Electric Bike Maintenance Ultimate Guide for Winters in 2021

electric bike in winter

Nowadays, Electric bikes, commonly known as E-bikes, are becoming an increasingly essential part of our daily lives as a means of fulfilling our transportation necessities. These bikes have been considered the best and much faster than other traditional bikes. Until 2017, the market for electric bike manufacturers had an estimation to reach $16.3 billion. But with the growing popularity and benefits of E-bikes, the market is predicted to reach $25 billion by 2025.

Due to the high demand for sustainability, people of all classes prefer electric bikes, and the world should follow the trend!

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E-Bike In Winters: A Rough Challenge?

Of course, the availability of these E-bikes in the digital market was not as easy as it appears to be today. Best Electric bike manufacturers took a great time assembling various mechanical pieces into a compatible motor that works perfectly with rough or smooth roads and streets. But do you know that riding E-bikes during icy-cold weather can be harsh, unlike the summer or autumn seasons?

Well, it is challenging, only if you miss out on the maintenance tips for E-bikes in winters.

Top Maintenance Tips for Electric Bikes in Winter

Surprisingly, we have the solution! So take a moment and look at these points that will help you effectively, without worrying about the rest of your winter holidays.

1. Washing and Cleaning E-bike

At some point over time, your E-bike gets stained or dirty that obstructs you from riding more smoothly than usual. Therefore, ensuring E-bike's cleanliness is crucial. Otherwise, it can reduce the battery performance, leading to slow charging support.

As a rider, you would not want to risk serious malfunctions in colder temperatures and get stuck in the middle of nowhere, that too because of dirt and stains.

Wipe the snow every time you take a ride, and once a week, use degreasing dish soap or bike shampoo to clean the other parts. Then, gently use a cloth, sponge, or toothbrush to remove the grim.

In most cases, electric bikes are water-resistant. But as a part of your cleaning process, ensure no water remains inside the sensitive areas such as engines, batteries, axles, or bearings to avoid shortcomings.

Once your washing is done, dry it with a soft cotton cloth for a smooth cleaning frame. With this, you can remain safe from the dirt and grime penetrating the spindles and bearing surfaces of your E-bike.

Don'ts of Washing and Cleaning E-bike

  • Try not to use a pressure washer while cleaning your E-bike because the high pressure can damage the entire body frame of the engine.
  • Avoid strong detergents and hazardous soaps because of their acidic properties. In addition, they can remove the paint.

2. Storage and Safety of Batteries

It is pretty enjoyable riding an e-bike during the chilly weather but taking care of batteries is the most challenging task during this season. As the life of a lithium battery is up to 4 years maximum only if it is well-maintained during changing atmospheric conditions, many people fail to do so.

How Do You Keep Your E-bike Battery Warm in the winter?

To produce electrical power, the batteries need a specific temperature, mostly above 15˚C. So, when your e-bike meets the winters, it needs a jacket or a sweater.

  • Start with removing the battery if it is not in use for a prolonged period.
  • Bring your bike inside and let it enjoy the room temperature as long as it can.
  • Shield the battery with a protective neoprene cover that keeps the inside warm.
  • In case of putting the battery in storage, maintain the capacity above 60% to 75%.
  • Charge the battery at room temperature and don't use the heater to warm quickly.
  • If your commute is more prolonged, buy extra batteries instead of putting all the pressure on one.

Also, charge your battery to 100%, but don't drain it entirely because the battery cell contains toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, and more. By avoiding these liabilities, you can secure the shelf life of your battery.

3. Maintenance of an E-bike Tyres

For the most pleasant riding experience, keep a close eye on tires' pressure, especially during wintertime. Rubber tyres are a threat to winters. Instead, go with studded tyres if you're riding on a plowed road or icy surface with lower pressure and wider width. Fat tyres are ideal for soft and deeper snow. And for wet surfaces, use slick surface tyres with narrow width and steady pressure.

Also, keep the tyres inflated for better grip, especially on wet surfaces. It was stated earlier in 2012 by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTS) that for better performances, long-term safety, and precautions, tyres must be properly inflated.

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If you inflate the tyres and still feel bumps, reduce the pressure by five PSI (pounds per square inch) more. In contrast, if you feel any direct connection between your rims and the road, know that the tyres are underinflated and need more pressure.

These instructions can save many precious lives by reducing road crashes to a great extent. You can also keep a portable pressure gauge for longer rides or when rain or snowfall is forecasted. Before driving on icy cold roads, double-check every detail of your tyre and keep your electronic bike in good shape.

4. Lubricating Chains and Metal Parts

For rough weather like winter and autumn, lubrication acts as an essential ointment for vehicles and drivers. The standard components such as rust and corrosion can reduce the lifespan of metal parts, even of the best electric bikes.

Nobody indeed likes seeing their bicycle wrecked by dry rot of rust appearing due to humidity in the air during the bone-chilling snowfall. However, if you are a bike lover or cyclist, you must be aware that there is a greater risk of slipping forward due to a lower friction rate without using lubricants or grease.

For smooth and seamless performances of your e-bike, avoid locking your bike outdoors because it can quickly seize up the gears and crankset at the same time. Due to the same fact, resistance from immediate break-off is imperative to eliminate alarming situations.

What Kind of Touch Up Paints are required to Remove Rust and Corrosion?

No matter how much you take care of your E-bike, it still needs repairing paint to remove small patches, rust, and corrosion. You can use effective touch-up paints available online on the amazon store, such as Dupli-color, for better results.

5. Ensure Sustainability of Electric Motors

Electric bikes are made up of electrical motors propelling to ease the distance from one place to another within a short period. People from all age groups can safely ride on E-bike without fearing the conventional brake system.

An electric drive system in E-bikes significantly improves the pedaling and battery storage facilities, unlike manual bicycles. However, at the same time, this electronic machinery can increase the risk of engine combustion when nuclear electricity is generated while releasing the start button.

A common phenomenon observed during the cold season is when the engine freezes up and needs quick acceleration to set up the motion. Ensure that your E-bike's engine, gearbox, and clutches are safeguarded with automotive oils after every ride to keep them working ahead of viable conditions. By avoiding potential concerns and risks, you can ensure the long life of your engine systems.

Additional Tips to Improve the Performance of your E-bike Motor Engines

  • Understandably, try not to park your E-bike outside of your house during severe conditions.
  • In general, a temperature below 5 degrees can significantly deteriorate the capacity of your engines overnight.
  • Find a small place on your patio deck or basement.
  • Cover your E-bike with a warm waterproof plastic sheet.
  • Due to the unavailability of place, ensure that the battery is disconnected and stored at an average room temperature.
  • Secure the lock frames and the wheels to any immovable object nearby to prevent theft during dark winter nights.

6. Avoid Higher Speeds

During winters, velocity can be your biggest opponent that brings your way to sudden demise without any slightest hint beforehand. Notably, it depends on the battery range that upholds the power to increase or decrease every extra bit of momentum. On top of that, the mileage of your battery is considerably vital that instantly determines the technical capabilities of your E-bike.

As it is a proficient high-tech innovation, it requires mechanical services repeatedly to maintain the reliability of electric motors. It will help during traveling on snow-covered roads, highways, streets, making sure that your E-bike's speed is moderate enough to bring you out carefully at your desired destination. For adequate battery quality, replace it after every 3 to 4 years as recommended by the company.

Additional Tip

Even if your bike is not in use and winter arrives, start looking over the battery and other parts so you can get the most out of your snowy trips.

7. Low-Beam Headlights

The first step you should follow before leaving your house is to check whether your headlights are running smoothly or not. The visibility of E-bikes must not be compromised at any cost, especially when you travel during extreme winter nights.

In most situations, there are chances of snow thunders resulting in 50% of tragic accidents due to collision of motorbikes and other vehicles very often. Persistently, damage or grimy headlight lenses make it difficult to see the incoming automobile in the same or opposite lane.

Low beams and high beams are mandatory. For instance, Cygolite metro and Niterider 3600 are the most reliable pairs of front headlights used by cyclists and motorists. As per your safety measures, invest some money buying a new pair of headlights or repairing the previous ones to attain a better clarity range. If you're a beginner, it's a great idea to seek additional information from your E-bike manufacturers for preventive measures.

8. Inspect Your Driving Seat

Nowadays, the most beneficial physical activity for people is bike riding to keep themselves fit and healthy. At its core, the harsh reality of riding a motorcycle, be it electronic or manual, is the extreme danger due to an unstable driving seat, especially during snow or rainfall. A tiny layer of snow on your E-bike parked outside your property can produce chipped cracks.

Finding a suitable solution can be helpful. For instance, removing ice by using snow brushes or shovels helps to dispose of excessive slipperiness. In addition, if the seats are made of less expensive material, choose anti-slippery leather seats made of a stronger, durable fabric.

Also, repeatedly detaching and titling your seat can cause excessive pressure on your nerves, leading to a troubling sign for the expiration of your tissues, particularly during low temperatures.


If you are a beginner, keep in mind that consulting the best electric bike manufacturer for better assistance with your driving seats can also be a great idea.

Turn the World Upside Down with the Best Electric Bikes that Refresh your Winter Rides with Thrill & Excitement!

The advanced technology of E-bike has made enormous advancements, making our lives better every day in or out of our homes. With the advent of this particular innovative trend, the traveling experience has become easy and convenient in 2021. Last year, the E-bike business was worth about $244 billion, making great progress without ending. Undeniably, it is one of the latest yet sustainable mobility options and is the ideal manufacturing of E-bikes, tripping over all seasons.

Interestingly, riding an E-bike in the cold, freezing climatic conditions requires special care and attention to handle different challenges that can change the entire travel pattern. First and foremost, it is imperative to keep your E-bike as clean as possible. Also, by closely inspecting your electric bike, you can protect your battery, gears, wheels, brakes, handle grips, and many. This extra safety boost can be a massive benefit to the cyclist or motorist and the common individuals. Experience effortless winter riding with optimal care of E-bikes!

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