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      15.5mph (locking)



      Mid-drive motor

      36V 15AH = 540W

      Total battery capacity

      60 miles estimated

      Distance per charge

      9 Speed types

      Gear system


      Payload capacity

      eskute Voyager Pro electric bike

      Bafang250w Mid-drive Motor

      Smooth, silent and powerful mid-drive motor made by Bafang, one of the leading manufacturing e-mobility components companies around the world, makes the uphill journey easier than ever. With a 250W rated power output and a maximum torque of 65Nm, our M200 Mid-Motor will surely bring you a brand new commuting life.


      Pure Motor performance

      15.5 miles/h

      Limited speed

      eskute Voyager Pro electric bike battery

      36V 15AH SAMSUNG Battery

      Considering the battery is vitally important for any electrical product. Our mid-drive electric bikes are equipped with a 36V 15AH lithium-ion battery from Samsung, one of the best-known electronics companies all over the world, for ensuring a better and more powerful performance that lives up to your standards. A range of 60 miles and more during pedal assist mode is consistently achieved.

      60 miles

      per charge


      Total battery capacity

      Removable Lithium battery

      For those with difficulty in carrying a 23.4kg bicycle, our lithium battery (3.4kg) is detachable. Charge it in-house with a flick of a switch.

      eskute Voyager Pro electric bike Torque Sensor

      Torque Sensor

      The Max. 65 N.m. torque sensor is welly introduced and installed inside the motor, it not only plays an essential role in saving both the time and physical labour when people are riding, but also increase the continued mileage and extend the life of the battery.

      eskute Voyager Pro electric bike lcd display

      Bafang LCD Display

      The high-contrast Liquid Crystal Display by Bafang delivers every important information at a glance and can also be read in direct sunlight without difficulty. Its remote control is extremely robust as well as easy and sensitive to use. The battery level, speedometer which shows the current speed, odometer which views your total distance travelled and the PAS level can all be displayed on the screen.

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      eskute Voyager Pro electric bike fat tire

      Anti-Puncture CST- 27.5"* 2.1 Tires

      Never fear during a long trail ride with CST Anti-Puncture tires.

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      eskute Voyager Pro electric bike Brakes

      Kamros Hydraulic Discs Brakes

      Kamros TN-160mm hydraulic discs brakes are made of aluminium alloy. The front disc brake will be controlled by the left brake lever, while the rear disc brake will be controlled by the right one. These Hydraulic brake discs are lightweight and powerful enough to stop downhill.

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      eskute Voyager Pro electric bike Front Fork

      9-Speed Gear Shifter

      The 9-Speed Shifter provides quick and smooth gear changes, and control your speed with finesse, utilizing the larger sprocket for uphill battles and smaller sprocket for speed. You can use it in conjunction with pedal assist to find your momentum.

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      eskute Voyager Pro electric bike saddle

      Velo Saddle

      The electric bike saddle is fitted with a comfortable cushion that makes your riding comfortable and pleasant. Pressure-relief for a longer and more joyful journey.

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      eskute Voyager Pro electric bike grip

      Rubberized Handlebar Grips

      The efficiently and comfortably and ergonomically designed all-condition handlebar grips are updated to be even stronger but less slippery against the toughest weather.

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      eskute Voyager Pro electric bike rear light

      The Rear Light

      The rear light is newly updated and installed under the adjustable saddle, which brings a cooler appearance to the bike and too, allowing you to ride in the dark even much safer and convenient than ever.

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      Half Twist Throttle

      Hydraulic Front Suspension with Lock

      Front suspension helps soften the impact on your arms allowing a comfortable and stable ride. It comes with a lock, which enables locking is available for this model. And also light is welly installed, making the ride much safer in the dark.

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      Rear Rack

      KMC Stainless Chains

      The KMC stainless chains, which is even trusted by professional riders. ensure the links are perfectly taken in by the sprocket, reducing the possibility of error of riding to the minimum.

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    • Battery: 36V 15AH
    • Range: 60 miles
    • Mid-drive Motor: Bangfang 36v 250w
    • Total Payload Capacity: 120kg
    • Recommended Rider Heights: 155 - 200cm
    • Max Load: 120KG
    • Sensor: Torque Sensor
    • Charger: 36V/2.0A 
    • Controller: 36V
    • Display: Bafang LCD Screen
    • Weight: 23.4kg
    • Pedal Assist Levels: 1-5 levels
    • Shifter Levels: 9 levels
    • Max Speed: 15.5 miles/h
    • Components
    • Tires K935 700C*45C BK
    • Brake lever HD-M800 ALLOY
    • Headlight Light D-033
    • Tail Light RL1800
    • Freewheel CS-AS 9-SPEED
    • Brake HD-M800 w/160mm rotor
    • Chain KMC-Z9 1/2"118L GREY
    • Stem SM-A92-8 Alloy SB.BLACK
    • Crank Bafang 3/32"*38T CNC*170L
    • Gearing 3/32"*38T
    • Seat post (length, Diameter) φ30.4x350*2.5T
    • Suspension travel 100mm
    • Fork Type suspension hydraulic w/o V post mount
    • Front Fork 27.5 "alloy
    • Pedal Wegllo M195DU
    • Bike Frame 28" alloy integrated with battery case
    • Front Headlight D-033
    • Saddle Velo VL-6309
    • Seat Post SM-2000 alloy 6061 w/clamp
    • Kickstand QK-RA32 20"-28" alloy
    • Spokes STAINLESS
    • Rear derailleur RD-V5009-L9-SPEED
    • Geometry
      eskute Voyager Pro electric bike


      +If the battery can be removed, can it be locked on the bike?

      Yes, lock with a key. When you go to work, you can put the battery in the office to charge.

      +Can you let me know how much does cost the additional battery, please?

      Our warranty is 2 years for battery, you can buy a battery and other spare accessories at our website.

      +How far the ebike can run when fully charged?

      It can run around up to 60 miles in electric assist mode.

      +Can I use it during rainy days?

      Yes, Eskute Ebikes are IP5 waterproof and can use during rainy days and ride in puddles. But we recommend not to use it in heavy rain considered safety. Please avoid putting the e-bike in water, or cleaning with a high-pressure water gun to avoid damage to electronic components and wiring due to soaking.

      +Is the ebike suitable for both men and women?

      Yes, for sure.

      +Does it have a bike lock coming together?

      There is only a lock for the bike battery, you can buy a lock for the bike.

      +How fast can this Ebike reach?

      It can reach 15.5mph ((25km/h) as current e-bike laws that caps motor power at 250 watts and limit assisted speeds to 15.5mph (25km/h).

      +How many riding modes does the ebike have?

      There are 2 riding modes:

      • pure human mode
      • electric assist mode
      +Can the saddle seat be changed to a more comfortable one?

      Yes, change it as you like.

      +How to charge the e-bike?

      You can charge the e-bike directly or remove the battery and take it home to charge.

      +How does the bike manage slope climbing under electric mode?

      The 250W brushless motor from Bafang is powerful and can climb up a 15% slope easily while the motor stays quiet.

      +Is the stem adjustable?

      Yes, you can adjust the stem of the bike.

      +Does the bike comes with a suspension fork?

      Yes, it has a front suspension fork to keep you comfortable even at gravel terrain.

      +Do it has to inflate the tires before my first ride?

      Yes, it is suggested to do so. Generally saying, your tires are underinflated on arrival.

      +Do I need any special tools to assemble the bike or does it come with everything you need?

      Yes, the package comes with basic tools to assemble the bike, assembly is a breeze - just mount the handlebars, pedals, and tire.

      +Is the seat adjustable? Would I fit this Ebike?

      Yes, the seat is adjustable. Recommend height is from 155cm-200cm,5'08"-6'7". 

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