All About Electric Cargo Bikes

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Due to their several benefits, electric cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular. These machines offer mobility only matched by minivans and motorcycles with the added advantage of a larger cargo area. Therefore, it's no surprise that several businesses and families have started using these machines for quicker deliveries and fun family rides.

Furthermore, electric cargo bikes are environmentally friendly and save their owners' on gas — a plus due to the high gas prices. There's a lot more to know and love about these valuable vehicles. Here, we discuss all these bikes.

What Is An Electric Cargo Bike?

An electric cargo bike is an electric bike with a sizable storage compartment. E-cargo bikes have a storage unit built into the front of the bike, making driving around corners and tight roads easier. In addition, thanks to the electric motor assisting your pedalling, these handy electric bikes will transport you and your luggage faster than regular cargo bikes.

Electric cargo bikes are a significant step forward in the fight against climate change as various cities and towns strive to reduce carbon emission levels. E-cargo bikes, like all e-bikes, release no emissions. Using them not only transports you conveniently but also helps the environment.

These machines are also ideal for moving around congested areas, allowing you to remain mobile without being stuck in traffic. Lastly, these bikes range up to 40 miles on a single charge. Therefore, this machine will offer impressive mileage and may become your go-to vehicle.

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Types Of Cargo Bikes

There are three types of cargo bikes, each offering unique features and advantages. Let's discuss the three types of cargo bikes below.

Longtails Bikes

Longtails feature an extra-long wheelbase at the rear of the vehicle. Unlike box bikes, the longtail includes a cargo area behind the vehicle. These bikes typically have webbing hooks on the top, open-top panniers on the sides, and handles or backrests for carrying kids. With longtail bikes, you can carry your children and other cargo using the rear rack that extends over the rear wheel. This rear rack can even hold children's seats or a bench.

Mid-Tails Bikes

These compact utility bikes are shorter than longtails. They're roughly the same size as regular bikes, but they're designed to carry heavier loads. Moreover, several models can fold up, making it easier to store them. However, we don't recommend mid-tail bikes if you have a large family due to their smaller size. Most mid-tail cargo bikes can accommodate two kids; however, some models can only accommodate one child.

Box Bikes

Box bikes, also known as front-loading cargo bikes, have a front-loading container like a box, flatbed or bucket. These e-cargo bikes come in various configurations, including open and closed compartments. Therefore, riders can choose between having their cargo covered or open.

These bikes are designed to be easier to ride than larger cargo bikes carrying a large load. Furthermore, front-loading cargo bikes can be two-wheeled or three-wheeled. Driving on a two-wheeler allows you to be more agile for easier manoeuvring. On the other hand, three-wheeled cargo bikes typically have more space and stability for riders.

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How To Ride An Electric Cargo Bike?

Even though riding an electric cargo bike seems to have a steep learning curve, most people quickly become accustomed to it after only a few rides. Mid-tail bikes ride similarly to touring bikes. They provide a stable riding experience. However, ensure you don't overload the back with cargo, or the vehicle will lose balance.

Longer cargo bikes are also very stable machines. But pay attention to the bike's rear wheel, so you don't risk hitting the curb. Another tip is to start riding with a lower assist and gradually work your way up to a higher assist. The reason is that starting with a higher assist may be more complex and unstable.

Starting and stopping can also be quite challenging for new riders. When you begin pedalling, the bike might lean to one side. So, you'll need to adjust and level the bike's position before you continue riding. However, don't worry; the more you practice, the better you'll get at doing this.

Riding with heavy objects also requires some practice. As a result, practice riding with cargo or passengers in a safe, less congested area before moving to busier roads. When transporting heavy loads, make sure to brake more quickly and gently. Moreover, ensure that your cargo is properly loaded on the bike stable and does not exceed the vehicle's maximum load capacity.

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What Can You Use An Electric Cargo Bike For?

Electric cargo bikes can be used in different ways. Their storage area means they can carry cargo effectively while remaining impressively mobile. Here are three use cases for a cargo bike.

  1. Electric cargo bikes, with their built-in storage and power-assisted pedalling, are becoming a common choice for last-mile delivery. Whether you're a big company looking to enhance your delivery practices or a small business looking for a cost-effective way to deliver items, e-cargo bikes offer numerous advantages.
  2. Electric cargo bikes are handy for city deliveries. Cargo bikes allow riders to bypass traffic and roadworks, enabling quicker delivery of orders than cars and vans, particularly in congested areas like London. As a business owner, if you plan on offering quicker delivery options, e-cargo bikes will provide a significant advantage over the competition.
  3. Electric cargo bikes are not only great for businesses; they are also beneficial to families. E-cargo bikes are designed with sufficient space for your kids, making them an excellent alternative for transporting your children anywhere. So, if you want to decrease your carbon footprint while providing a fun ride that is sure to get your kids going, e-cargo bikes are an ideal option.

What Is The Maximum Speed Of An Electric Cargo Bike?

You might be surprised at the speed of an electric cargo bike the first time you ride it. But what is the maximum speed of an electric cargo bike? An electric cargo bike has a motor that assists the rider. As a result, the maximum driving speed depends on the bike's engine and how fast the rider pedals.

If the rider does not pedal, the e-cargo will gradually stop. Due to EU legislation, the engine of electric cargo bikes can reach speeds of up to 15.5 mph. Several electric cargo bikes can exceed this speed, but they're only limited to 15.5 mph by law.

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Are Electric Cargo Bikes Worth It?

E-cargo bikes are fun and efficient vehicles which serve several useful purposes. These machines are worth the hype, and you would not regret investing in one. So, are you a business owner looking to increase delivery times, or are you searching for a fun vehicle to enjoy some valuable bonding time with your kids?

What if you seldom use an electric cargo bike and only need an electric bike most of the time? Maybe you can make conversions to your electric bike to add a truck when needed. If you fall into this category, why not contact us today and give an electric cargo bike a shot?

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