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What Is an Electric Bike?

Brush off the idea of using the old-fashioned bicycle; think of trying the new electric off-road bike, which not only conquers miles on the road while tackling technical and steep terrain off-road but ensures you reach your destination after all safely.

What Is an Electric Bicycle All About?

An electric bicycle is an advanced bicycle with a built-in electric motor and a rechargeable battery to assist you when pedalling. It is just like the "normal" bicycles but more advanced.

However, people still use the regular ones. On the other hand, cyclists have shifted to getting an electric bicycles.

This article will focus on the ideal type of batteries and their characteristics.

The E-bike Batteries

E-bikes are the new trend for cyclists. As much as they are advantageous compared to the regular ones, they need to be handled with care, which can be achieved by purchasing batteries. First, we need to know what these batteries are all about.

Different batteries can function differently, even though they are the same size and weight, depending on their type and construction. The capacity, voltage, size, weight, charging time, and overall battery life are all characteristics shared by all batteries.

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Factors To Consider When Purchasing the Battery

Voltage is what pushes (speeds) the flow of electric energy. 36V is the average working voltage. The bike tends to move faster when the e-bike has a higher voltage. So, it depends on the voltage of the battery that a cyclist has.

The capacity is also another factor. The main characteristic of any battery is the amount of energy stored in the battery. The number of cycles and the battery's operational circumstances influence the actual battery life.

On the other hand, Watt is a combination of volts and amplitudes. Watt hours is the most suggested way to know how much usable energy is in a given battery pack. Most e-bikes do not use power at an exact level continuously, so this does not directly translate into ride time.

Ampere hour - This shows the capacity of the electric bike battery. If the amp hours are high, the longer the distance you can ride.

Types of E-bike Batteries

Li-ion Battery

These kinds of batteries have the best kind of total weight and capacity. On top of that, it is the most popular and optimal type of battery. The advantage of this type of battery is that it has the highest specific capacity of lithium-ion batteries. However, the disadvantage of these batteries is slow charging and sensitivity to temperature conditions.


This type of battery is best for E-bikes because, as we said initially, it can work in harsh conditions. Where does this battery come in handy, then? The advantage is that frost resistance, that is, it works in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius without loss of capacity.

Lead Batteries

These kinds of batteries are the oldest. Why? It has the lowest capacity making it less efficient every year. That is because they are slow to charge and weigh a lot since it is a Gel batteries. The fact that it is slow makes the construction of the bike very heavy, making portability a challenge.

ESKUTE electric bike with li-ion battery

Describing the Lifespan of an Electric Bike Battery

The range that an electric bike can provide you at its starting level is between 30 and 60 kilometres, while other, more expensive brands may go up to 120 kilometres on a single charge. Excellent variables include battery age, weather, rider weight, surface, and luggage weight.

We advise choosing an electric bike with a battery with a little more capacity than is typically needed. Over time, the battery's performance slowly deteriorates. Lithium-ion batteries are made to last and operate satisfactorily for clients.

These batteries, however, need care to stay for longer, and some factors must be considered:

  • Avoid extreme temperatures- Since these bicycles can withstand harsh conditions, batteries need not be carried along. It will reduce its life span. High temperatures and frost affect performance and shorten battery life. The battery should not be left directly under the sunlight either.
  • Avoid charging the battery immediately after riding. Batteries should cool down because of the heat generated while cycling. When charging immediately after riding, it might help it will not cool down.
  • Do not charge the battery if it is not necessary. If it is charged without purpose, the battery heats up more, giving it more chances to spoil.

To maximize an E-bike's range:

  • A complete charge of the Energy Pak should be present before you begin your ride. Depending on the Energy Pak you have, the range varies. Battery sizes from Giant include 300Wh, 400Wh, and 500Wh.
  • Before you begin your ride, check the pressure in your tires. Rolling resistance is reduced by using the proper tire pressure. You experience a quick, pleasant, and smooth ride as a result. On the side of the tires, the maximum PSI is marked.
  • Think carefully about your shift. Low gearing is ideal for starting from a halt and travelling at low speeds. These speed up your speed-up process and use less battery power. You should utilize a higher gear as the speed increases. Whenever shifting, it's essential to lessen pedal pressure for a smooth ride and maximum range.

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The Conclusion

Yes, now that you have the E-bike, it obviously cannot work without battery life. That is like the heart of the bicycle; without it, it won't function. We have seen how we can purchase the battery and the factors to consider when buying a new one. We have also clearly outlined how one can take good care of the battery to last for a long time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your batteries now to enjoy your e-bike later, and I promise you will not utter any words of regret.

I hope you will find satisfaction in your new E-bike ride!

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