Met ESKUTE at the National Cycle Show

Met ESKUTE at the National Cycle Show


Hi, I am Peter Mcleod from Peters' Reviews. I have a YouTube channel and have reviewed most of the new Eskute e-bike range over the last 18 months. I also help to admin a Facebook page for Eskute owners and anyone with interest in these e-bikes. The page is Eskute e-bike owners club. Over the time I have been talking with my followers and group members, I have learned so much about e-bikes and how this brand sits in the market. I have also had conversations with Eskute customer services and the marketing team to help me learn more. In one of my conversations, I was invited to attend the national cycle show to be the guest of Eskute and Marcus from Etek bikes in Wigan. I was delighted to accept the invite as I thought it would be great to learn so much more, which can only benefit my channel and group.

I began to plan how to get the best out of the day, and I knew I had to get some great pictures and videos to make a little video diary of the day. I was also informed that the stand would have the whole range of the Eskute e-bike range, including the Pro range, the Netuno Pro and Polluno Pro that only arrived in the country 2 days before the show.
Met ESKUTE at the National Cycle Show
On my arrival, I was greeted by Marcus and Andy. I was given an Eskute T-shirt and then shown around the stand. Marcus had set up a Wayfarer he also had the standard Polluno and Netuno as well as the Polluno Pro and Netuno Pro. On the Polluno Pro and the standard Polluno, Marcus had set these e-bikes up on a fitness trainer. He asked me to jump on for a demonstration, I began riding the Polluno Pro with no assistance, which felt fine, but I could feel I could do with some help. Marcus then set it to power assist 1. I immediately felt that little kick of energy assisting me.

Marcus then told me to imagine cycling up a vast hill; he set the trainer as if it was a hill making peddling a lot harder. I peddled for a bit, feeling the effect, making it feel like a large hill. Marcus then changed the power assist to full power assist to level 5! The assistance kicked in immediately, and I could feel the motor powering me up the hill. My speed increased to 14 miles per hour, this felt great as I was only peddling steadily now, and the bike's central hub, the Bafang motor, was now powering me up the hill. I was sold the new Pro bikes, but Marcus had plans for me. He asked if I would like to help demonstrate the bikes on the trainers as now I am an expert! I accepted his challenge, and before we knew it, I had my first visitor trying out the Polluno.
Met ESKUTE at the National Cycle Show
The Eskute stand proved very popular, and the stand was bang in the centre of the hall in front of the main food court. It seemed like everyone who sat down for some food or coffee came to see us for dessert. We had a steady stream of visitors, and I did not stop demonstrating the Polluno on the trainers. During the 2 days, Eskute and Marcus ran a charity raffle on behalf of the Rainbows children charity; the prize, of course, had to be the new Netuno supplied and delivered to the winner's door free of charge. The raffle proved very popular with all our visitors.

I had so much fun chatting with all our visitors; it was great to learn why they were considered one of the Eskute e-bikes, and it was great to help answer their questions. I was delighted to help sell a few e-bikes. Marcus runs Etec bikes and is so passionate about the bikes he supplies. He champions Eskute bikes and prides himself in his customer service and after-service care. Marcus and Lindsay are a great team and have 100s of Eskute happy customers. Marcus is also an active member of our Facebook group, always offering help and advice when needed.
Met ESKUTE at the National Cycle Show
My two days on the Eskute stand gave me a great insight into the other side. Rather than just being an owner and a YouTube video maker, I got to listen and learn from the experts and learn from the buyers on what they needed before deciding to buy one of the Eskute e-bikes. Many visitors who visited the stand knew about the Eskute e-bikes and loved the opportunity to get hands-on.

My time on the stand flew past over the 2 days; I had so much fun with Marcus and his team. They looked after me well, and I think they enjoyed having me on the team for a short time. Thanks again for the invite, and an extra thank you to Daisy in marketing for her help over the year and Cecilia for her help when I need information for group members.

Met ESKUTE at the National Cycle Show

Remember, if you are considering an electric bike make sure you give Eskute a good look; you will not be disappointed.

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