Basic Bike Parts You Should Know

Basic Bike Parts You Should Know

Basic bike parts knowledge is essential for anyone who wants to ride and maintain their bicycle properly. Understanding the components that make up your bike will help you diagnose problems before they become too serious, leading to costly repairs. It can even help you save money by being aware of what parts need to be replaced.

If you're new to biking or want a refresher course on the basics, this post is perfect for you! In this article, we'll go over some common bike components, what they look like, and why they're important. With this knowledge, you have all you need to hit the trails!

Basic Bike Parts You Should Know

Brake System

Usually, brake levers are on the handlebars, and the brake system of a bicycle is made easily accessible for quick stopping. All Eskute e-bikes have a mechanical disc brake system that allows for effective and quick halts, which is more powerful for bikes than traditional rim brakes. In addition, they feature an automatic motor cutoff switch to stop an electric bicycle when you brake safely. As a result, they're completely safe, reliable, and of course, durable!


The throttle is a system that provides external push power to an e-bike. In essence, it allows pushing the electric bike forward even without pedalling at all. The throttle is typically integrated into the right handlebar – where you can easily access, twist, and start moving. However, e-bikes in the UK are not allowed for throttle; the new version of Eskute e-bikes no longer provide throttle.

Rear Rack

Eskute hybrid e-bikes also feature an integrated rear rack for kids or cargo. More so, you can ride up to one additional passenger or cargo weighing up to 80 pounds on a typical e-bike. And if you own a bike without a rack, you can buy one and fix it yourself. In addition, you can add one of the compatible bike accessories, either a small rear storage basket or a rear rack bag (for storing necessities).

Gear Shifter

Another bike part that you should know is the gear shifter. A shifter and derailleur are used for switching between gears according to the choice of speed when pedalling.

With a gear, you can move fast atop a hill, for example, or reduce speed on a busy road. So you can choose lower gears (ideal for uphill riding) or higher gears (suitable for downhill riding) for gear movement in a bike. Lower gears cause less effort required to complete a revolution, making pedalling quite easier. In contrast, higher gears require more effort, which makes pedalling quite difficult.

Step-through Frame

Bicycles feature a step-through frame for easy on and off. In addition, it is used to steady yourself when you put your feet on the ground during a stop and to prevent the top tube from getting in the way. It comes in handy when riding on roads with cars or making frequent pit stops.


The kickstand is an attached metal that helps stabilize your bicycle when loading and unloading or when you want to park it. Every bike must have a kickstand that'll serve this purpose, and electric bikes are no different. The kickstand is strong thanks to its study, steal, and spring features.


The bell is more like the horn of a bicycle and is a very important part of an electric bike. For one, it is used to alert people on the way to avoid accidents. You can also use it to alert others that you're nearby.


The tyres of an eBike are another important bike part that you should know about! The wheels on bikes have a puncture-resistant liner to enhance movement and durability. Additionally, it's designed to create a lower centre of gravity for enhanced stability and increased efficiency to have a smoother ride with cargo in tow.


The freewheel in a bike enables you to keep the bike's pedals stationary or backward while cycling. You can find the freewheels on the rear wheel.

LED Lights

Most regular bicycles come with high-intensity front LED headlights. The light is necessary to guarantee your safety, especially at night.

In most cases, the light is located at the front and back of the bike (though the light at the back isn't as powerful as the front). In addition, there is an integrated tail light and reflectors with brake light to enhance visibility on the go. So if you are the type that rides at night, an e-bike might be for you!

Basic Electric Bike Parts You Should Know

Digital LCD Display

The digital LCD helps you to monitor and control your ride. It is on the left handlebar or the centre of your stem and features an odometer, speedometer, pedal assist level, battery charge level, and light indicator. All these are necessary to inform you about the bike's level and current state.

Electric Motor

The electric motor is the most important part of an electric bike. It's more like the engine room of a bicycle that allows and controls the movement of the different components. The motor converts electrical energy (with the help of the battery) into mechanical energy to move the bike.

Rechargeable Battery

The Lithium-Ion battery found on electric bikes is an essential feature that distinguishes them from traditional bikes. These batteries are durable, efficient, and reliable. In addition, it's necessary for powering the motors and other parts like the lights and LCD display. It's rechargeable and long-lasting!

Quality Lithium-Ion batteries are usually heavy, but in the case of an e-bike, it is lightweight and placed into the bike's aesthetic such that you wouldn't even notice it's there. Typically, the capacity of an electric bike battery is 48 volts made with 15Ah (720Wh) of Lithium-Ion technology.

Motor Controller

The electric motor controller is another essential part of the E-bike, which is required for controlling the E-bike motor. It is located on the handlebar to enable easy access. There are two primary styles of controllers – pedal-activated controllers and throttle-based controllers.

Pedal-activated controllers enable you to press down on the pedals easily. On the other hand, throttle-based controllers are a mechanism that helps you to pull back the throttle to get electric assistance during movement.

Roller Chain

An electric bike has a roller chain that transmits power from the pedals to the drive wheel, thus propelling it. In essence, the chain ensures the efficient transfer of power, and as a result, the battery life will be extended.

How Easy Is It To Change Bike Parts?

One of the great things about bikes is how easy it is to swap out parts, which allows you to customize your bike, fine-tuning it according to your preferences. While there are numerous options on the market, it takes only a few upgrades and mods to wind up with the bicycle of your dreams.

However, it's best to visit a professional to change your bike parts, especially if you're unfamiliar with the tools. You wouldn't want to damage or cause complications to your bike. In addition to fixing it the right way, an expert will recommend components to make your bike even better!


From motors and batteries to tyres and bells, each piece of a bike plays a vital role in its composition. Therefore, no part is insignificant, although there are specific parts you can do without. However, to enjoy a wonderful experience, it's best to have your bike parts complete and running.

You can check our website to find the parts your eBike needs to function effectively. Meanwhile, our team of professionals is always available to recommend the components you need for your bike.

So, if you're unsure, you can contact us today and equip your electric bicycle with the components necessary for a hitch-free biking experience!


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