The Best Electric Commuter Bike

a man with helmet is riding his electric bike in the city

The best electric commuter bike can make you get to and from work more enjoyable and less stressful while reducing the effort of riding a non-assisted bike. So, you can expect to reach your destination in a fresher state.

It will also make you fit, and they are likely cheaper. But what are the best electric commuter bikes?

In this article, we have outlined and reviewed the four best electric commuter bikes. We also have detailed information on factors you should consider while screening for the best electric commuter bike.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading for more details.

Our Top Four Electric Commuter Bikes Reviewed

1.Voyager Pro

Voyager Pro electric bike

Key features:

  • Speed: 15.5 mph (locking)
  • Mid-drive motor: 150w
  • Battery Voltage: 36 volts
  • Battery capacity: 12 amp hour
  • Estimated distance per charge: 60 miles
  • Gear system: 9-speed types
  • Payload capacity: 120kg

Voyager Pro is a commuter e-bike equipped with an intelligent mid-drive motor system. It combines modern technology with the traditional mountain bike design. However, it is specially designed to take on rugged terrain.

The motor in the middle gives you better stability and traction when out on track.

It has a silent, powerful, and smooth 250w mid-drive motor designed by Bafang, a leading e-mobility components company, which makes uphill biking easier. For instance, its 250W rated power output will give you a completely brand-new commuting life.

This mid-drive commuter e-bike is equipped with a 36 volts 15-amp hour lithium battery from Samsung. It ensures a more robust and better performance that will enable your e-bike to cover a distance of up to 60 miles on a single charge.

If you find carrying a 23.4kg bike challenging, this commuter e-bike battery is removable, so you have less weight to worry about.

Furthermore, it has a 65Nm torque sensor installed inside the motor, prolonging the battery life and increasing the mileage. Besides, it plays a vital role in saving physical and time labour when riding the bike.

2.Voyager Electric Bike

a man in white T shirt stops his Voyager Electric Bike at the riverside

Key Features:

  • Speed: 15.5 mph (locking)
  • Geared hub motor: 250W
  • Battery Voltage: 36 volts
  • Battery Capacity: 125.5 amp hour
  • Estimated distance per charge: Up to 44 miles
  • Gear system: 7-speed types
  • Payload capacity: 120kg

This electric commuter bike has a 250w brushless gear hub motor, which unlocks your ability to ride on all terrains. Many commuters worldwide highly trust the bike's longevity, reliability, and quality.

It is equipped with a 36 volts and 12.5-amp hour lithium-ion battery, which ensures a top performance that lives up to your standards. The bike will cover an estimated distance of 44 miles or more during pedal-assist mode on a single charge.

The lithium battery is removable. You can charge it in-house with only a flick of a switch. So, you do not have to be concerned about the burden of carrying a 25kg bike.

Furthermore, it has an LCD digital panel that displays real-time information and feedback. For instance, the LCD digital panel features the following tools;

  • Battery level indicator. It displays the estimated charge remaining in the battery.
  • Speedometer. It displays the current riding speed.
  • Odometer. It allows you to view the total distance covered.
  • Pedal Assist Level

3.Wayfarer Pro

a man with backpack is riding Wayfarer Pro city ebike

Key Features:

Speed: 15.5 mph (locking)

Mid-drive motor: 250w

Battery Voltage: 36 volts

Battery capacity: 12- amp hour

Estimated distance per charge: 50 miles

Gear system: 9-speed types

Payload capacity: 120kg

Whether you want to ride through the city, take a trek in the woods, or go out on the road, Wayfarer Pro electric commuter bike will give you confidence in all the settings.

It comes with a silent, smooth, and powerful 250w mid-drive motor from Bafang, a top e-mobility component manufacturing company. It makes uphill riding easier and gives you a brand new commuting experience.

Wayfarer Pro is equipped with a 36 volts and 12-amp hour lithium-ion battery from Samsung, giving you a more powerful and better biking performance and experience. It also lets your bike cover an estimated distance of 50 miles on a single charge.

The lithium battery is also removable; you can charge it in-house with only a flick of a switch.

Wayfarer also has a well-installed and introduced 65 Nm torque sensor inside the motor. It plays a vital role in saving physical and labour time when riding it. Besides, it extends the battery life and increases the continued bike mileage.

4.Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike

Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike

Key Features:

  • Speed: 15.5 mph (locking)
  • Mid-drive motor: 250w
  • Battery capacity: 14.5 amp hour
  • Battery Voltage: 36 volts
  • Estimated distance per charge: up to 80 miles
  • Gear system: 9-speed types
  • Payload capacity: 125kg

It is one of the best electric commuter bikes for riding in village lanes, great open roads, and city streets. It is ideal if you want to take off on a short journey.

For instance, its near-noiseless design and 250w M200 mid-drive motor allow you to ride in uninterrupted and complete peace. It also boosts your riding output to keep up with the traffic.

Its battery is removable. So, it is easy to take with you for off-bike charging. The battery system is also integrated with Samsung cells, making it long-lasting. For instance, it allows you to ride for an estimated distance of up to 80 miles on a single charge.

This commuter e-bike also has a collection of speed and torque sensors in a single pedal-assist system. For instance, the maximum torque of 65Nm helps manage the power delivered to the pedals.

Furthermore, it is designed with intelligent drive management, which helps measure the force applied to the bike pedal.

Therefore, with the Polluno Pro Commuter e-bike, you are assured of a natural, stable, smooth-riding performance and experience.

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Electric Commuter Bike

  1. A higher handlebar and an upright sitting position

Going for an electric commuter bike with a higher handlebar would allow you to sit upright while riding.

For instance, an upright sitting position is safe and enjoyable. It will give you better visibility of the route while biking.

Besides, sitting upright will take care of your back if you are starting biking or are not a regular biker. For instance, you will not feel any back pain or tiredness when arriving at your destination.

a man with helmet is riding electric hybrid bike

2. Foldable or one-piece frame

Having a rigid one-piece or foldable commuter e-bike is a choice you will need to make.

For instance, foldable electric commuter bikes are ideal for city commuters, mainly if your commuting entails several transport modes. You can use your e-bike for a few kilometres and then take a train.

On the other hand, if your commute route is a simple door-to-door journey, a one-piece frame electric commuter bike could serve you better.

3.Smaller or medium wheels

It is vital to consider the wheel size. For instance, if commuting involves bypassing busy city streets and does not entail many stops at pedestrian crossings and traffic lights, you should consider going for a commuter e-bike with medium-sized wheels.

Medium-sized e-bike wheels are ideal for manoeuvring, giving you more distance and speed for your pedalling efforts.

4.Removable battery

Although this is not a critical feature, having a removable battery is more convenient as it will give you more battery power whenever you need it.

For instance, the best commuter e-bike should have a removable battery that you can recharge at your destination.

Besides, a battery is one of the most expensive e-bike components and can be subject to theft. Therefore, if you usually leave your electric commuter bike in public parking, consider buying one with a removable battery. You can remove the battery to secure it from theft.

a lady is rushing to work by her ebike

Final Thought

Using an electric commuter bike can be a lot of fun because you use the electric motor power to move forward. Besides, you have the regular fun of biking with nearly less effort.

Choosing the best electric commuter bike will ensure you are most pleased with your commuter e-biking experience. However, you must spend some time understanding your needs, preferences, and other factors while selecting the best commuter e-bike for your anticipated use and routes.

Besides, you can ask your local e-bike dealer to test the commuter e-bike on the road before buying it. As you test it, consider the factors and tips mentioned in this article.

We hope this article can help you to find the best electric commuter bike for your needs. However, if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, let us know via the comments section below.

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