E-Bike Display with Side Key

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Compatibility: Netuno, Polluno
Working Voltage: DC:36/48
Display: Current speed, Battery capacity, Pedal assistant levels, Error display, Front light, Bluetooth 
APP Display: Voltage, Battery percentage, Single mileage, and total mileage.
1. Press the "power" button to turn on the electric bike, and press and hold for the turn-off.
2. After turning the e-bike on, Click the "power" button to turn on the front light.
3. Click the "+" button to increase the pedal assistant level, Click the "-" button to decrease the pedal assistant level.
4. Press and hold the "-" button to start push mode, which could last for 6km. 
5.  Press the "power" and "+" buttons for 20 seconds to disconnect your mobile devices mandatory. Usually, you can disconnect from your mobile devices.
6. If you set power-on passwords on APP, the e-bike would auto-unlock when the connected cellphone approaches.
Or you can enter passwords on display to unlock the electric bike. The "Power" button means to confirm, and click the "mode" button to select the numbers.
 **This e-bike display is only for Netuno and Polluno, please check the compatibility before placing your orders.