Which Is the Best Women's Electric Bike in 2022?

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With the revolution of electric bikes, biking has become preferable as a means of commuting and adventure. But are e-bikes suitable for women? Are there specific women's electric bikes?

If you are looking for a women's electric bike, you have come to the right place. This article brings you three of the best women's e-bikes. It also discusses the primary features to look for when buying an e-bike for women. Keep reading.

The Best Women's Electric Bikes

There are several women's electric bikes to choose from, depending on your biking needs. Here are the three best e-bike models you should consider when shopping for your next bike.

Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike

a woman with helmet sits on the ebike

Whether you want an e-bike for the countryside or city commuting, the Polluno Pro commuter ebike can be your best daily commuting partner. It assures you comfort and safety with pedalling support. The commuter pro is also a step-thru e-bike and offers easy accessibility for women.

Wayfarer Electric Bike

a woman rides wayfarer electric bike on the road

The Wayfarer e-bike can be the best for leisure, commuting, and multi-purpose riding. With an in-frame battery, it looks more like an ordinary bike than an electric bike. Also, it is cheaper than most e-bikes and is less prone to theft.

Polluno Electric City Bike

The Polluno city electric bike is one of the best choices for a women's electric bike. It has a step-thru frame and a rear hub motor and is ideal for commuting. Moreover, the e-bike's design makes getting off or on super easy.

a woman with white helmet is riding polluno city ebike on the road

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Women's Electric Bike?

A good women's electric bike should be woman-friendly and easier to use by most women. From the e-bike's structure to accessories, it should accommodate a woman's requirements. Some of the features you need to look at when buying a women's electric bike include:

Weight of the Bike

The battery and motor could make an electric bike heavier than a conventional bike. Although, you may not feel the weight while pedalling because the throttle will be assisting propel the bike. It could be challenging to carry your e-bike upstairs, load it onto the bike rack, or manoeuvre it. Therefore, it would be best to consider the bike's weight when choosing your new e-bike.

Provision for Carrying Gear

If you like carrying around your drinking water, you may want to ensure that your new electric bike has a bottle mount. Similarly, you may want to bring work supplies, your laptop, children, pets,m or groceries. A cargo e-bike with rear or front storage space will be the best choice for you in this case.

The Bike's Frame Design

If you plan to use your bike to commute to work, it may be wise to consider an electric bike with a step-thru frame. With these frames, the top tube or bar slopes lower. They are also known as women's frames. A step-through electric bike frame lets you ride with comfort even when you are wearing a skirt or dress. Also, it allows easy access for shorter women.

a woman stand besides her polluno step through ebike at the river side

Class of the Electric Bike

Electric bikes come in three different classes, namely:

  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3

Class 1 and 3 electric bikes are also known as pedal-assist electric bikes. For them to move, you must pedal.

Class 1 electric bikes can accelerate up to 20 mph, but the throttle only engages when pedalling.

Class 2 electric bikes have a maximum speed of 20 mph, and their throttle can work even if you don't pedal. Therefore, they are best for hauling cargo and for heavier bikes.

Class 3 electric bikes can accelerate up to 28 mph. Some have a throttle while others don't, and you have to pedal to engage the throttle.

Note: Some cities' legislations do not allow certain classes of electric bikes without a special license, and you would want to verify before choosing a bike.

Local E-bike Store v/s Online

The online e-bike market has gained popularity in recent years. And many bikers are ordering their new bikes online as sellers ship to the buyers' homes, unlike buying from local bike stores.

Buying online allows you to get a discounted price by shortening the chain. Moreover, it gives you access to more variety to select from than a local bike shop.

However, buying from a local dealer benefits you with after-sales services, consumer support, and quality control that lacks that you may not get when you purchase online.

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The Battery of the Electric Bike

Often, people don't remember how crucial the battery is when buying an electric bike. The most important aspect of an e-bike battery is the Watt Hours (WH). The WH determines how much power the battery will give you and for how long.

The higher the WH value, the longer the distance you will ride before requiring recharging. It is also necessary to consider how long it will take to recharge the battery.

And some e-bike batteries are rechargeable while on the bike, while for others, you need to disconnect and charge them indoors.

The Motor

Few known electric bike motor brands have reliable performance and customer service backing. Those brands include:

  • Brose
  • Shimano
  • Bafang
  • Yamaha
  • Bosch

However, you may sometimes find some e-bikes with cheaper and good-performing off-brand motors. Bu, you will be taking a gamble buying such products. Consider reading reviews first!

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Final Thought

Electric bikes make biking fun and enjoyable; you can effortlessly pedal from one place to another with throttle assistance. But identifying the right women's electric bike for your biking needs may be challenging, especially if you are not mechanically savvy like most women.

We hope this guide will help you make an informed decision and get the best e-bike for your biking requirements. Check out our e-bike guide for more models.

Please let us know which of our recommendations was more helpful. Did we miss out on anything? Tell us more!

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