2023's Best Bargain: The Cheapest Full Suspension Mountain Electric Bike

2023's Best Bargain: The Cheapest Full Suspension Mountain Electric Bike

Are you looking for an electric bike to take on tough trails with confidence? A full-suspension mountain e-bike is a way to go. With its help, you can easily tackle anything from mild terrain to extreme off-roading.

But if you are a budget-conscious buyer, finding the best option can be a challenge – full-suspension mountain bikes don't come cheap!

Luckily, plenty of cheaper options are still available that provide just as much performance as the more expensive models. This article will give you our top pick for the best and cheapest full-suspension mountain electric bike of 2023! Get ready for thrilling rides without breaking the bank.

What Are Full Suspension Mountain Bikes?

When you categorize mountain bikes based on their suspension system, there are two major categories, hardtail and full suspension bikes. Breaking it down further, you find four types of full-suspension mountain bikes- cross country, endurance, downhill, and trail full-suspension.

As we said before, full-suspension mountain bikes have two sets of suspension—a couple in the prongs at the front wheel and another at the rear. The essence of full-suspension mountain bikes is to ensure that riders take the most challenging riding trails as comfortably as possible.

The availability of a rear suspension is the primary difference between full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes. While both mountain bikes have front suspensions, hardtail mountain bikes have their back wheels attached to the e-bike's frame. The presence of an additional suspension gives extra traction and superior handling.

Apart from that physical difference, the price is another difference between the two mountain e-bikes. Most of the entry mountain bikes are hardtails. In other words, hardtails are usually cheaper than full-suspension mountain bikes.

The lack of a rear suspension also means that hardtail mountain e-bikes are relatively lighter than their full suspension counterparts. No matter which type of mountain e-bike you pick, we can assure you that both will perform admirably on off-road trails. However, full-suspension mountain e-bikes will give the rider better grip, handling, and comfort while riding.

Features and Benefits of Full Suspension Electric Bikes

It's not enough to know what a full-suspension electric bike is; you must know what features make an e-bike one with a full suspension. We are using the Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike to highlight the characteristics of a full-suspension mountain bike.

Powerful Electric Motor

An e-mountain bike must have a powerful enough electric motor to ride smoothly through rugged trails. From this point of perspective, a 250W brushless electric motor produces at least 40Nm of torque to propel the electric bike.

You must determine if that meets your needs or if you require a more powerful system.

Sturdy Frame

Full suspension mountain bike frames come in either iron, aluminium, or carbon frames. Whichever frame the e-bike is, it must be strong enough to withstand the shocks of off-trail riding.

Various Riding Modes

Most full-suspension mountain e-bikes have a high number of gears to allow riders to adjust depending on the trail. The Eskute Full Suspension, for instance, has a range of twenty-one gears that enable the rider to engage in various riding modes depending on the terrain.

Brakes and Suspension Fork

We can only classify an e-mountain bike as full suspension if it has front and rear shocks. The purpose of the dual shocks is to afford the rider more control and comfort as they ride through bumpy trails. Apart from the suspensions, another feature of full-suspension e-mountain bikes is the presence of a responsive brake.

We should also check out the benefit of riding a full-suspension electric mountain bike. Here are some of them.

Enhanced Riding Experience

Nothing beats riding those uneven trails with a full-suspension e-mountain bike. Not only do the shocks take most of the impact, reducing the bumps you feel while riding. The frame of the e-bike is also shaped in such a way the rider is in a comfortable position while taking on bumpy roads.

Full suspension e-bikes offer better grip on the road, smoother handling for the rider, and an overall riding experience. No matter how rugged the trail is, as long as you are on a full-suspension e-bike, you are in for an enhanced riding experience.

Move Faster on Uneven Tracks

The presence of the rear suspension and the better traction it affords means riders can go faster on the toughest of trails. The extra suspension absorbs most of the bumps from the road without any qualms. So, while other types of e-bikes would have to reduce their speed on uneven trails, full-suspension e-mountain bikes will have no such problem.

For experienced off-trail bikers, it's not enough to ride through the difficult trails. Riding through these trails as fast as they can also is important, which is why they go for full-suspension e-mountain bikes.

Ideal for Difficult Trails

The essence of a full-suspension electric bike is to ride difficult trails as smoothly as possible. Hardtail mountain bikes might go through trails, but they can't absorb the bumps as well as full suspensions can. Hardtails can't offer the sort of control and grip on roads that full suspensions can.

Full suspension e-bikes don't just have an extra suspension; the presence of extra gears also allows the bike to adjust to whatever terrain it's riding on. For full-suspension e-bikes, no trail is too difficult.

Prolonged Lifespan for the Bike

Full-suspension bikes have been built in such a way that the suspension protects the main frame of the bike and its constituent parts. Mountain bikes go through some of the roughest terrains, and the wear and tear of these terrains will normally lead to quick damage to bikes or their parts.

However, with full suspension, e-mountain bikes have a secret weapon against damage due to bad terrain and front and rear suspensions. Though full suspensions are more expensive than most mountain bikes, they are built to last, offering a lot of value for their price.

The Cheapest Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike of 2023

The average price of full-suspension electric mountain bikes is around $1,500. However, there's a bike that meets every full suspension criterion and costs far less. That bike is the Eskute Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike.

The electric mountain bike has a twenty-six-inch wheel with a foldable aluminium alloy frame. The electric bike is powered by a 250W electric motor, with a torque of 40N and a maximum speed of 15.5m/h, and a twenty-one-gear drivetrain. The e-bike has three driving modes, low, mid, and high.

The sporty mountain bike is powered by a detachable 36V 10.4Ah battery that can drive up to thirty-eight miles. The Eskute full-suspension electric mountain bike is suitable for any gender, has a maximum payload capacity of 120kg, and comes with a one-year warranty. For a bike this good, you would expect it to cost at least a thousand dollars. Eskute offers wonderful value for money and retails at £684.99.


Full-suspension Mountain bikes are ideal for all-terrain riding with superior handling and comfort. Full-suspension Mountain bikes are your best bet for anyone who wants to enjoy nature trails.

Most full-suspension bikes are expensive, but you can get an Eskute full-suspension bike and enjoy all the benefits of full-suspension e-bikes. For more information about e-bikes in general, you can check here.

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