12 E-bike Tools Every Cyclist Must Have

12 E-bike Tools Every Cyclist Must Have

If you enjoy carrying out DIY activities, you must have certain essential tools in your E-bike tool kit. E-bike repair tools are as specialised as any other niche, but the most basic repair tools differ very little from standard bicycle equipment.

These tools help you perform various maintenance and repair tasks on your e-bike. This is a great guide if you're not the do-it-yourself type and are just looking for essential e-bike tools.

Essential E-bike Tools for Your Bike Tool Kit

Besides your basic pump and tyre levers, you should have other essential e-bike tools in your home mechanic's tool kit. They include:

Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is one of the must-have e-bike repair tools for your home kit. This tool is readily available at most bike shops. Plus, it comes in compact bike-specific sizes. The benefit of using them is that you won't void the warranty on your expensive e-bike by over-tightening or breaking anything like the handlebar, frame, or fork. However, before putting the torque adjuster back in the box, make sure the tool is no longer tightened.

Allen/Hex Keys

A good set of Allen or hex keys should be included in your toolkit for making adjustments and repairs while on the road. This tool allows you to safely reach those hard-to-reach bolts without worrying about rounding them off. A good T-handle set would do just fine, preferably with a ball end on the longer side.

use Allen keys to install the ESKUTE e-bike

Pedal Spanner

If you haven't taken off your pedals in a while, you'll have a better chance of leveraging them with a proper pedal spanner. Because of the tight space between the crank arm and pedal, a regular spanner is often too wide to get the job done. However, with a pedal spanner, you can easily access your pedals and take them off.

As a tip: Only try to install your pedals after applying an anti-seize compound to the thread. Applying an anti-seize compound on the pedal thread before installing it will help you to avoid future tussles.

Chain Breaker

A chain breaker tool is another essential piece of equipment you should get familiar with. With this tool, you can fix broken links and remove your chain for a thorough cleaning, extending the life of your chain and its components. You can also use this tool to replace a link with a quick one, making removing and cleaning it much easier.

Bike Stand

If your bike breaks down while you're riding, it's fine to keep it on the floor or turn it upside down to make quick fixes. However, at home, working on the bike in a comfortable setting with all the necessary parts within easy reach is a huge relief.

The easiest way to reach every part of a bike without straining your back is to use a bike stand (or something similar) to suspend the bike from the ceiling. A bike stand gives you a better view of the modern carbon frame and makes the work easier.

an half installed ESKUTE e-bike is fixed on the bike stand

Also, first-time mechanics boost confidence by adding a more professional feeling to the job. When the bike is stable, tightening the bolts, spinning the wheels, and cleaning the parts become a much more enjoyable job.

However, since not everyone has enough space in their house, go for something portable. A bike stand that is easy to carry and move outside is the perfect option for fixing your e-bike with no hassle.

Needle-nose Pliers

A needle-nose plier is a must-have tool for first-time mechanics. Needle-nose pliers are multipurpose and can replace other tools in your toolbox, including utility pliers, clamp pliers, and master link pliers. Also, they are useful in grasping small components.

Amateur mechanics, however, are highly likely to purchase a low-quality pair of needle-nose pliers and be left with a completely disappointing experience. Note that the cutting blade of low-quality pliers can easily be dented on the first attempt. Thus, investing in a high-quality, professional-grade model is very important.

Screw Drivers

Every handyperson needs a good set of screwdrivers. Screwdrivers have been around for much longer than electric bicycles and can be used for just about anything. You can use a screwdriver to adjust or repair your bicycle's derailleurs, shifters, brake systems and various accessories. Flat blade type and Phillips cross-head screwdrivers are the most popular option on the market. A good set of screwdrivers never breaks and lasts forever.

an half installed ESKUTE e-bike is fixed on the bike stand

Chain Whip and Cassette Lockring

You'll need at least two tools to take the cassette off the bike's hub: a cassette lockring and a chain whip. Chain whips are universally useful and can be used with either free-wheel or cassette systems.

However, while there are many variants of these two systems, each requires a unique set of lockring tools. There are two primary types of lockrings used on the cassette system. The two most common lockrings are the Campagnolo lockring and the Shimano/Sram lockring.

Also, there are at least seven different types of lockrings on the free-wheel system. Use of a free-wheel is limited to single-speed and old, entry-level bikes because it is outdated. Luckily, nowadays, the cassette system is the most common.

Torx Wrenches

Torx wrenches of smaller size, traditionally used for fixing electronics and automobiles, are increasingly gaining favour in the bicycle industry. Torx wrenches are used the same way as Allen keys, but instead of a hexagonal shape, they have a six-pointed star design.

A Torx wrench set is available in different sizes to handle various tasks. The disk rotors, gear shifter, and aero bar are the three most common places to use a Torx wrench. The T25 is the most widely used size of Torx wrench. As a reminder, ensure you don't go for the cheapest option when buying this tool.


The chain of every electric bike requires periodic lubing to continue running smoothly. For the best results upon application, ensure the lubricant you use is top quality and does not corrode your chain.

Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre cloths are great for cleaning your bike after rides. Their super absorbent and soft texture easily absorbs moisture and removes any blemish from your bike.

Tyre Pump

There is no downside to keeping a pump in your garage. This saves you the stress of locating the nearest ebike shop whenever you need to inflate your tyres. An important tip, however, is to ensure you know the exact tyre pressure for your bike to avoid ending up with a burst tyre!


Gathering your tool kit saves you more money than buying a ready-to-use bike tool kit. Assembling your e-bike tool kit only takes time and effort but promises to be rewarding.

If you are looking for a good place to get quality e-bike tools and accessories, contact us at Eskute for the best electric bike deals.

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