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E-bike Throttle

ESKUTE cannot sell electric bikes with the throttle in the UK under the law; if you need a thumb throttle to control the assistance ebike provides, we'll offer you throttle with easy operation; please make sure to use it only for private roads or regions. 

Electric Bike Throttle

E-bike Throttle

Despite ebike with throttle is illegal in the UK, many people prefer to add an thumb throttle on the handlebars, especially for those who get knee injuries or who are difficult to pedal the heavy ebike forward. Becasue it's much easier to pedal by feet when the electric bike runs first, many people prefer to push the bicycle forward then hop on it to ride.


How Does an E-bike Throttle Work?

Although an electric bike allows you to ride longer and further, the throttle and PAS let you ride faster than you would on a regular bike. But how does a throttle work on an e-bike?

Technically, the e-bike throttle works by turning on the motor when it is engaged. It provides power that propels the electric bike forward without needing you to pedal. Once you stop the e-bike throttle, the bike stops moving.

Therefore, if you have an e-bike with a throttle or are planning to get one, we have detailed everything you need to know about e-bike throttle and how it works.

Sounds interesting? Read on to learn more.

How Does an E-bike Throttle Work?

Technically, an e-bike throttle works similarly to motorbikes or scooters. For instance, when you use the throttle button, your e-bike motor is turned on, pushing your electric bike forward.

While most e-bike throttles have a level-type mode that allows you to choose the power output, others operate in a pressure-sensitive mode. For instance, the harder to push the throttle button, the faster your e-bike will go.

In throttle mode, your electric bike can reach full power within seconds, making the throttle very vital for riding uphill.

How Do I Throttle My Electric Bike?

Normally, you can throttle your electric bike by twisting the handlebar. However, this only applies to throttle-assisted electric bikes. For instance, you can not throttle a PAS electric bike.

Therefore, if your electric bike is throttle-assisted, you can engage the throttle by simply twisting the handlebar, which will power your e-bike and propel it forward.

However, if your e-bike is PAS and throttle-assisted, you can select the mode you want your bike to operate.

Do All E-Bikes Have a Throttle?

Not all e-bikes have a throttle. For instance, e-bikes are either equipped with the following:

*Pedal-assist system
*Throttle-assist system

However, some electric bikes have both throttle and PAS. The system of your e-bike (PAS or throttle) entirely depends on how the electric bike is manufactured. It is vital to note that you can easily add a throttle to your electric bike if you have a controller with a wire that supports a throttle add-on.

You also need to be careful while adding throttle to your e-bike, as not all states or countries allow throttle-assisted electric bikes. If you plan to buy an electric bike throttle, we recommend Eskutes E-bike throttle.

What are the Types of Electric Bike Throttle

There are three main types of electric bike throttles:

1.Thumb throttles

As the name suggests, a thumb throttle is designed to be operated using the thumb. It features a small lever that protrudes from the bike's handlebar towards the bike rider. 

The best thing with thumb throttle is that it does not interfere with twist shifters or brake levers. It also takes up little handle space, which allows the greatest freedom for other handlebar accessories like mirrors and lights. 

Besides, thumb throttles do not reach the end of your handlebar, which lets you use any aftermarket handlebar grip you would like. However, one major complaint against thumb throttles is thumb exhaustion. For instance, they focus the whole force of the return spring solely on your thumb.

2.Full twist throttles

The full twist takes up the whole end of the bike's handlebar, which replaces the original grip on the end of the handlebar. To operate this throttle, you only need to grab a handful of the throttle and twist it back towards yourself. It works similarly to the throttle on most motorbikes.

Many riders prefer this throttle because it is operated by all five fingers (full-hand grip). That allows you to handle well, hold on tight, and use your wrist instead of the thumb. However, many riders have noted that this electric bike throttle leads to a sore wrist.

3.Half twist throttles

Half-twist throttle operates the same way as a full-twist throttle, only that it does not reach the end of the bike's handlebar. For instance, it reaches about halfway, and the other half is replaced with a matching rubber grip that does not twist.

Other than allowing you to operate it with all five fingers, it provides a unique solution to avoid wrist exhaustion. Besides, since the twist does not reach the end of the bike's handlebar, it allows you to add accessories to the end of the handlebar, like the magical miracle handlebar end mirror.

E-Bike PAS Vs Throttle: Which is Better?

Although both provide similar functions, they operate differently. For instance, PAS requires you to pedal your electric bike constantly to engage the motor and receive power to propel you forward.

The good thing with PAS is that it assists the motor in knowing the amount of power to output, which depends on how you pedal. Besides, when you are cycling downhill, you can save energy. For instance, when you stop pedalling, you do not engage the motor, which is vital in saving the battery and increasing the range.

However, if you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint, an electric bike with a powerful motor and a throttle may be a great choice. For instance, throttle-assisted e-bikes allow you to pedal whenever you want to exercise but let you stop pedalling and maintain regular bike speed.

So, a throttle-assisted electric bike is a good choice for you if:

You ride uphills: A throttle electric bike provides more power to propel you uphill.

You carry cargo: Most electric bikes used for carrying cargo have twist throttles to allow for better control.

You want a faster and more powerful model of e-bikes: E-bikes with throttle control are generally quicker and more powerful.

You want accessible low-carbon rides: E-bikes with throttle are more accessible to individuals with physical disabilities and injuries.

On the other hand, throttle-assisted electric bikes may not be for you if:

You ride mostly for exercise: If you are looking for regular exercise by pedalling your e-bike, a throttle-assisted e-bike may be redundant.

You are looking for more range on a single battery charge: A throttle-assisted e-bike will mean a shorter distance range for a given number of Wh.

Therefore, the choice of which is better (PAS or Throttle) will greatly depend on your personal preference and the state or part of your world.

Throttle-Assisted Electric Bikes

Before buying our Eskute throttle, you need to note that:

*It only applies to Netuno and Polluno electric bikes with rear hub motors.
*It can not be installed on the mid-hub e-bikes.
*Wayfarer city e-bikes come with the throttle. So, you do not need to buy the throttle separately.

Here is the review of the electric bike on which you can install our Eskute throttle:

Polluno Electric City Bike

Key Features:

Motor: 250 Watt Bafang G010 rear electric hub

Maximum speed: 15.5 miles per hour (locking)

Total battery capacity: 522Wh (36volts 14.5AH)

Maximum distance per charge: 65 miles

Total payload capacity: 125kg

Pedal Assist Levels: 1-5 levels

Transmission: Shimano 7 Speed

Torque: 32 Nm

You can install a throttle on the Polluno electric city bike for comfortable and quicker riding to your destination.

For instance, you can easily ride uphill and against strong winds by adding throttle to this e-bike's five PAS speed settings and the 250W Bafang G010 rear electric hub motor.

You will never be out of breath whenever you get to your destination.

Final Thought

The Eskute electric bike throttle can propel your e-bike forward without needing to pedal. However, understanding how it works is vital before buying or installing it on your electric bike.

I hope this article has helped you understand how an electric bike throttle works. But if you still have any questions, contact us.