Range Of Electric Bikes: How Far Can An Ebike Go?

range of electric bikes

For many, an electric bike is more than a luxury possession - it is a basic necessity. These people see it as an effective and convenient means of commuting. For this reason, many cyclists are particular about the range of the ebike they intend to purchase.

While the range is essential when picking an ebike, you should also know that this depends on our cycling needs. There will be no need for a long-range ebike when your daily commute is a short hop.

Also, determining your ebike range might not be as straightforward as it seems. Different factors affect an ebike range, and you must consider them when estimating it. By reading this article further, you will better understand an ebike's range and how you can apply it to your everyday riding experience.

Average Range Of An Electric Bike

An electric bike range is the number of miles an ebike can cycle before its battery runs out. On average, a fully charged ebike travels between 25 to 80 miles. The ebike's battery stores the electricity that powers it. So, the more electricity a battery stores, the farther the ebike covers.

Aside from the bike's battery capacity, the power output from its motor also determines an ebike range. You drain the battery faster when running the motor at full power. Thus reducing the range you cover.

Factors Affecting Electric Bike Range

Regardless of the specified manufacturer's ebike range, many factors still determine how far your ebike covers on a single charge. Most of these factors are external; others are mechanical and electrical. The factors include:

battery for e-bike

  • Battery Capacity: This appears to be the most important of all the factors affecting an ebike's range. The battery capacity determines how much power an ebike can hold, which you can then use to calculate its range. Ideally, the larger the battery capacity, the more energy your ebike will get to go farther.
  • Rider's Weight: The weight of an ebike or its rider determines the maximum range an ebike can go. A heavy bike requires more energy and pedalling assistance than you will need from a lighter one. Thus leading to battery drain and reducing the distance it can cover per charge. For this reason, most riders prefer going for more lightweight ebikes.
  • Terrain: The terrain or landscape is another important factor influencing an ebike's range. Riding on rough or steep terrain requires more effort than cycling on smooth terrain. For this reason, the battery capacity of most off-road bikes is higher to make up for the added strain.

Furthermore, driving on rough terrains requires that you use your brake more often. Unfortunately, doing so negatively impacts your ebike range.

  • Tyre Choice: Riding an ebike with slimmer and smoother tyres has a way of improving an ebike range better than fat tyres. Ebike with such tyres gives less resistance to the motor, therefore, resulting in a better range.

Your tyre pressure is also another important factor determining your ebike's range. A low-pressure tyre decreases your ebike's range.

  • Wind and Weather: The various wind and weather conditions affect how far your ebike can go. Riding with a tailwind can assist your effort and help increase your range. On the other hand, a headwind will require more energy from you when riding, thus reducing your coverage.

The temperature of your environment also plays a vital role in determining how far your ebike can go. Generally, extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, are not ideal for an ebike battery. A milder temperature will provide a better range for the rider.

a man on e-bike is wondering about an ebike's range in the wild far away from the city

How To Know An Ebike's Range

Ideally, every ebike manufacturer gives an estimated range number for their ebike. This number is mentioned in the manual, which comes with the bike or is found online. In cases where this is unavailable, i.e. converted ebike or old models, there is another method to try.

To use this method, you must understand some parameters. One of them is that the battery capacity of an electric bike is measured in watt-hours. In some cases, you may find your battery measured in volts and amp hours ( for example, an ebike battery can be rated in 58V and 10Ah). You need to convert to watt-hours by multiplying the volts by the amp hours.

The next step will be to get your efficiency score in watt hours per mile (Wh/mi). Your efficiency score depends on whether your ebike is pedal or throttle assisted, its speed, and the terrain you ride the bike.

Finally, you divide the battery capacity (watt hours) by the average efficiency score, giving you the approximate ebike range.

How To Increase the Range Of an Electric Bike

For one reason or another, you purchased an ebike with a maximum range that doesn't suit your cycle needs, and you need to fix its range. There are many things you can do to increase your ebike range, and they are:

  • Replace your ebike's battery with one with a more robust capacity.
  • Use a lower level of pedal assistance.
  • Charge your battery correctly after use.
  • Pump your ebike tyres fully.
  • Ride at a lower speed.
  • Use thinner tyres for your ebike.
  • Reduce the weight on your ebike.
  • Ride on smoother terrains.
  • Get an ebike with a dual battery setup.

Which Electric Bikes Have The Best Range?

Regarding the ebike range, commuter and city ebikes typically have more range. That is because most manufacturers produce them with thinner tyres and lighter body frames. As a result, they use less energy for propulsion.

netuno pro mountain bike with the best range

You can find a typical example in Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike from Eskute, which covers up to 80 miles when fully charged. Nevertheless, Mountain e-bikes like the Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike have a similar range at 80 miles. That is because the ebike has a battery capacity of 522 wh, which enables it to cycle longer.


Before getting any ebike, it is necessary to consider the purpose it serves. Electric bikes with more range are generally more expensive, and you should only purchase them when you know your everyday cycling requires such distance from you.

Should you require more assistance regarding the range of your bike, visit our Help Centre for help.

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