A Buyer’s Guide To Mid Drive Ebike Kits

netuno pro mid drive electric bike on the mountain top

Getting a new ebike is expensive, so converting their conventional bike using an ebike kit seems the preferable option for most. There are three categories of ebike kits in the market today: mid-drive, front-drive, and rear-drive. Mid-drive kits seem to be one of the most sought-after among riders due to their numerous advantages.

Ebikes with mid-drive motor travel have fewer restraints on rocky and rough terrains than others. Furthermore, installing a mid-drive kit is pretty straightforward; riders can do it independently from the comfort of their homes.

How Does A Mid Drive Ebike Kit Work

Generally, an ebike is made up of components needed to upgrade a regular bike into an electric bike. Of all parts, the electric motor determines to a great extent, what type the ebike kit is.

An electric bike is called a mid-drive ebike when it has its electric motor in the middle of the cycle, usually between its front and rear wheel. In more sophisticated mid-drive ebikes, you will find the electric motor carefully tucked in the ebike frame.

Installing your mid-drive motor between your pedal cranks makes it possible to send power to the rear wheel through its bicycle chain. Which then provides pedalling assistance to your ebike, allowing it to move with less restraint on rough and hilly terrains.

Mid Drive Motor Kit Advantages

Transforming your regular bicycle into an ebike using a mid-drive motor kit has many benefits compared to other kits. It, however, depends on how you intend to use your ebike. For example, a mid-drive motor kit should be your best option if you want to use your ebike to climb mountains, ride on rocky roads, or as a sports ebike.

  1. Proper Weight Distribution: Placing the motor in the middle of an electric bike affects its weight distribution positively. Not only does it make the ebike easy to handle, but it gives riders an experience similar to riding an ordinary bike. Mid-drive motor kits allow the bike's weight to be distributed evenly between the front and rear wheels. Which helps improve shock absorption and provides better rider control.
  2. Balance: An electric bike with even weight distribution improves balance and suspension performance. Since the motor is not located in the front wheel of the ebike, moving in rough terrain without losing balance becomes more effortless. That is why riders use mid-drive bikes for sports such as mountain biking.
  3. Performance: Mid-drive electric bike performs more efficiently than other ebikes built with hub motors. Instead of propelling the wheel, the mid-drive motor drives the cranks, multiplying its power and increasing the distance covered.
  4. Manual Gear Selection: By using a mid-drive motor kit for your ebike, installing multi-gear clusters to the rear wheel becomes possible. With this, you get multiple gear options making riding on different terrains easier with better control.
  5. Maintenance: A mid-drive ebike is designed in such a way that you can easily replace or maintain the bike's components. You might need to screw out a few bolts to remove the motor assembly. The maintenance is quite different from hub motor kits which is a bit complicated.

a man leaning on Netuno Pro mid drive ebike

Disadvantages Of A Mid Drive Motor Kit

Although a mid-drive motor kit has impressive features that distinguish them from other kits, they have some drawbacks. The following are some of the cons associated with using a mid-drive motor kit:

  1. A mid-drive motor kit is more expensive than other conversion kits.
  2. Most mid-drive motor kits are sold with torque sensors instead of pedal assist sensors. Therefore, riders may have to push more to get riding assistance.
  3. A rider may have just one chain ring with a mid-drive motor kit, making installation difficult and losing gears possible.
  4. The drive chain of a mid-drive motor kit is susceptible to wear.

Best Mid Drive Motor Kit: Bafang

Bafang is a household name when it comes to electric bike kits. The company has been producing electric bike kits as far back as 2003. Many popular electric bike brands use Bafang mid-drive motor kits for their ebikes and have maintained their reputation over the years.

They produce reliable and efficient mid-drive kits that you can use to convert your regular bike into an ebike. The kit contains a motor, sensors, a battery pack, a controller, and a large display unit. Due to these reasons, the kits are favoured and used on most Eskute electric bikes, such as the Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike and Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike.

electric bike with Bafang mid drive motor

Why the Bafang Mid-drive Motor Kit is the best for your bike

There are several reasons why the Bafang mid-drive ebike is easily the best brand for bikes today.

It uses a 1000W ebike mid-range motor kit.

For example, the Bafang BBSHD mid-range ebike is a lightweight, fast, quiet, high-performing, well-engineered hill-climbing machine. All thanks to the powerful Bafang mid-drive 1000W electric motor that replaces the crankset and derailleur of the regular bike.

It provides pedal-assist and throttle power.

Here is another feature that enables the Bafang electric bike motor kit to stand out. The 1000W ebike motor gives extra support to the pedals and throttle with even more power. Therefore, if you get tired from pedalling, the motor allows you to engage the throttle instead.

It has a low centre of gravity.

A low centre of gravity means you get a good balance. So, with the Bafang 1000 W midrange motor, you have a superior replacement for your bike's front and rear hub motors. In the end, you enjoy a stressless riding experience because the bike's weight is now less and well-balanced.

Other benefits include:

  • A motorcycle-like mechanical advantage.
  • Hardware and add-ons for complete installation.

a man is climbing the mountain by his mid drive e-bike

Components Of A Mid Drive Ebike Kit

All mid-drive conversion kits have a motor between the bike's front and rear wheels. Apart from the motor, some kits include sensors, a battery pack, a controller, and a display unit.

The motor transfers power to the rear wheel through the bicycle chain, which helps with propelling the bike. Furthermore, the sensors are found in the motor and are used to measure the pedalling capacity of the ebike.

On occasions where your ebike kit does not include a battery pack, you should ensure you select the correct battery for your ebike. The battery you use should be able to power your motor and provide the pedal assist that your bike needs.


A reliable mid-drive ebike kit makes commuting fun and effective. Moreover, most of these kits are affordable compared to a new ebike. The best part is that their installation is easy and requires no technical know-how.

However, do your research beforehand and read buyers' reviews before buying any. By doing so, you will purchase ebike kits of excellent quality. In case you need a new ebike, you can find various options at Eskute. Contact us today to find out more.

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