Eskute: An Introduction to Electric Bikes

introduction to electric bikes

Electric bikes are unique and a new way to ride. Eskute e-bikes are simple, easy to ride, more robust for distance, and they make your life much more enjoyable. However, questions like, "Which one to buy? Where does the battery go? How far can you ride one?" all start popping like pop-rocks in your head. All these questions and more are answered below in our simple guide to e-bikes. Enjoy the read.

Introduction to Electric Bikes

What's an E-bike for?

With a steady increase in sales for the past decades, you have to know what an e-bike is. Typically mistaken for its non-powered counterpart, the e-bike is predominantly a bicycle with an inbuilt motor. The resemblance is not just with the appearance, but the function too. It's just like riding a bike, but better - with an e-bike, you have the ability of a battery-powered motor to assist your journey. Further, faster and more enjoyable are just part of the perks of having one. Simply adjust the motor to enhance your pedal-assist, and it'll help you every inch of your journey.

Power to take you anywhere within the cityscape.

Where can I ride my electric bike?

Uncage yourself as anywhere is possible for e-bikes. Whether your daily commute consists of cruising through the city or adventure in the vast outdoors, the e-bike is the ideal solution. Find unparalleled enjoyment when riding Eskute e-bikes, which come equipped with the latest technologies.

Why get an E-bike?

E-bikes are for everyone, fact. Whether you're old or young, an adventure is just a ride away. With assistance in pedaling, the option of carrying, climbing, and riding are prolonged. Let the e-bike take you to your destination. It's that simple.

The benefits of an e-bike are limitless. Ditch the car and ride to improve your fitness, allowing you to travel further, carry more, as well as improve the earth. You'll feel the difference.

Where you need to be, without the cost of traffic

Fuel? Not anymore.

Charging an e-bike comes at a cost, a negligible cost. Eskute e-bikes come with all the necessary gear to get you biking at home or in the office. Perfectly calculated battery capacity ensures that it will not disappoint when it comes to traveling. Powerful motor that does speed. Nothing beats traveling in style on an Eskute E-bike.

Remove the portable battery for a more accessible charge anywhere.

Jump on. That's all the information you need. Select the power mode, pedal away, and the automated system will propel you. Information on the control panel helps keep track of battery life and all other dry details you wouldn't check when you're having fun.

So simple, you've probably mastered it the first time.

Up to 100 km on a single charge

How far can I go on an e-bike?

Like how an arrow is never one-hundred-percent accurate, how far you can travel is affected by numerous factors. The power you draw from the motor, how steep a hill is, how fast you're going.

Think of driving. When you floor your accelerator, you'll use up more fuel. It's the same as an e-bike. Recharging is simple enough, but why bother when our e-bikes can throttle such distances.


We've combined the most popular bike designs throughout history with the best cost-effective motors and batteries to create e-bikes for the masses. These bikes are ideally suited for anybody, for any occasion. Wherever you need or want to reach, Eskute is here to achieve.

We work closely with a leading motor manufacturer such as Bafang, china's best e-bike motor manufacturer, and Shimano, a household name every cycler recognizes. Tuned to reach the highest standards to allow confidence in riding, even if you're new.

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Just Purchased The Wayfarer Fully Charged The Battery And I Only Got 26km Before The Battery Needed To Be Recharged, To Say That I Feeled Conned Is An Understatement.

Just Purchased The Wayfarer Fully Charged The Battery And I Only Got 26km Before The Battery Needed To Be Recharged, To Say That I Feeled Conned Is An Understatement.

Received eskute wayfarer 2 days ago fully charged the battery and all I managed to travel before the battery run out was 26KM, surely there has to be something wrong with the battery

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