Eskute Wayfarer review

Eskute Wayfarer Electric Bikes

Affordability comes with a price, but this doesn’t?

Recently, a beautiful sunrise gave a reason to take the Eskute Wayfarer electric bike out for a test run. With lockable front suspension, anti-puncture tires, a law-abiding 250W motor, and a battery which I seemingly forgot to charge for days, the bike turned out better than predicted.

This review is based on a person who’s overly active in all sorts of adventurous activities. And it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. What I require daintily exceeds the limits of what others would call “normal.”


As I took off from my tiny apartment, lugging down this beast of a ride took more effort than required. You have to justify that my stairwell isn’t precisely the widest. AND FIVE FLOORS! Warming up would be a better justification for this porter job. Part of me didn’t understand why I had to place the bike in-house. With the detachable battery, charging just the battery and carrying it down would be as easy as bringing a water bottle out.

Five minutes into the ride, stopping right at the lights on the road. A question popped out from the vehicle right beside me.

“How fast does that thing go?”
“How much?”

To be honest, that’s the first I’ve been asked.

“The Eskute Wayfarer makes me look cooler than I am,” end of discussion.

The Wayfarer goes up to 25km/h (15mph) and goes for as long as 55-85 km (35- 53 miles) per charge. All that for just £999.00 - impressive.

Instructional Video
For new Eskute bike purchasers, I would recommend this video by Eskute. It encompasses everything from the setup to adding additional gadgets, such as the throttle. Check it out; it’s highly recommended for pros or beginners alike.

Time to lay on the specifics for regular riders.

Wayfarer City Bike tech specs

  • Motor: 250W Brushless Gear Hub
  • Gearing: Shimano Tourney RD-TY300D, 7 Gear
  • Top Speed: 25 km/h (15 mph) due to legal limitations
  • Range: 55-85 km (35-53 miles) depending on modes
  • Battery: 36V 10 Ah (360 Wh)
  • Weight: 25 kg (55 lbs)
  • Max load: 120 kg (225 lbs)
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminium Alloy
  • Brakes: Tektro MD-M311 brakes on 160mm rotors
  • Tires: Kenda 700C*45C
  • Extras: LCD display with speedometer, wattmeter, battery gauge, PAS level indicator, odometer, trip meter, front and rear LED lights, 5 PAS speed system, twist throttle, charging accessories, toolset, rear rack, front and rear fender.

Time for the Good and the Better

Let’s start with the basics.

First of all, the bike has impressive specs. It comes with a top speed of 25 km/h (15 mph) straight out of the box. I would love for it to go beyond, but we wouldn’t want to go against the law, do we?

The top speed of 25 km/h lasted pretty consistently, with it faltering right after hitting the 50% battery range. That’s an average standard for electric bikes, as speed is dependent on the voltage.

The Wayfarer also has a pretty decent range. Fitted with a 36 V and 10 Ah battery comprising 360 Wh, the 85 km projected range is quite realistic. With moderate peal assist, 85 km (53 miles) from a 360 Wh battery is achievable. Of course, that is if you ride at a moderate pace.

The metal rear rack is also a bonus if you’re using it in the city. It is pretty versatile. Get a bungee cord to secure items through the seat wings. Transport simple items without having to carry them. I usually strap my backpack face flat. It’s pretty secure, depending on how you go about it.

The Better

What I really like about this city bike is the front suspension. Due to some circumstances, I have absolutely one of the worst knees you have seen. Surgical scars and bald spots, you name it. So the front suspensions really save the day for me. In cases where I need speed to drop off a curb, it cushions pretty well. A detriment to this case is speed. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you would lock that suspension piston up and go for a joyride. But give it a try; it might be time for a cushiony ride. It is vastly suitable for older individuals.

One trick that I use to provide a softer ride is to let the air out of your rear tires. Not all of it, but just enough to act as a rear suspension. So if you’re into riding on grass or trails, this neat little trick might help the knees greatly. Jump back to me having bad knees. If I feel little to no pain, I’m sure everyone else will enjoy it. Handling suffers when releasing air from the tires, so remember to pump the rear tire back up on firm surfaces.

Possibly cons?

To be honest, I try to deliver every bit of detail I can in my writing. But I don’t get paid enough. I’m kidding. I simply can’t really find any fault in an electric bike at this price point. It’s on the cheaper spectrum. The materials used aren’t state-of-the-art, like carbon fiber. But it does the job well. Plenty enjoyable to ride!

Okay, if I really had to say one, I would complain about the weight. Let’s say if I were to haul it up and down every day. I’m sure I could be one of the toughest guys in the gym. Definitely not suitable for someone who is on the smaller side. But Eskute thought of that and introduced a removable battery pack. I’m pretty sure they sell extras too. So if you actually need to go beyond 150 km ( 90+ miles), just strap an extra battery pack on the seat. You’ll be riding from dusk to dawn. Unstoppable!

My thoughts

By now, my fingers and biceps are sore from the typing and lifting of the bike. So I’ll keep this short. Even though the Eskute Wayfarer is a neat bike, capable of what every expensive bike can offer. It’s just an uncomplicated electric bicycle. Nothing fancy added, no extra technology or design. If you’re using it to commute and don’t want to throw wads of cash at suppliers, go for this. It’s surprisingly well built. But if you’re heading down to the trails and having yourself a competition. Or want something with amazingly high specs. Go for something lighter, and triple the price.

This bike has proven itself to give a solid riding experience for me. It’s a fast and fun bike. Fitted with a decent battery and reliable components from big brands like Shimano and Tektro. Equipped with fancy metal pedals instead of plastic ones that chip and break. Best of all, it doesn’t break my bank.

A very reasonable tradeoff, electric bikes help you save money too. So the next time you’re taking a motorized vehicle, think about the £999.00 you spent. In a year, you’ll be earning it back!


John Reeves

John Reeves

How much does a battery for a Wayfarer weigh?

Brian P Morgan

Brian P Morgan

Doesn’t anybody, the author maybe, reply to these comments?

Brian P Morgan

Brian P Morgan

Doesn’t anybody, the author maybe, reply to these comments?



Hello, I really like the sound of the Wayfarer eBike but £1000 is still a lot of money to pay out for a bike you’ve never seen in ‘the flesh’ or even sat on, let alone ride. You offer a 15 day return but does this apply once you’ve put the bike together and given it a basic test ride? If yes, I’m going to order one. If no, I’m nervous about paying out for a bike that may not suit me. I’d be grateful for some advise. Thanks!

Leonard Smith

Leonard Smith

Can I fit the 48v battery on my Wayfarer?

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