E-Bike Phone Holder | Which One Should I Choose?

ESKUTE E-Bike with Phone Holder

Like most people, you probably use your smartphone for many things, including navigation while biking. But what do you do when you need to take a phone call or check something on your phone, and both hands are occupied with the bike? That's where an e-bike phone holder comes in handy!

There are a lot of different e-bike phone holders on the market, so which one is the best? We'll help you decide by comparing some of the most popular models. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Is a Phone Holder for E-Bikes So Important?

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. If you want to stand any chance of reducing the impact on your mobile, then you need a holder that will help prevent the damage that the impact would have caused on your mobile. You will more likely experience diverse road conditions while out in the wild. The holder will present shockproof as well as non-slip technology for your mobile.

Factors To Consider When Choosing the Best E-Bike Phone Holder

What features must you consider before buying e-bike phone holders? We have five exclusive features you must consider when you go online and if you wish to get the best e-bike phone holder among the available options around you. You will get the best models at competitive price offers through Eskute. If you desire the best, take note of the features below before making your purchase.

The Compatibility Factor

What is the ideal holder for your bike? You must consider this essential factor when placing an order for your e-bike phone holder. Taking it further, the best among them must be compatible with your phone. When you order the holder that fits into your bike and smartphone, you will get the full benefits of your investment.

widely used eskute bike phone holder

Mount Installation

Another feature that is second to compatibility is the installation of the mount. We have mounts for the handlebar as well as the stem. You need a clear view of the screen; hence, it is essential to have the space entirely free from all forms of obstruction. If you do not have free access to the screen, it will take the shine off your experience on the bike.


The weather condition outdoors, in most cases, is not friendly. You need a model that can withstand the worst summer and winter weather. You can use ruggedness to separate the wheat from the chaff. The holders boasting a rugged design should be considered ahead of the rest. The best among the models will never fall off after a few rides. Rugged models like the Eskute phone holder guarantee safety for your phone.

Secure Hold

Your smartphone is very important when living in this digital age. That is why you must invest in a model that can hold firmly on the bike's frame no matter the nature of the uneven terrain. The cradle and the smartphone must sit securely on your bike's stem or steering wheel during riding. If you want to ride off-road, it is vital to ensure that there is dampening technology. It is necessary because it is required to protect your device from damage caused by vibrations.


All the four features mentioned above will be of no use if the technology you invest in is complicated. Therefore, make sure the e-bike phone holder has a friendly interface. When you invest in a user-friendly model, you will not require any technical assistance if you want to mount or remove the frame from your bike.

user friendly bike phone holder

E-Bike Phone Holder With Charging Function

If you are a lover of the wild and want to have an adventure deep into the wild, your smartphone's battery must be equal to the task. After some hours, the battery will run down, and you will require a power source. The smart way to avoid a flat battery is to invest in a holder with a charging function.

When a power bank is integrated into the mount, your smartphone will be charged automatically while you are on the go. We recommend this type of holder when you are on a long tour. Some of the smart holders in this category are connected directly to the battery of the e-bike.

But if you choose ESKUTE Polluno or Netuno e-bikes, don't worry; you don't have to choose a phone holder with a charging function because your smartphone could get charged from the type C port under the display.

The Waterproof E-Bike Phone Holders

We now have waterproof technology included in the design of some smartphones on the shelf. However, when there is a heavy downpour, you will require extra protection on your phone. That is why it is crucial to invest in waterproof mounts to give extra protection against water. This best technology will completely enclose your smartphone. The waterproof models are your best bet when you go online in search of the best.

Waterproof E-Bike Phone Holder

Cheap E-Bike Phone Holders–Why You Should Avoid Them

There are several models online. You must be prepared to pay the price for your desired quality. You are advised to watch out if the price is too low compared to the models' rates. There is a price on any quality product; the same goes for the bike holder. Those that invest in cheap models will predictably experience the following:

  1. Wobbling the holder and smartphone while driving will make reading on the screen impossible.
  2. Cheap models are challenging to install and remove from the bike bar.
  3. There will be no sufficient or outright absence of cushioning effects on the bike.
  4. Operating the smartphone during a tour will not be possible.
  5. The cheap folder will pack up within a limited time of use.

The above experiences on the bike are best imagined than experienced. One of the best places to find quality e-bike phone holders is

E-Bike Phone Holder FAQs

1.What is the best phone mount for a bike?

There are several imitations of the best around. You must be ready to pay the price for a quality model. If you desire the best, you will get value for your money at

2.Is it safe to use a phone holder on a bike?

Yes, it is safe. Make sure the model you are investing in has a warranty on it.

3.Where can I put my phone on my bike?

The safest place to put your phone during biking is the holder mounted on the handlebar or stem of your bike. All you need is a credible e-bike phone holder.

4.How do you prop a phone to a bike?

You will get details from the instructions made available through the leaflet from the manufacturer that comes with every order. In most cases, they are simple DIY procedures that will be done within minutes.

E-Bike with Phone Holder


If you're looking for a phone holder to keep your device secure while you ride, we recommend the e-bike phone holder from Eskute. Their phone holders are designed to fit most smartphones and attach easily to your handlebars to keep your device within reach. They even have built-in cord wraps to keep cords from getting tangled up as you ride. Order yours today and see how much easier it is to stay connected on your next bike ride!

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