How Electric Dirt Bikes Are Revolutionizing Motocross and Trail Riding

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The electric bike market has advanced dramatically in the last decade, giving rise to more powerful portable vehicles. Recently, a significant flood of new electric bike models has entered the market.

With the sheer number of e-bikes on the market, choosing the best bike for you can be challenging. These bikes feature several features that can elevate your riding experience.

So, it's vital to understand these features. Luckily, we've highlighted the characteristics and factors to consider to simplify buying an electric dirt bike. Let's get started.

What Is an Electric Dirt Bike?

ESKUTE mountain bike under 2000 in the forest

An electric dirt bike is a bicycle that uses battery-powered motors instead of traditional fuel-based engines. These bikes are designed to provide a quiet, eco-friendly ride ideal for off-road adventures. Unlike gas-powered dirt bikes, electric dirt bikes do not produce harmful emissions or make as much noise, making them suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

Many modern electric dirt bikes feature advanced technology, such as smartphone apps that allow riders to adjust power settings and track performance data.

Despite being powered by electricity, these bikes are also pedal-driven, so you must pedal to make them move. These e-bicycles can be used as regular street bicycles or mountain bicycles. While electric dirt bikes are typically more expensive than their gas-powered counterparts, they offer numerous advantages that make them an attractive option for eco-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

Why You Need an Electric Dirt Bike


There are several reasons you need to upgrade your regular dirt bike to an electric model. Firstly, electric dirt bikes provide amazing torque that is way more powerful than standard dirt bikes. The tremendous torque generated by the dirt bike engines is released with minimal noise and effort from the biker.

In addition, electric dirt bikes, like the Eskute Netuno Pro, come with innovative technology, including display screens, remote locking, geofencing, remote locks, etc., that make riding easier and more productive.

Furthermore, electric dirt bikes are an eco-friendly solution for upgrading your biking experience. So, you can enjoy rides without worrying about harmful carbon emissions affecting your environment.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Dirt Bike

Buying a dirt bike can be tedious, especially if it's your first time. Here are five factors to consider to ease your selection process.


Batteries are essential to the overall performance of an electric dirt bike. Make sure the bike you choose has adequate range to complete your rides.

Beyond the battery range, the amount of time it takes to charge the battery is another critical factor. Of course, shorter times are preferable. Moreover, some manufacturers, like Eskute, include accessories to accelerate charging, which is a nice plus.

Specifications like range, charging times, and the number of charging cycles will all be determined by factors like voltage, capacity, and the number of cells in the battery. It's also important to find out if a battery can be switched out and the type of charger it works with.


The motor is the heart of the electric dirt bike. While looking for a battery-powered dirt bike, you should consider things like the motor's type, weight, cooling system, and mounting location.

Overall quality and dependability are perhaps the most crucial aspects when inspecting a bike's motor.

A motor's power is represented in watts. The bike will be more powerful the higher the wattage. However, a more powerful motor may get a lesser battery range. From experience, a 250-watt motor is powerful enough to handle most rough rides.

Size and Weight

Like conventional dirt bikes, electric variants are available in a wide range of forms and sizes, with various seat heights and positions. The weight of these battery-powered bikes can range from 50 pounds to 65 pounds.

Realistically, the bike's weight will be more of a factor when you're not riding. It will be tough to cope with the extra weight if you carry the bike everywhere.

Luckily, e-bike technology is always advancing and is now lighter than before. So it is always a good idea to visit the bike shop to test the bike and discover if the size and weight suit you.


Consider electric dirt bikes with technological features like GPS tracking, smartphone compatibility, and remote unlocking. Moreover, the ideal dirt bike should have sensors like a gyroscope, speedometer, odometer, and accelerometer. These sensors all provide data to record and improve bike rides.

Riding experience

Remember that the e-bike you choose should match your riding expertise. Why? Starting on a bike that is too big and powerful is dangerous and restricts how much fun you can have because you must concentrate on keeping the bike under control.

The good news is that the power output and throttle response on many modern electric dirt bikes can be adjusted to make them suitable for inexperienced drivers.

Best Electric Dirt Bike 2023

Netuno E-Mountain Bike

Netuno E-Mountain Bike

The Netuno E-Mountain bike is one of the market's most dependable, comfortable, and reasonably priced dirt bikes. This dirt bike offers a smooth riding experience thanks to its powerful motor.

The 250-watt Bafang G010 rear hub motor allows this bike to ride on bumpy and rough terrain easily. The Netuno bike is also easy to maintain. In addition, the built-in LCD panel shows important riding info, such as the battery level, speedometer, odometer, etc., to keep riders informed of the condition of their bike.

Furthermore, this electric bike has a 65-kilometre range on a single charge. The Netuno is a good option if you want a bike that will get you around quickly and comfortably.

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Legal in the UK?

a man with helmet is riding netuno ebike on the mountain top

Electric dirt bikes are legal in the UK as long as they meet the electrically assisted pedal cycle (EAPC) requirements. Therefore, riding it on bike lanes and wherever else pedal bikes are permitted is legal.

Any electric bike that does not follow the EAPC regulations is regarded as a moped or motorbike and must be registered and taxed. The requirements for (EAPCs) are:

  1. An EAPC must have pedals for propelling the machine.
  2. The bike must show the
  • Battery voltage or the bike's top speed.
  • Power output or the motor manufacturer
  1. The motor must have a maximum power output of 250W. Also, you shouldn't be able to move the bike forward at speeds greater than 15.5 mph.

In case you're wondering where to ride an electric dirt bike in the UK, there may be specialized dirt bike riding tracks and places in your area, usually with obstacles, to make riding more fun and to help you improve your riding technique. That said, you are free to ride on public or commercial property.


Electric dirt bikes are a game-changer in the biking industry. So, if you're a hardcore biker or just starting, it's smart to jump on the electric dirt bike train as soon as possible. The impressive power, minimal nose, technological features, etc., will make bike rides less strenuous than regular dirt bikes. Remember to contact us for more info on the Netuno e-mountain bike, and remember all these crucial factors when deciding.

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