Eskute: An E-bikes Newcomer Is Settling In European Market

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LONDON, Nov. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Eskute, a fast-growing e-Bike company, invited riders to share their experience of riding e-Bikes with its "My Eskute Riding Story" competition between October 23-29, which aimed to call for the Eskute community to publish their Eskute e-bike experience on Facebook and Instagram.

"[The] bike is really good, battery performance is also good, and suspension is great. It's been two weeks since I bought it and I'm happy with it," said Muhammad, one of the riders with unique experience of using Eskute E-bikes for work and leisure.

As a start-up brand, this is the first activity that Eskute hosted via social media. In addition to showcasing the benefits of e-Bikes, Eskute hopes to understand the needs and suggestions of riders, as it seeks to provide consumers with greater choice for environmentally friendly, healthy, and more convenient forms of transportation.

" The e-Bike's path to domination is unstoppable. We are committed to fueling the e-Bike revolution by providing users with high-quality products," said Alan.C, CEO of Eskute. Due to the global climate deterioration, stressed-out daily life, and various obstacles from COVID-19, Alan believed that a better, healthier and more convenient way of travel and commute should be adopted. "E-bikes should not only become a new transportation mode under the circumstances of the surging fuel prices and growing petrol shortages in the UK, but also 'a partner' to inspire people's passion for both sports and life."

Eskute electric bike Poland Factory

Since launching in 2019, Eskute has aimed to provide the best quality e-Bikes at the best price for their customers, and an exceptional post-sales services, which led to the establishment of its factory in Poland. Apart from making quality e-bikes available to the masses, they also focus on finding very unique and innovative solutions for everything from suspension design to manufacturing process.

To date, Eskute has received overwhelmingly positive feedback and provided greater convenience for riders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its current e-Bike lineup includes the Voyager and Wayfarer products, both of which come in a mid-drive and hub motor version.

Looking ahead, Eskute will continue to meet the evolving needs of riders who are brave enough to explore and not afraid of change. With more e-Bikes on the horizon, Eskute will empower more users to ride for freedom, ride for fun, and ride for the planet.

About Eskute

Founded in 2019, Eskute is a fast-growing e-Bike company born from the idea to provide customers with a sustainable means of transportation at an affordable price. The company currently has a factory in Poland that can supply products to the warehouses in the UK and Poland, and provides 5-8 days fast delivery within Europe. As it expands, Eskute plans to open a second factory in Poland to ramp up production and offices in several cities in the UK and Germany soon.

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Hi Peter I’m hoping you could give me a contact name for Customer Services. Have emailed eskute UK support team several times since 17 January, the battery is totally capoot, only had since October 2022, finally got a response on the 29th requesting video of problem which I did & still no response from them. I don’t know what the issue/delay is as the battery has a 2 year warranty. I’d really appreciate any help you can give.

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