Everything You Need to Know About Spring E-bike Riding

Everything You Need to Know About Spring E-bike Riding

Whether you are a fair-weather cyclist or happy to ride come rain or shine, little beats the joy of riding an electric bike in springtime. Electric bikes are perfect for all journeys, from the daily commute to weekend adventures. But before you set off in the sunshine, we have collated our top tips to make sure both you and your bike are ready for this glorious cycling season.

What's great about spring e bike riding?

After the long winter of dark days, rain, hail, snow, and high-speed winds, the new season's arrival can get you pumped up and ready to get outside on your e bike. Even if you have been using a trainer to ride a regular bike indoors, nothing compares to the exhilaration of riding outside again.

Enjoy beautiful weather after a long winter

During the shortest, darkest, coldest days of the year, it can feel like spring will never arrive. But once it does, there's plenty to love about riding outside.

Spring is typically when the hours of daylight increase, the temperatures begin to rise, leaves sprout from the trees, and flowers begin to bloom. Rather than the sharp light of a cold day, a softer, warmer light bathes the landscape and brightens the colours of nature. Getting out on your bike after a winter spent indoors is a chance to appreciate the natural world, breathe in the fresh air, and feel the sun on your face.

Increase your production of vitamin D

Getting out in the spring sunshine is a chance to top up your vitamin D levels. Also known as the sunshine vitamin, light from the sun causes a reaction within the skin that triggers the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D is needed for healthy bones. Still, normal levels are also associated with good mental health.

On cold midwinter days, the light from the sun is not strong enough to trigger vitamin D production. This means that many of us are at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D can only be synthesised from March to October in the UK. So, if your skin is exposed to sunlight during a bike ride, it's a great chance to top up on this nourishing free vitamin.

Chance to exercise outside again

Riding in the rain, snow, or wind is unappealing, and it can also be dangerous. The miserable weather forces many e bike riders onto an indoor trainer and can even take a break from riding altogether. With more favourable weather conditions, spring is the perfect opportunity to get back in the saddle for some much-needed headspace.

Training variation

Temperatures can vary significantly through the spring months. From zero degrees to 30, no two days are ever the same in the UK, making March to June the perfect time to vary your training sessions. Try to get out on cool, crisp mornings and warm, balmy evenings. You could also practice riding in the gentle rain if you feel confident.

Chance to explore new places on your electric bike

When it's cold, many of us will choose car trips over an electric bike to get out and about. In warmer weather, e bikes are the perfect way to explore further afield places and get more exercise. An electric mountain bike such as the Netuno Pro gives you the freedom for off-road exploration away from cars and motorcycles.

Everything You Need to Know About Spring E-bike Riding

Electric bike preparations for spring riding

Before getting out into the great outdoors, the first thing you need to do is get your ebike ready. Click to know more about how to get your electric bike ready for the spring season.

Give it a spring clean

Regardless of the type of bike you have, it will accumulate dirt when you ride it. If you didn't manage to clean your electric or non-electric bike before storing it away in November, make sure you give it a thorough clean now. Mud, dust, and ditch water can all reduce the aesthetic appeal of your bike but may also shorten its lifespan. Use soapy water to give it a good rinse, and consider applying lubricant to the chain.

Check tyre pressure and tread

For the best electric bike ride experience, the air pressure in your bike needs to be adequate. Use a pump with a gauge to adjust the pressure in your tyres as required.

You should also ensure that no part of the tyre is excessively worn. Tread helps bikes grip the road, giving you more control and increasing your safety in rainy conditions. It may also make your journey feel more comfortable, especially over uneven surfaces. If a tyre appears worn, you should replace it before taking your bike out.

Check brake function and cables for wear and tear

Whether you prefer a slow pace or dream of riding at higher speeds, fully functional brakes are vital. Spin the front and rear wheel to test your brakes with the bike stationary, and then while travelling at a low speed. Visually inspect the brake pads or brake rotor and the cables for wear and tear, removing any dirt you notice. If you have concerns, get your bike checked by a specialist.

Assess battery charge

Before you get your bike moving, check the battery life and current charge. A full battery will ensure you use the bike's entire range, whether you require a low assistance level or more incredible power assist.

Book a bike service

If your bike was used vigorously last year, or you are unfamiliar with e-bike maintenance, it is worth booking your bike in for a service. Following service, you can feel reassured that there has been a comprehensive review of the bikes' wheels, brakes and brake lever, pedals, electric motor, batteries, and gears.

Everything You Need to Know About Spring E-bike Riding

Preparations for spring electric bike riders

It is not just your bike that will benefit from a few seasonal checks. Ensuring you have the correct clothing and accessories can make all the difference to your enjoyment of electric bikes.

Correct clothing for spring rides

As with all sports, wearing the proper clothing makes a huge difference in feeling comfortable and confident in getting outdoors.

Invest in leggings and long sleeves

Although the sun might be shining, the wind can make rides feel cold. Unless it is a sweltering day, make sure you start in a long sleeved top and leggings. This will also reduce your risk of sunburn. Try to avoid very loose clothing as this tends to flap in the wind making it feel tricky to balance and hard to pedal.

Wear layers

Temperatures can fluctuate significantly at this time of year, so it is wise to dress in layers for a bike ride. Depending on the weather, you can easily add or remove a layer.

Pack a lightweight waterproof

April showers can take you by surprise. Packing a lightweight waterproof will keep you dry even in an unexpected downpour.

Everything You Need to Know About Spring E-bike Riding

Refill your saddle bag

A secure saddlebag on the rear of your seat post is a great storage solution that won't affect a cyclist's balance. However, the bag's small size means you need to think carefully about what you pack.

Make sure you can fix a flat tyre

Whether you use your bike for commuting or pleasure, getting a flat tyre on a ride is very frustrating. Pack a spare inner tube and tyre lever, and make sure you're confident in fixing a flat.

A small bike pump allows you to adjust the air pressure in your tyres when needed. This may be necessary if you need to replace an inner tube or have to manage a slow puncture.

Pack the right snacks

Long rides require snacks! Energy gels and protein bars are an easy way to nourish your body on the move. Make sure you also have plenty of water with you.

Check your lights

Darkness can fall quickly at this time of year, so make sure you have lights attached to your handlebar and bike's rear. Be sure that the lights' batteries are fully charged, too.

Tips for spring riding

When you have a bike with electric assist, it's easy to assume that you don't need to worry about fitness. However, whether you ride a normal bike or an e bike, you may need to re-build your stamina as a cyclist if you have taken a few months off from exercising.

Plan a trial ride before a long adventure

It can be tempting to set off on a massive adventure after months spent on the sofa when the sun appears. However, if you've not ridden in a while, build your fitness back up slowly with lower intensity, shorter rides. Even if you only use electric bikes, going out for a long ride without making time for more miniature rides could increase your chance of injuries or accidents.

Make use of pedal-assist at first

The beauty of a new electric bike like the Netuno is that you can use the small motor to give you an added boost. Unlike non-electric bikes, e bikes give you the option to travel full throttle with far less energy expenditure. Even on the lowest setting, letting the bike's power take some of the strain reduces the effort you need to exert through the pedals to pick up speed. Avoiding over-exertion reduces your chances of tiredness, muscle strain, and knee or other joint problems.

Stick to a healthy diet to support cycling fitness

Nourishing your body with plenty of protein, complex carbohydrates, fresh fruits, and vegetables will set you up for the best biking experience. Although electric bikes will take some of the strain of riding, if you want to get fit using e bikes you will need to eat well and aim for moderately intense exercise.

Schedule some shorter fitness sessions on the bike or take part in a few HIIT classes before taking your electric bike out. It will help give your cardiovascular health a boost to feel ready to enjoy a longer ride.

Set goals to keep your motivation up

Setting goals can be beneficial in boosting your motivation. Use a sports watch or download navigation software to track routes and speeds, and consider setting goals for total distance each month. You may feel more enthusiastic about getting out into the fresh air more regularly with a goal in mind.

Everything You Need to Know About Spring E-bike Riding

Final Thoughts

The warmer months are a great time to get out on e bikes to enjoy the changes associated with new life in nature. However, it is crucial to ensure that you and your bike are fully prepared for the adventures ahead of you. To ensure your safety, you should assess your brakes, wheels, tyres and battery reserve before you leave home. Take time to re-build your fitness slowly, and use pedal assist so that you don't overdo it on your first few cycles.

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