How to Make Electric Bike Battery Last Even in Sub-Zero Temperatures

How to Make Electric Bike Battery Last Even in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Temperatures drop below zero, lakes are still frozen and trees already lose their leaves. Winter is fading and Spring is just around the corner, but cold weather lasts long this year. Real e-bike fans don't let the wet, frost and snow stop them from riding. Riding an e-bike has its advantages even in the coldest season. We shared what's important when riding e bikes in winter before, now let's see how to make electric bike batteries last even in sub-zero temperatures.

Despite difficult conditions, you can get on the saddle of your electric bike and cycle through the thick powder snow on your tours with the help of powerful motor assistance. The powerful electric bike motor ensures that you can overcome higher riding resistance and complete your weekly laps through snow-white landscapes.

To ensure effortless progress through snow and ice, you should protect the technical components of your electric bike from external influences and maintain them throughout the winter. With the right e-bike and battery pack care, you can ensure that you can still ride your daily routes with your companion in Spring. In this article, we explain how to get your e-bike and electric bike batteries safely through the Winter.

How to Make Electric Bike Battery Last Even in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Decreasing battery performance at sub-zero temperatures

Nowadays, most electric bike motors are powered by lithium-ion batteries. With proper maintenance, this type of battery packs have a long service life and is extremely powerful and resistant. At low temperatures, however, lithium-ion batteries often do not last as long as one is otherwise used to from them. In general, the performance of your battery decreases as the temperature drops. The reason for this is the increased electrical resistance and the increasing viscosity of the electrolytes in the cells at low temperatures.

With ebike batteries from Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano or Brose, for example, the loss of performance at temperatures around zero degrees Celsius is rather low. However, some important measures must be taken into account to ensure that your electric bike battery survives the Winter unscathed. When the temperatures rise again, the full battery packs performance will return on its own.

How to Make Electric Bike Battery Last Even in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Correct battery care over the winter

The rule for handling lithium batteries is: do not let the battery packs cool down. In freezing temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, it is advisable to store the battery at room temperature. The comfortable temperature for lithium ion battery is between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius. Your garage or cellar is suitable for storing your electric bike battery. Before you connect your battery pack to your charger, it should first adjust to the room temperature. At the same time, you should make sure that the battery capacity is between 50 and 80 percent. The battery pack should therefore be neither completely discharged nor fully charged.

At intervals of two to three months, it is advisable to check the charge level and recharge your battery pack if the minimum limit has been reached. This is because the integrated battery monitoring system (BMS), which is now built into all lithium-ion batteries, consumes power even when the e bike battery is not in use. The battery pack should only be installed on when you get back on the electric bikes for a spin.

During your ride, your electric bike battery will not be affected by sub-zero winter temperatures. Due to the active current drain, the battery is able to keep warm during the ride. To support this effect, neoprene battery covers can be fitted. Neoprene covers help the electric bike batteries to retain heat and not cool down so quickly. Since the battery discharges more quickly at low temperatures, it makes sense to always have the charger with you. Commuters who ride their electric bike to work in particular can easily recharge their bike at work or on the way home during a stopover.

How to Make Electric Bike Battery Last Even in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Putting your e-bike into hibernation? This is how!

You don't like to ride in snow and frost and want to take a break during the winter season? Then you should take a few precautions before you send electric bikes into hibernation. Instead of leaving the electric bikes unprotected outdoors for a longer period of time, it should be stored properly in a clean and dry place.

Optionally, your e-bike can be covered with a tarpaulin so that it is not exposed to moisture or cold. Electric bikes feel most comfortable at a temperature between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. It also makes sense to remove your battery and store it in a cool place.

How to Make Electric Bike Battery Last Even in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Check and care for wear and tear

Another aspect that should not be ignored in the coldest season of the year is the wear and tear of your e-bike. Due to the higher wear and tear in adverse weather conditions, technical e-bike components need to be regularly checked and cared for. Especially the brake pads and the chain of the electric bikes are often subject to greater wear in winter due to dirt and grime. For the care of your e-bike, we recommend Muc-Off products, whose ingredients are solvent-free and 100% biodegradable. The cleaning and care products of the British manufacturer are available on many electric bikes related websites.

After every tour, you should clean your e-bike from dirt and grime. The cleaning products are suitable for this purpose, as they work particularly quickly and effectively. After you have sprayed your bike and let the product take effect, you can simply wash it off with water and let it dry for a few hours or dry it yourself. The universally applicable electric bikes cleaning products then provides dirt-and water-repellent protection that reliably prevents corrosion. Special chain oils and chain lubricants are suitable for oiling the chain and are particularly beneficial in wet weather conditions.

After you have oiled the chain, you can run it through a cloth with car polish. The waxes contained in the car polish ensure that the chain oil sticks to the chain longer. However, you should avoid dry oils or greases, such as chain sprays from the motorbike sector. These harden more quickly and do not get between the link plates and rollers of the chain, which otherwise ensure effortless progress.

Our cycling safety trainer has given us some more tips and tricks to help you have more fun on your e-bike in winter. And for more information on how to care for and clean your e-bike in adverse weather conditions, click here.

First-hand tips and tricks

Do you still have unanswered questions about the correct Winter care of your e-bike and its battery? Then the ESKUTE Help Center and ESKUTE FAQ are exactly the right place to go. The e-bike experts will be happy to answer all your questions. They will also make sure that your e-bike is properly equipped for the icy winter. To make your e-bike winter-proof, our staff will lead you to carry out regular inspections and maintenance for you. This means that weak points can be detected early on and repaired in good time before serious damage occurs. This guarantees unforgettable riding experiences with your e-bike.

You don't yet own an e-bike that will get you through the cold weather quickly and safely? Visit us on site and find the right e-bike for you with the support of our team.

How to Make Electric Bike Battery Last Even in Sub-Zero Temperatures

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