Types of Electric Bike Pumps in 2022

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As a regular electric bike rider, you need an e-bike pump to fill your tires with air. Bike tires that are adequately inflated let you ride faster.

So, if you need advice on electric bike pumps, you are in the best hands.

In this article, I will walk you through different electric bike pumps, guide you to choose the best pump, and review the best e-bike pump.

Sounds great? Keep reading for more information.

What are the Types of Electric Bike Pumps

  1. Floor pump

This is one of the most common types of electric bike pumps. As the name suggests, this pump rests on the floor and offers a foot platform that you stand on to stabilize your pump during use.

It is operated using a long handle.

One advantage of this pump is that it requires less energy since you operate it while standing. For instance, your body weight can depress your pump and reach a higher PSI.

Besides, most floor pumps have a gauge that accurately records your electric bike tire's pressure while inflating.

2.Electric pump

You should use an electric pump if you want to pump your bike tires with as little effort as possible. For instance, it allows you to input your desired tire pressure before inflating it.

You can then sit back and relax as the pump inflates your e-bike's tires.

However, electric pumps are usually very loud. So, it would be best to use your pump outdoors and avoid using it in confined spaces.

3.Mini bike pumps

Mini bike pumps

These small electric bike pumps are ideal for taking with you while on the move. They can easily fit into your jersey pocket or backpack. However, they mostly come with a frame mount that attaches to the bottle cage screws.

There are two types of mini bike pumps;

  • Hand pumps
  • CO2 pumps

One con of these pumps is that they do not typically have a pressure gauge. Unless you have a digital gauge, you will have to guess the tire pressure most of the time.

4.Frame pumps

Frame pump

These electric bike pumps are generally a larger version of mini-pumps. They are usually integral or tubed. So, either they connect directly to the valve (integral) or work with an inflation tube that connects to the tire's valve (tubed).

Because these pumps are bigger than mini pumps, it takes fewer pump strokes and less effort to fill a tire.

Besides, the pump's increased size means they usually stand on your electric bike. So, a frame pump is probably not the best option if you prefer to keep your e-bike as clutter-free as possible.

How to Choose the Right Electric Bike Pump

Here are some of the factors to consider while screening for the right pump for your electric bike;

1.Type of valve

Some electric bike pumps are only compatible with one type of valve. So, paying attention is vital in buying the right pump for your bike's valve.

However, purchasing an e-bike pump compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves is an ideal way to avoid unnecessary disappointment, allowing you to share your pump with other riders if they need one.

2.Ease of use

The benefit of buying hand and foot pumps is that they are straightforward, requiring little effort and power to inflate your bike's tires.

For instance, they have a foot on which the rider can stand with their feet, which makes the pump stable and prevents it from wobbling or falling over while in use.

Besides, you should consider a pump whose pressure gauge is easy to read.

3.Type of e-bikes

The type and use of your electric bike can also determine the type of pump to buy. For instance, a mini bike pump will be an ideal option if you have an electric commuter bike, as it allows you to inflate the bike tires wherever you are.

Also, if you are riding a single-speed or fixed-gear bike, you probably love a minimalist look. So, you will want a CO2 inflator that is small enough to fit into your pocket or jersey.

Besides, if you have an electric racing bike, consider buying the fastest inflation pump to get you back in the race in no time.

4.The maximum tire pressure

The maximum tire pressure depends on several factors, such as the weight of the rider and tire size. Road e-bikes with tire pressure between 5 and 10 bars require higher pressure than a city or touring electric bike.

Therefore, you should consider buying an electric bike pump for up to 10 bars.

5.Tube length

Electric bike pumps with shorter tubes can be more challenging to use than e-bike pumps with longer tubes.

For instance, pumps with longer tubes allow you to attach the electric bike pump's head to the valve without leaning over. Besides, they are more flexible as you do not need nearly as much positioning of the e-bike pump and the tire.


Electric bike pumps that fall over while using can be frustrating to use. So, we recommend e-bike pumps that are designed with exceptional stability.

For instance, the best pump should have a weighted 3-footed base.

use the floor pump with a gauge to inflate bike tire

Our Best Electric Bike Pump Reviewed

Portable E-Bike Air Pump

Our pump is ultra-lightweight and has a compact design. It weighs only 544 grams. For instance, it can easily be held in one hand or fit in your bike rack, backpack, or bag.

It is also easy to use. The manual mode lets you set the pressure value based on the inflation object. The inflation will automatically stop when the set pressure is achieved.

The battery-powered, cordless design of the pump frees the user from having to deal with complicated cables, making inflation easier.

It also has a -/+ 1.5 PSI accuracy. For instance, the large digital pressure gauge displays both target and current readings side-by-side.

Besides, with its 150 psi high-pressure capacity and high-performance chip, this powerful e-bike pump inflates your electric bike quickly. For instance, it can inflate 110/70 R17-sized tires in just 38 seconds.

Can I Use an Electric Bike Pump on a Car Tire?

You can entirely use an electric bike pump to inflate your car tires. For instance, virtually all automobiles use a Schrader valve. Therefore, as long as your pump is Schrader-compatible, you can use it on a car tire.

However, due to the large volume of your car tire, you will be required to pump it for quite a while. So, we would recommend using the biggest pump available.

I have previously used a bike pump to inflate my car tires from flat to 30 psi, and it took me about four minutes. If I were to do this using a mini pump, I would probably still be there the next day.

What is the correct e-bike tire pressure?

The correct electric bike tire pressure depends on several factors, such as

  • Riding conditions
  • Rider weight
  • Sidewall thickness
  • Tire size

pumping the tire of a red bike lying on the grasslands

For instance, fully inflated e-bike tires are perfect for smooth riding conditions. On the other hand, slightly underinflated electric bike tires are best for rough roads.

The standard measurement unit of tire pressure is PSI (pounds per square inch). You can also measure it in "bars".Therefore, here is my recommended electric bike tire pressure range

  • Electric mountain bike: 30 - 60 PSI (2.1 - 4.2 bars)
  • Electric comfort bike: 35 - 70 PSI (2.2 - 4.8 bars)
  • Electric road bike: 80 - 130 PSI (5.5 - 9 bars)

Final Thought

I hope you have everything you need to know about electric bike pumps.

However, if you still have questions about e-bike pumps, the Eskute Help Center has all the answers.

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David Loney

David Loney

I am looking for an electrically powered cycle pump for my road bike, which has 125 p.s.i. tubed tyres.
Can you give me some advice as to which one you would recommend please, and which shops sell them?

I’m very grateful for your advice,

Thanks and regards, David

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