Is E Bike Insurance Worth it?

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As ebikes become more popular today, the debate over whether or not they need insurance is becoming more prevalent. Unlike car owners, getting insurance cover for your ebike is not mandatory. However, getting ebike insurance is never a bad idea.

Most people feel more at ease when their ebikes are insured. The fear of having your ebike stolen or damaged reduces when you are under an excellent ebike insurance cover. Regardless, some people still feel sceptical about getting insurance for their ebike. Our team understands their doubts and wants to help them make an informed decision which is why we came up with this guide for you.

What Is E-Bike Insurance

Insurance is a policy that offers financial protection against unavoidable loss and damages. Therefore ebike insurance is a policy that provides you financial protection against ebike theft, damage, or even injuries from an accident.

As we all know, ebikes are relatively expensive. Some are designed to carry out very sophisticated tasks like mountain climbing. In addition, they travel longer and faster than regular bikes. They are also complicated in terms of their electrical and mechanical components.

All these factors make ebike susceptible to damage and thefts. One sure way to guide our ebike investment is by getting a reliable ebike insurance policy.

Do you need insurance on an electric bike?

Ideally, most ebike laws do not require an ebike rider to provide insurance on their bike. However, considering the financial implication of not getting one, providing insurance on your electric bike is the most logical thing to do.

A typical electric bike costs between £1000 to £3000; more expensive ones cost up to £12,000. In the event of bike theft, damage, or road accident, the cost of replacing an ebike leaves a financial dent on the rider. It wouldn't have been so if it was an insured ebike. In addition, some ebike insurance covers some critical issues, including paying legal fees and compensation when you damage someone's property or injure a passerby.

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Ebike Insurance Cover

As stated above ebike insurance policy covers loss against theft, accidents, or damage. Moreover, the policy is unique because it offers financial protection exclusively for e-bikes.

Home insurance that covers your ebike is excellent but might not be sufficient. To enjoy optimum protection for your ebike, you should get a reliable ebike insurance cover.

Because the acceptance of e-bikes is just gaining momentum today, we have few companies offering insurance cover. Therefore, you must carry out due diligence before getting an insurance cover.

What Value Should I Insure My Ebike For?

An ebike insurance policy varies from provider to provider. However, most policies have standard features that insure against theft and accidental damage.

Insurance Against Ebike Theft

Among riders, theft of their ebikes is a significant concern. The repercussions of ebike theft on riders are usually dreadful, considering the financial implication of the loss.

However, the risk is minimal in a situation where your bicycle is insured, as the company takes over the cost of the bike's replacement.

Insurance Against Accidental Damage

Events like accidents and vandalism are unpredictable. No one prays for them to occur. Even if you are overtly careful as a rider, you might still be unable to avoid some accidents.

In order not to be stranded in cases of accidental damage to your ebike, the right thing to do will be to get a good insurance policy. Taking chances will only result in avoidable expenses on repairs.

In addition to the standard policy features stated above, you can add other elements to your insurance cover. They include:

Third-Party Liability

Getting an insurance policy that covers third-party liability means that your insurance company takes over the cost of any damages to a third party that occurred when riding your ebike. The insurance company comes to your rescue, whether it is an injury resulting from an accident or damage to someone's property.

In cases where your ebike is not insured for third-party liability, the ebike rider is held accountable for any damage. It is obligated to foot the necessary bills.

Loss Of Earnings

Suppose a rider is hospitalised due to an accident from riding an ebike. In that case, he or she loses his source of income for that period. However, with an insurance policy covering loss of earnings, the rider gets paid a certain amount.

Other insurance policy covers include accessories cover, overseas and transit cover, hire bike cover and more.

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How much does ebike insurance cost?

Ebike insurance costs vary depending on many factors. For example, a rider in a community where crime is prevalent will not pay the same amount for his ebike insurance as a rider in a community with a lower crime rate.

What you use your ebike for is another factor that is considered when getting an ebike insurance cover. Ideally, an ebike rider who competes in cycling events will not pay the same amount for insurance as someone who rides for pleasure. Other factors to consider are the current market value of your ebike and the type of electric bike you have.

Depending on your ebike insurance options, the cost of insuring an ebike in the United Kingdom is about £120 per year. Review quotes from insurance service providers to get a reliable insurance cost estimate.


Getting ebike insurance might not be mandatory, but it is a rewarding investment. The peace that comes from knowing that you won't have to spend much during unfortunate situations is something every rider would want. Interestingly, ebike insurance cover is relatively affordable.

It is important to remember that your ebike insurance is worthless if you invest in an inferior bike. At Eskute Electric Bikes, we have different ebike types to meet your exact needs. When you trust our brand, you get an electric bike that surpasses your expectations and will serve you for many years.

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