Electric Bike Shed Storage: How to Store an Electric Bike

Electric Bike Shed Storage: How to Store an Electric Bike

After the adventure of cruising through the hills and streets, storing your e-bike in a comfy shed is a befitting 'Thank You' gift for your two-wheeler. Fortunately, the right e-bike shed storage offers an excellent opportunity to do just that.

Depriving your bike off the appropriate storage could mean incurring some unnecessary lasting damage. So, whether you're a daily cyclist needing a few hours of storage or an occasional biker seeking long-storage tips to keep your bike safe and functional: an e-bike shed storage is your go-to storage solution.

Here at Eskute, we've come up with easy-to-apply bike storage tips to help you stay assured of bike durability as you ride or store your bike all year round.

How to Store an Ebike in a Shed

A cool and dry environment is the best storage condition for your electric bike. Additionally, the type and weight of your e-bike determine other details on how to store it properly. Here are some essential electric bike shed storage tips to know.

Keep Your Ebike Away from Harsh Weather

storing your e-bike in a comfy shed

Exposing your bike to the elements shortens its life span. The barrage of snow, rain and dust could soon cause the e-bike to rust or freeze, possibly ending in total damage. Moreover, your bike's chain is prone to rust, and its electrical terminals for cables could corrode, depending on the bike's make.

Sadly, rust won't only make a permanent blemish on your two-wheeler's aesthetics. Your e-bike will never run the same way. For this reason, it is best to keep your bike away from rain and snow to enhance its durability.

Long-Term Storage? Avoid Storing Your Bike with a Fully Charged Battery Mounted

Are you storing your bike for the long term? Avoid storing it with its battery mounted to save the battery's usefulness. We also recommend storing the battery without fully charging it. You want to store the battery and place it in a cool and dry area.

We recommend storing your e-bike's battery between 30% and 70% of its capacity. Lastly, also remove the controller and keep it safe and secure.

Lubricate Lightly Regularly or before Long Term Storage

Are you a regular cyclist with a few days of weekly or monthly breaks, or do you need to store your bike over the long haul? You want to protect your bike with a light lube before storing it. Pay attention to the aluminium parts and chains that could corrode.

Smearing the conductive terminal with grease ensures you'll have an excellent connection when it's time to get the bike in motion again. You could also purchase a protective water-repellent spray to protect your bike. The protective spray will form a shield that makes maintenance and cleaning easier when it's time to hit the trails and roads again.

Ideal Size of a Bike Shed

Getting the ideal space for you and your family to store your bikes is vital. If you want a storage shed to house one e-bike, a basic 1.8m x 1.07m x 0.56m (length x height x width) shed should suffice.

However, it gets a bit tasking if you're constructing a shed for a family with more than four e-bikes. You want the shed to be as convenient as possible so that getting ready for your journeys is quicker. There is a simple solution to this.

Suppose you intend to line the side of the bike by the side in the shed. Leave a 25 cm gap between both handlebar ends of each bike. That way, you can comfortably walk alongside the bike while removing it from the shed.

But this arrangement could be unachievable if you've got limited space, so it is better to devise a means of keeping the pedals from clashing to maximize space. For instance, you could employ a small ramp to raise the front wheel of other bikes in the air. That keeps the brake levers and brake cables from tangling.

Lastly, there's nothing wrong with creating room for other effects like tools, helmets, clothing, and pumps in your e-bike shed storage. Placing all accessories together makes finding them way easier, as you will be able to locate any items when needed.

How to Build a DIY Bike Shed

Ready-made wooden bike sheds can be quite expensive. A cheaper yet viable alternative is building your custom bike storage shed. Besides cost, a drive for adventure could lead you to create a DIY bike shed.

man using a laptop at a wood workshop

So even if you discover from the cost of materials and necessary tools that a DIY shed isn't so cheap after all, you're assured of creating something that perfectly suits your space, plus the rewarding feeling you made something worthwhile. Whether you want to build something basic to save money or something more adventurous, here are some excellent ideas to explore.

1. Convert old wooden pallets into a cheap bike shed

One excellent way to save on your shed expenses is using reclaimed wood, such as old pallets from a construction site. Depending on your taste, space, and other unique preferences, you can nail some painted wooden pallets into a well-lit bike shed that’s functional and good-looking enough for your space.

2. Build a Simple Overhang Roof

An overhanging roof is refers/roof that typically projects from the side of a house/wall to protect your bike. If you have confined spaces but need to create a functional shed for your e-bike, then this might be the idea you need.

While it doesn't match a proper shed based on protection from weather or thieves, it can keep direct rain or snow away. Moreover, you can keep your bikes safe from thieves by installing a sturdy ground anchor and chain.

3. Create a Proper DIY EBike Shed with Local Materials

A proper electric bike shed looks more like a little house with the highest prospects of protecting your e-bikes and tools in the long run. Fortunately, the Internet has many DIY ideas for generator sheds, gable sheds, and more. These videos have ample details on creating a shed in various parts of the home. You want to leverage their ideas and create a befitting DIY shed for your two-wheeler.

Other Ways to Store Electric Bikes

Choosing the appropriate storage for your electric bike depends on several factors, including:

  • Space.
  • How many bikes do you own?
  • Accessibility.
  • The dimensions (such as height and weight) of the bike.

Considering these factors and more can help you choose the ideal storage solution for your needs. Meanwhile, let's consider a few other ways to store your electric bikes asides in a shed.

Secure your e bikes with hooks fixed against

Ceiling Storage

If you have a minimum floor and wall space, hanging your bike to the ceiling might be your best bet. Secure your bikes with hooks fixed against the roof or heave them using a pulley set-up. Of course, it means you'll need a high ceiling reaching at least 12 feet off the ground to give effective ceiling storage.

Floor Stands

Here's one of the most straightforward alternative methods of storing your bike. You only need to wheel your bike's front wheel into the stand's arms to keep your bike in place. There are commercially available floor stands that can hold single or multiple bikes. Luckily, you can readily move with your bike stands while in transit.

On-the-Wall Storage

This storage type refers to hooks or mounts you fix against a garage wall to hold the bike in place. These hooks or mounts are present in various installation-friendly designs. Whether you buy a vertical or horizontal bike hook depends on how much space you have (vertical storage is great for maximizing space).

fix against a garage wall to hold the E-bike in place


In conclusion, storing an electric bike is an essential part of maintaining its performance and longevity. Whether it's keeping it in a shed or garage, using a bike cover, or installing a secure rack, there are several options available to keep your e-bike safe from the elements and avoid any potential damage.

By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your electric bike stays in great condition for years to come and continues to provide reliable and efficient transportation.

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