How Does An Ebike Work? Explained By Eksute

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Almost everyone is familiar with how a traditional bike works. First, you hop on your bike, use your feet, and the bike moves. Then when done, you apply the brakes, and the bike stops.

However, riding an electric bike differs from riding a conventional bike. An ideal electric bike has a battery, motor, and control unit. How you ride the ebike depends on if it's a pedal-assist bike or a throttle-assist bike. Here, we reveal everything you need to know about how an electric bike works.

What Is An Electric Bike?

Electric bikes are one of the motorised rideable used by commuters for daily movement. In the real sense, they are traditional bikes with motors and batteries that help assist propulsion. These bikes serve sophisticated functions that an ordinary bike can't perform.

In most popular cities, e-bikes quickly replace conventional bicycles and fossil fuel-powered motorcycles. That is because you can go faster with an electric bike with less effort than a conventional one. In addition, by riding ebikes, you will help reduce carbon footprint, which is the norm with motorcycles.

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Electric Bike Working Principle

How you ride an electric bike is similar to that of an ordinary bike. The electrical components of an electric bike, like the motor, battery, sensor, and display, are meant to augment human efforts and not necessarily eliminate them. In comparison to manual bikes, electric bikes are more accessible to ride over rough terrain like hills and mountains due to these electric components.

To better understand how an electric bike works, we must know that there are three major classes of ebikes. They are:

  1. Pedal-assist only ebike.
  2. Throttle-assist bike.
  3. Pedelec.

The first and third classes are pedal-assisted, i.e., you need to pedal the bike to get the motor started. The difference between them is that class 1 has a maximum assisted speed of 20mph, while the other has a maximum speed of 28mph.

Electric bikes have different levels of pedal assist. The level of assistance determines how much effort you put into riding the bike. A high level of assistance means you use less energy. On the other hand, low assistance levels are more like workouts and use more pedal power.

A pedal-assist electric bike uses a cadence sensor, which helps monitor the number of cycles of your pedal. It then sends a signal to the motor suggesting how much pedal assistance you need to propel the electric bike.

A throttle assist ebike, on the other hand, functions like a motorcycle. If you want to propel this ebike, you either twist the bike's handlebar or push a button. The handlebar contains the throttle control that drives the ebike. a woman and a man with helmets ride electric bikes on the road

How To Charge An Electric Bike

Electric bikes are built with rechargeable batteries, which come with their chargers. Although there are different ebikes brands, the charging pattern for each ebikes is somehow universal. Nevertheless, to sustain your battery life, you should read the manufacturer's guide before using your ebike.

For uniformity's sake, to charge your electric bike, you should follow these steps below:

  1. Remove the battery pack from the ebike
  2. Make sure you switch off the battery pack
  3. Connect the ebike charger to a power source
  4. Connect the charger to the battery pack
  5. Turn on the plug to allow charging

How To Ride An Electric Bike

Riding an electric bike is fun and is an excellent way of commuting. Although the way you ride an electric bike is similar to that of a conventional bicycle, there are still some differences you shouldn't ignore.

Firstly, you should charge your battery before taking your ebike out for a ride. You should also check the tire pump before riding. The ideal pressure for an ebike tire is about 2-2.4 pumps. When an ebike tire is deflated, you will find it challenging to ride.

After ensuring your ebike is set for a ride, you can then switch on the electric system located on the battery. Doing this activates the controlled display on the handlebar, and you are good to go.

Switch from off mode to the first electric speed when you start pedalling (for a pedal-assisted bike). You will notice that the ebike is helping you pedal with its motor power.

There is a corresponding mechanical gear for each assistance level of an ebike. The electrical assistance levels are located on the left side of the ebike, while the mechanical gears are on the right hand.

An ebike has a lower centre of gravity compared to a traditional bike. Therefore when applying the brake at a fast pace, you should stand to transfer your weight to the handlebar, which increases the centre of gravity, making it easier to slow down.

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Electric Bike Laws Uk

You have to be 14 and above before you can ride an electric bike in the United Kingdom. Additionally, an electric bike in the EU must have specific criteria. These bikes are referred to as electrically assisted pedal cycles [EPACs].

The ebike must have a pedal that is used to propel it. It should also show the manufacturer of the motor or the power output. The power output of its electric motor shouldn't be more than 250 watts. Its motor should not also be able to propel the bike when travelling more than 15mph.

Any ebike that meets these criteria is allowed on cycle paths. You don't need a license or taxation before you can ride these bikes.

Electric Bikes You Will Love

There are different kinds of electric bikes on the market. However, investing in an electric bike that fits your needs is one decision you will not regret in the long run. If you are new to the ebike industry, here are two ebikes you are sure to love.

For Everyday Riding - Polluno Electric City Bike

Polluno electric city bikes are great for commuters who do not want to put so much effort when riding through cities. With this bike, you are sure not to get soaked with sweat which is embarrassing most of the time. Moreover, they are economical and come with a hub motor that can help you surmount obstacles you meet in an everyday ride.

The ebike comes with a step-through design that makes it safer for riders to hop on and off without causing injury. With its rechargeable Samsung lithium battery, you can go as far as 65 miles.

a woman stands by her polluno electric hybrid bike

For Mountain and Offroad Terrains - Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike

Netuno Pro Electric MTB is one of the best mountain e-bikes on the market today. With its electric assist level and natural feel, this mountain ebike satisfies the most daring cyclist.

With its powerful mid-drive motor, exploring new adventures and conquering rough terrains become effortless. Battery life is up to 80 miles on a full charge, so no worries about the battery powering these features. Looking for an electric machine for your new adventure? The Netuno Pro has all you need.


Just as we have seen, riding an electric bike is not a difficult task. For some people, riding an electric bike is even easier than a conventional one. Therefore, you shouldn't let it stop you from investing in your desired electric bike.

It is also best to read the manufacturer's guide when purchasing a new ebike. It can go a long way in helping you have a fun and convenient riding experience. At Eskute, we have different electric bikes to suit your needs! Check out our collection today.

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