing guide to help you pick. However, we notice slight discrepancies in e-bike sizes for different manufacturers. That is why we always recommend that our clients at Eskute schedule a test ride so they can select a bike that fits.

How To Measure The Size Of An Electric Mountain Bike

To measure the size of a bike, use a measuring device to calculate the distance between the midpoint of the pedals (the bottom area) and the seat post buckle. The vertical space is the size of the bike's frame. Note that it is denoted in inches for mountain bikes and centimetres for road bikes.

If you have an ebike measured in inches, it is straightforward to convert from inches (in) to centimetres(cm). To convert accurately, you must multiply the figure by 2.54 to get your bike frame size (cm).


Importance of Getting your Electric Bike Size Right.

The correct e-bike size for your height is crucial, which many people need to be aware of. A correct fit would prevent injuries to you, both short-term and long-term. As important as it is to choose the right type of e-bike, you must also ensure that it is the right size.

With electric bikes, you can pedal for longer periods without using much energy. If you have the wrong size of an e-bike, you won't have as much fun riding.

That is why you should not choose a bike quickly so as not to end up with an uncomfortable one, defeating the purpose of getting an e-bike.

In addition to choosing the right e-bike size, you should also consider other aspects from your perspective. Among them are your riding style, inseam measurements, and, most importantly, your height. Based on these factors, you can determine which frame size and saddle height are right for you.

Electric Mountain Bike Types

There are various styles, and they come in different sizes. We have listed all of them below:

  • Commuter Mountain Electric Bike - These electric bikes are usually commuting bikes with larger, narrower tires and more comfortable seats to make them more comfortable for riders on longer rides.
  • Cruiser Electric Mountain Bike - The recreational/cruiser electric bikes feature wide cushioned seats and higher handlebars to make riding on flat surfaces more comfortable.
  • Full Mountain Electric Bike - These electric bikes are made for trail riding and feature wider tires and more durable frames and components.
  • Hybrid Mountain Electric Bike - In its simplest form, an electric hybrid bike combines an electric mountain bike and an electric road bike. By combining the best of both worlds, manufacturers design them for various terrains.

Electric hybrid bikes are great because they are durable and do not require much maintenance. They are built to withstand and absorb bumps on the road making their experience enjoyable.


Once you successfully get your e-bike with the right size, you can enjoy the dividend of your hard work - a smooth, comfortable, and fun ride. It would help if you kept your quest for the right bike size, as it determines how much fun you experience.

Now that you know about electric mountain bike sizes, it is time to purchase one. Visit our shop for the best e-MTB deals.

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