Why Should I Buy an Electric Off-road Bike?

netuno mountain bike at the mountain top

Are you looking to conquer miles on the road while tackling technical and steep terrain off-road and eventually glide your way through town? Then an electric off-road bike might be just what you need.

Electric bikes have transformed the short-distance commuting world. Their worldwide popularity has substantially grown the biking industry. And, with the countless e-bike companies globally, their demand is destined to keep growing.

What Is an Electric Off-road Bike?

An electric bike or e-bike is just another alternative bicycle for lovers of off-road riding. It has a built-in electric motor and a rechargeable battery to assist you when pedalling. The bike's speed depends on how hard you pedal, and the level of support selected.

The electric off-road bike is similar to regular cycles and has similar functions and components. While many people still cling to traditional bikes, many cyclists have shifted to electric off-road bikes.

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Advantages of Electric Off-road Bikes

Just like any other product, electric bikes have their respective pros as well as cons. And these disadvantages and advantages determine if an electric off-road bike is a perfect deal for you.

  • It's easy to climb mountains and hills, including riding on uneven terrains. An electric bike will also help you tackle the nasty headwinds.
  • It's fast and flexible. With an electric bike, you get to a maximum speed of up to 28 miles per hour using the motor assistance mode. In addition, if the battery goes off, you will still ride as a regular bike.
  • It gives you a pretty long ride. On one battery charge, an electric bike can let you ride for between 40 and 75 miles, depending on terrain and your battery capacity. On average, you can ride up to 30 miles only on a regular bicycle.
  • It provides assisted biking. With the battery-powered pedal assist, this bike reduces the stress on your knees and thighs. Hence, you can choose to say adieu to sweaty rides.
  • Nature friendly. Electric bikes have lower pollution impacts per kilometre compared to vehicles and motorcycles. On average, their energy consumption is 100-150 watts, unlike the approximate 15,00 watts in cars.
  • Wide range of designs. The electric off-road bike has several models to choose from, making them ideal for all riders.

Electric off-road bikes have several unique features contributing to their global popularity. However, just like other electric products, there are a few cons to consider:

  • Cost. Compared to regular bikes, e-bikes are more expensive to purchase and maintain. For example, you may require to replace the battery after several rides. But, if the benefits outweigh the cost, we advise you to go ahead and get yourself ready for one.
  • You need to have access to electricity to charge the battery. Therefore, these electric off-road bikes are not so convenient for long rides.
  • They are heavy. A typical electric bike weighs about 18-32 kilos due to the additional weight of the motor and battery. While this extra weight doesn't matter when the battery has a full charge, you'll have a hard time when the battery dies and are left to pedal up a mountain or steep hill alone.

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Which Are the Best Electric Off-road Bikes for 2022?

When choosing your electric off-road bike, it's paramount to focus primarily on those that can easily handle uneven terrains and encounter other off-road pursuits. Consider choosing large and puncture-resistant tires with high-grade suspension shocks and forks.

HPC Revolution AT Electric Off-Road Bike

This bike is among the most powerful, reliable, lightweight, and fastest e-bikes globally. With an electric motor reaching up to 45 MPH, an intelligence display, and a high-performance battery, this e-bike is perfect for downhill or uphill riding.

Juiced Bikes Rip Current S Electric Off-road Bike

If you are a trail seeker and wilderness lover, this e-bike will offer you a fun ride. As one of the best, most popular, and best-selling electric bikes, it features a high-capacity battery that can take you to more than 70 miles. It boasts a comfortable gel seat, hydraulic disk brakes, and a bright 1050 lumen front headlight.

off road ebike on the rocks

Quiet at Ranger Electric Off-road Bike

The Ranger e-bike features a 7-speed gearing Bafang motor and fat tires that make it stable and gives you confidence on off-road terrain. It's an excellent choice for hunters, owing to its whisper-quiet motor and fat tires that handle uneven terrains and steep inclines.

With rust-resistant features excellent for riding in the rain and camouflage colours, this must-have e-bike transverse easily and ensures you do not disturb your potential prey.

It's paired with a solar charging pack and extra batteries lest you want to stay remote for days.

Haibike SDuro Full Seven LT Electric Off-road Bike

If you are a beginner, this is the perfect e-bike for you. Thanks to its high-quality safety properties like the hydraulic disc brakes and tough tires. Its battery is centrally placed, ensuring weight concentration in the motor area for quick and light handling.

It's an absolute choice for those new in the off-road riding world and offers convenient acceleration and traversing steep inclines.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Off-road Electric Bike

The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket is a perfect choice for kids and beginners. It has rear-wheel drive and responsive rear hand-controlled brakes fitting for better balance control and easy traction. It's light with twist-grip throttle and pneumatic knobby tires, perfect for off-road adventure riding.

IZIP E3 Peak Electric Off-road Bike

The IZIP E3 peak bike is of exceptional quality with a Bosch Performance Line CX motor that allows it to cover up to 20 miles in an hour. It has several bells and whistles, keeping you safe from other off-road riders. The interior cable routing and exceptionally durable aluminium give it a clean, attractive, and pleasant design.

Electric Off-road bike on cobbler


Riding an electric off-road bike is an ideal way to explore the outdoors. If you plan to purchase an electric off-road bike, it is crucial to review different models, safety equipment, and benefits.

These bikes might seem uncommon. However, their popularity has drawn interest because of their world-class alternative to commuting. So, it's time you got yourself an electric off-road bike. Whatever electric off-road bike you need, we've got you covered. Contact us today at Eskute for the best electric off-road bikes.

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