What are the Types of Men's Electric Bikes?

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As the name suggests, the geometry of men's electric bikes is suited to the men cyclists. But what are the types of men's electric bikes?

Men's electric bikes can be hybrid e-bikes, mountain electric bikes, or mid-drive e-bikes. Each of these types is suited for different riding experiences.

This article will cover the types of men's electric bikes with their best examples. Sounds interesting? Read on to find out more.

What are the men's electric bikes?

Men's electric bikes are e-bikes whose geometry is specific to men to allow for more comfortable riding.

These e-bikes usually have:

  • Straight bar frame
  • Flat top-tube
  • Higher standover height
  • Longer wheelbase to accommodate even taller cyclists.

However, it is essential to note that the electric aspect of e-bikes is the same regardless of gender (men's specific, women's specific, or unisex).

Men's e-bikes are the ideal choice for riders looking to cycle further with less effort. For instance, they will assist you whenever you pedal up to a speed of 15.5mph. They can also help you conquer steep hills and climbs with ease.

They are also perfect for commuting, longer leisure rides, or anything in-between. However, men's electric bikes have different power options depending on how much power the cyclist needs.

Furthermore, men's electric bikes often feature;

  • Mudguards
  • Rear luggage racks
  • Kickstand
  • Lights

These helpful accessories assist in elevating men's electric bikes above standard bikes.

a man with a helmet stands by the ebike on the rocks near lakeside

Are men's electric bikes designed only for men?

Typically, men's electric bikes are not specifically designed for men. Women can also drive them. However, some design elements have been traditionally applied to specific electric bikes, making them be referred to as men's bikes.

For instance, these men's bikes usually have a straight top tube, longer wheelbase, and a taller standover height to accommodate taller riders.

On the other hand, women's e-bikes usually have a step-through frame, which allows for easier access.

What are the Men's Electric Bike types?

A wide variety of men's electric bikes accommodate all riding disciplines and styles. They include;

1.Men's hybrid e-bikes

These are perhaps the most popular men's electric bikes, thanks to their all-around usability. For instance, their standard-width tires make them ideal for commuting on asphalt roads and unpaved tracks.

Their geometry is reasonably neutral. For instance, it's not too aggressive and not too upright, which makes the hybrid ebikes perfect for relaxed leisure rides.

Here is an example of a men's hybrid e-bike;

Polluno Pro Electric Bike

a man with a helmet stands by his Polluno Pro Electric Bike on the roadside

Key Features:

  • Frame type: Step-through
  • Mudguards: Included
  • Rear rack: Included
  • Tire size: Kenda 28 inches x 1.75 inches
  • Payload capacity: 125kg
  • Gear system: 9-speed types
  • Estimated distance per charge: up to 80 miles
  • Battery capacity: 14.5 amp hour
  • Battery Voltage: 36 volts
  • Mid-drive motor: 250w
  • Speed: 15.5mph (locking)

Polluno Pro e-bike is the best hybrid bike for everyday village lanes, city streets, and open roads. It is an ideal electric bike choice for individuals who need to get off on a short journey.

This bike has a step-through frame that provides simple access for any rider, especially for older men riders with limited mobility.

With this hybrid bike, you can kiss goodbye to jelly legs and experience an effortless ride. That is because Polluno Pro supports extra power, making commuting quicker and climbing steel hills easier.

2.Men's mountain electric bikes

The other popular men's electric bikes feature a wider tire with many treads, making them ideal for taming local trails.

They have received high reviews because of their extensive range and impressive power. For instance, you will not need to struggle while riding up a steep hill as you can power up the hill with the help of a powerful motor.

Generally, the men's mountain e-bikes are slightly heavier than other men's electric bike types. That is because they have more substantial wheels and wider tires. These help your men's e-bikes withstand more significant impacts.

Here is an example of a men's mountain e-bike;

Netuno E-Mountain Bike

a man leaning on the wall with his netuno electric bike on the side

Key Features:

  • Frame type: step-over
  • Tire size: Kenda 27.5 inches x 2.1 inches
  • Rear rack: Not included
  • Mudguards: Not included
  • Gear system: 7-speed types
  • Payload capacity: 125kg
  • Estimated distance per charge: up to 65 miles
  • Battery voltage: 36 volts
  • Battery capacity: 14.5 AH
  • Geared hub motor: 250
  • Speed: 15.5 mph (locking)

The Nettuno e-bike is the best men's mountain electric bike in the market because of its off-road electric bike riding. It provides a means of transportation and an off-roading experience like no other e-bike.

The mountain e-bike is designed to ease you over bumps, rocks, and tree roots while pedalling on the tails.

Furthermore, Netuno electric mountain bike allows you to make the most of all types of outdoor environments seamlessly with speed.

3.Men's mid-drive electric bikes

Mid-drive refers to the location of the power motor on the electric bike. For instance, the motor sits in the centre of the e-bike.

These male electric bikes feature a drive train-based motor that allows instant and direct power compared to hub-driven e-bikes.

The motor operates by powering the cranks, which then assist you when pedalling by giving you the assistance of up to 15.5 mph.

Here is an example of men's mid-drive electric bikes;

Netuno Pro Electric Bike

a man with a helmet is pedalling his ebike going uphill

Key Features:

  • Bike weight: 27.5kg
  • Tyre size: Kenda 27.5" x 2.1"
  • Frame type: Step-over
  • Rear rack: Not included
  • Mudguards: Not included
  • Speed: 15.5mph (locking
  • Mid-drive motor: 250w
  • Payload capacity: 125kg
  • Gear system: 9-speed types
  • Estimated distance per charge: up to 80 miles
  • Battery capacity: 14.5AH
  • Battery voltage: 36v

The Nettuno Pro is the best men's mid-drive electric bike, satisfying the most demanding riders and offering infinite power at your feet.

It provides electric assistance that allows you to easily keep on your steepy hills rides and smash the climb you have always dreamed of conquering.

This natural-feeling e-bike provides almost everything you would love to see in a men's mid-drive electric bike for off-road riding or just cycling for leisure.

Final Thought

a man is riding his electric bike at the front of a building

Men's electric bikes can either be hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, or mid-drive bikes. As opposed to women's e-bikes with a low step frame, most men's e-bikes have a straight bar frame.

Therefore, when choosing the best men's electric bike, you should consider how you want to use the e-bike.

For instance, if you want a men's e-bike for leisure activities, go for a men's hybrid electric bike. If you are looking for intensive off-road use, men's mountain electric bikes are the best options. On the other hand, men's mid-drive e-bikes are the best options if you are looking for an e-bike to get to work quickly.

We hope this article has helped you find your ideal men's electric bike. However, if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, let us know via the comments section below.

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