Eskute: What Makes Every Electric Bike Unique?

Electric Bike

What Makes Every Electric Bike Unique?

With so many electric bikes out there, what really makes a bike unique? The perception uniqueness differs vastly from one individual to another. Your friends could refer uniqueness on an electric bike to the ease of climbing hills, while you deem it an average point. While these two-wheeled motorized vehicles are closely similar to bicycles, they do have some differences. So in this article, we will highlight some key points as to why we think Electric Bikes are unique, also the differences between bicycles and electric bikes.

Why Electric Bikes are Vastly Similar to Conventional Bikes

Word. The reason why we said this is mainly due to the construction and parts of the bikes. An electric bike has two wheels. A conventional bike has two wheels. An electric bike has a bike frame made either out of aluminum, carbon, or steel. A traditional bike has that too! Overall, we're trying to say that the physical differences between these two bikes are...nothing.

Unique Points about Electric Bikes:

Feel and Usage

To bike riders, the ride feel is everything. This is apparent in electric bikes as well. Whether or not an electric bike suits your riding style depends on a multitude of factors. An electric bike operates similarly to a conventional bike, so feel free to use this guide if you're thinking of purchasing a bicycle as well.


Weight of an electric bike matter to every rider. If the total weight of your ride is too heavy, the ride feel will be obliterated. You'll only feel discomfort whenever you decide to take the bike out for a spin. For younger and lighter riders, a heavy bike might not be suitable. The bike's weight may be too heavy for them to operate it skillfully. The same goes for someone older and heavier, too heavy of a bike, and it'll be a potentially dangerous hobby.


If you can't reach your handlebars, there's no proper way to ride an electric bike. And by that, I mean sitting on the provided seat, not standing. The controls and brakes which help stop potentially dangerous situations will be pointless if forsaken. So the next time you think of buying an electric bike, measure your arm length and compare it to whichever bike you're interested in.


This is an area in which you'll find a handful. Handlebars help you control the movement of the electric bike. But which handlebar suits you the best? That's for you to try. The most basic and widely used bar is the straight handlebar which Eskute adopts. If it's that widely used, it should fit right in the palm of your hands. There exist many different handlebars throughout the biking world, and if you're looking to explore options. Here are some of it.

Electric Bike Drop handlebar
Drop Handlebar
Electric Bike riser handlebar
Riser Handlebar


What I mean by technology is the proprietary technology used by certain companies. As different bikes serve different masters, they serve other purposes too. A weekender bike helps carry a heavier load if heading to the beach. That's a cargo bike. A city bike that corners well are called hardtail bikes. There are so many variations of a single electric bike nowadays that individuals like yourself feel lost. Just a heads up, Eskute bikes are mostly all-terrain bikes, suitable for carrying and turning heads in the city or even the mountain trails.

Price Point

Affordability in the e-bike scene plays a big part in what you're getting. By big part, I literally mean bigger, lighter parts for the bike. Price determines the quality of materials used or the design of the bike. Either way, you pay for either one or both. A figure of speech is, the lighter the conventional bike, the better it is. Since the bike frame might consist of technology such as carbon fiber weaving, which in my opinion is super classy and way out of budget. In the electric bike scene, the price you pay is proportional to the number of high-quality parts you get. Such an instance would be the motor or the lithium-ion batteries, ensuring that the e-bike would actually move.

Hub Motor

Motors help propel you along with the electric bike, with the assistance of other parts such as the chain and pedals. Big-time manufacturers such as Borsch and Shimano are concrete in supplying motors to electric bike brands. This is because of limitations in the country. Some demand that there is a speed limit, while others don't. Thus, these electric hub motors need to are calibrated to fit specific criteria while not impeding electric bikes' performance. Our hub motors came from Bafang, a leading hub motor specialist that has worked with hundreds of electric bike brands. We chose the best for our customers. Hub motors all provide complex feedback that is hard to describe with words. You'll have to experience it yourself. Give Eskute a try first. We ensure you might not consider anything else.

Integrated Batteries or Removable

There currently exist two major types of battery powering e-bikes—integrated or removable batteries.

Integrated electric bikes have batteries incorporated into the bike's frame, most commonly at the down tube[add image]. But in some cases, bigger batteries tend to be at the seat tube.[add image]

Removable tubes of batteries are stored anywhere on the bike, as long as it's accessible or stylish. The main reason they are removable is for the ease-of-charging. They either come with a lock and key or a button to release these batteries. Charge them in the office or at home, all without bringing the whole chunk of metal in. Just a tip, our Eskute bikes like Wayfarer and Voyager both have removable batteries, not sold separately.

Speed and Power

Being both a bicycle and motorized vehicle is a unique experience. An electric bike has pedals that can use exclusively or in combination with the motor. It makes electric bikes different from motorized scooters and motorcycles.

Compared to ordinary bicycles, these electric bikes are in a league of their own. They generate power to help you attain optimum speed easily, thus allowing easier travels and time.

Alternative to Cars

Electric bikes are also a perfect fit for an alternative to cars. This is especially so for individuals living in urban settlements or those who demand a shorter travel route. Although vehicles travel at a much higher speed, electric bikes win in versatility. Having more unique travel options helps cut down travel time if you're in a rush or too lazy to queue in a drive-through. We all need food, urgently.

Electric bikes offer the unique possibility of combining physical activity with daily commuting, contributing to a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Some advantages are:

  • Eco-Friendly Travel. Reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions is a global effort. Riding and the electric bike also have little impact on your electrical bills, as well as the environment.
  • Cheaper Travels. Reduce on paying for parking fees and also fuel.
  • A more convenient way to travel. Use bike lanes instead of being held up in traffic. With most urban environments being on gridlock during rush hour, traveling by electric bikes might prove more than just a point.

These are just a few unique points offered to Electric Bike owners. If you need more information on any of these points, don't hesitate to email us. We will be happy to give you a tour.

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