Phone Holder for Bike Bags: Everything You Need to Know

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Bike touring is an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors as you ride around the world. However, one challenge many riders face is viewing their phone while biking, especially if they use it as a navigation or GPS device.

However, Eskute has a solution for this: A phone holder for the bike frame bag.

In this article, we will outline everything you need to know about phone holders for bike bags.

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Pros of Phone Handler for Bike Bags

Phone handlers for bike bags offer stable storage for your smartphone. For instance, it is better than a stem or handlebar mount since it is more securely attached.

It also provides a place to store essentials like water and snacks, making them accessible while cycling without needing additional gear.

In my opinion, a phone handler for bike bags is a more secure place to keep your smartphone than handlebar mounts.

For instance, the last thing you would wish for is a stone being flipped up and hitting your expensive smartphone. Luckily, the phone handler for bike bags will keep your smartphone more protected and secure.

Our Best Phone Holder for Bike Bags

Here is the review of our top pick for the best phone holder for bike bags.

Eskute Bike Frame Bag

Eskute Bike Frame Bag

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • High-sensitive screen
  • Large space and compatible
  • Easy to install

Our Eskute bike bag is wear-resistant, dustproof, and waterproof. For instance, it features a touch screen made of high-quality and sensitive TPU film material.

It reacts quickly and makes all applications of your smartphone easy to use. It is also a good assistant for viewing maps while cycling. However, you should not expose it to rain for a long time.

The bike bag includes a sun visor, which can assist you in seeing your phone clearly when the sun is slanting. It also has a hidden earphone hole at the bottom and allows you to connect your earphones quickly to:

  • Make calls
  • Listen to music
  • Easily charge the flashlight while cycling

The Eskute bike fame bag for smartphones has a large space for long-distance travel. They can also accommodate all the items you require, such as;

  • USB cables
  • Wallets
  • Keys
  • Power banks
  • Mobile phones

It is also easy to install. For instance, you can fix it easily on your handlebar using two Velcro fasteners. The Velcrons are stable, simple, and have high stability even on bumpy or rugged roads.

Furthermore, our bike frame bag is not only ideal for ordinary 6.5-inch phones, but it is also compatible with mobile phones under 6.5 inches, such as;

  • iPhone 5 SE, iPhone 6 & Plus, iPhone 7 & Plus, iPhone 8 & Plus, iPhone X / XR / XS / MAX
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 & Plus / Edge, S8 & Plus, S9 & Plus, S10 & Plus, Note 9 & 10
  • Huawei P20 & P30, Mate 10/20/Pro, and Honor 10/20

What to Look For When Buying a Phone Holder for Bike Bags

1.Stable Lock System

Ensure that the phone holder for the bike bags you choose has a secure lock system. which ensures that your smartphone is secured firmly. However, it should still give you simple access to a snap.

It should also have rubber grips. These additional safety features keep your smartphone from tilting, sliding, vibrating, or shaking whenever you cycle in bumpy terrain.

Some phone holders come with adjustable clamps to reinforce your phone's stability. They also feature silicone bands to grip your phone.

All these features are vital in keeping your smartphone secure and falling-free.

2.Minimalist Phone Holder

It is vital to go for a minimalist phone holder system. For instance, pick something slender, lightweight, and small enough only to fit your phone.

It helps ensure that there is no clutter on the stem or handlebar, especially for e-bikes, where the throttle and controller are already taking up space. That will give you an easy time cycling your bike.

It is also ideal for preventing you from banging or bumping your knees against the bike bag phone holder.

3.Waterproof Screen

You should select a bike bag phone holder whose case features a water-resistant screen. Which helps ensure that your smartphone remains dry even when exposed to moisture.

It also allows you to carry your phone while cycling in light showers. Besides, it assists in preventing damage to your phone whenever you get ambushed by a heavy downpour while cycling out on the trails.

Eskute Bike Frame Bag


The purpose of a bike bag phone holder is to allow you to use your smartphone while cycling and still guarantee the phone's safety.

An ideal way to ensure this is the case is by going for a bike bag phone holder most compatible with your smartphone. Which is not limited to the size but also as far as safety features are concerned.

Is Bike Bag Phone Holder heavy?

Weight is usually a concern when it comes to bike cycling or touring. Therefore, a natural thought would be if the bike bag phone holder will add more weight.

Although a bike bag phone holder is slightly heavier than the traditional stem or handlebar phone mount holders, the difference is only a few hundred grams maximum.

In most cases, the bike bag phone holder may have a similar weight as a traditional-looking phone mount for a bike.

How Does a Bike Bag Phone Holder Attach to the Bike?

A bike bag phone holder is typically attached to the bike using three velcro straps. Two velcro straps go around the bike bag phone holder itself, and one strap goes around the bike's stem.

It makes the phone holder stable and securely attached. For instance, there is little chance of the bag phone holder rotating or moving.

Can You See Your Phone Clearly in a Bike Bag Phone Holder?

Typically, bike bag phone holders with a compartment have a touch-sensitive, see-through plastic shield through which one can easily see their phone.

For instance, you can see your phone as a sat-nav without having the phone in direct contact with elements like rain or sun.

The good thing with this is that you do not have to worry about getting any mud, dust, or water on your phone, unlike some traditional phone holder mounts on the stems or handlebars.

Is Bike Bags Phone Holder Waterproof?

Although our phone holder bike bags are not entirely waterproof, they provide adequate protection from the rain. Therefore, they can be said to be water-resistant.

It is vital to note that some phone holder bike bags have a waterproof cover. Although this makes it difficult to see your phone while cycling, it helps keep your expensive phone dry.

eskute e-bikes with phone holder for bike bags

Final Thought

A phone holder for a bike bag is an ideal way to easily use your smartphone as a navigation or GPS device while cycling.

We hope we have helped you learn more about the phone holder for bike bags. Now, it is time to pick our best bike bag phone holder and enjoy the benefits of using your smartphone while riding.

Please let us know via the comments section below if you have any comments or questions.

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