How to Replace the MTB forks

MTB forks

When should I replace the MTB Forks?

If you ride your bike in the dirt, your suspension should be serviced at least once every season. Set service intervals on your phone to remind you when should change the oil or wipers. Most people would observe the dust and mud conditions to decide when to clean the internals frequency.

When your fork or shock appears following situations, you’d better to take a closer look at it.

  1. When you feel it dry, the internal tube of front fork is not covered by a lot of grease or oil. You have to open and replace the oil.
  2. When you feel the MTB forks or shock begins to feel rough, and loses small bump sensitivity.
  3. For rear air shocks, bubble noise or little to no action from the rebound adjustment can indicate there’s air in the oil, and the shock needs to be serviced.
  4. The MTB fork or shock is losing large amounts of air or oil. When you feel the MTB forks are not holding air, and the rest of the bike is in good shape. You don’t have to get a brandy new bike, because that costs a lot. Just buy a right front, then we’ll teach you how to replace it.

What forks will match my bike?

If you’re looking for a replacement for MTB forks, the most important thing you have to keep in mind is the steerer size. Most MTB headtube is 1.1/8", a few are 1.5". Just pay attention to buy a right size.

How to Replace the MTB Forks?

Replacing MTB forks can make your electric mountain bike in a better performance, and choosing right MTB forks is not difficult. What real matters lies in how to remove and replace your old MTB forks. We’ll teach you to remove and replace step-by-step in the following paragraph.

We shoot a video on YouTube to teach everyone how to replace the MTB forks. We’ll get tools prepared before start.

In this video, we're looking to replace the MTB forks, so start by removing the brake lines. We have a screw up on the fork here, now start to remove the front light.

Now we need to loosen the top of the fork from the bike, using these three screws.

Now we've removed the front wheel on the forks, and now we just need to take a quick-release away, loosen that off and then we can take the front wheel off the forks.

And there you have it, that's the replacement of the MTB forks we've taken them off now.

MTB forks

MTB forks

MTB forks

Once you've got the new forks, you just need to replace the spacers and the bearings. You can reuse the bearings from the old forks.

Insert the forks back into the main frame of the bike.

And position the bearings back onto the top of the forks.

Be sure to put the spaces and the bearings in the correct order, and once all the spaces are back on the bike. We can put the handlebars back on same as before three more screws at the top. With the top bolt, tighten this one first be sure to make sure the bars are straight and in line with the forks, and then you can begin to start tightening these two back bolts. Okay position the wheel back into the forks, and then we can start to reinsert the calliper.

MTB forks

MTB forks

MTB forks

Now we can attach the hydraulic hose back onto the forks, and then reattach the front brake calliper.

We have a bowl at the top, reattach the front mudguard and also the front light.

And just to finish off, we can reattach the front mudguard and attach the front light.

MTB forks

MTB forks

How to Adjust the Position of the Front Fork?

Some people only want to adjust the position of the forks instead of changing.

In this video we're going to explain how to solve the problem with the space between the forks and the bike. First remove the rubber cap at the top, and release this bolt. Then we have two more bolts to release here, and this will allow us to loosen off the handlebars. We can now put the forks through, and then as simple as that, just re-tighten the three screws again in three bottles. And make sure you put the rubber cap back on the bike.

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