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Bike Bags

ESKUTE is happy to offer a selection of bike bags to help carry the essentials on your bike, whether you're commuting to work, going to the grocery shop to buy household items or going out for fun.

Our extensive selection of bike bags includes frame bags and rear back bags: Frame bags are the smallest with phone mounts for carrying essential items like wallet, keys and your smartphone. These bags are fixed on the frame for easy access to your mobile phone for navigation. If you're planning a leisure ride at the weekends, you can choose rear-back bags for safe and ample storage on panniers. These waterproof bicycle bags can help your bike packing more fun and convenient.

What Types of E-Bike Bags Do You Need?


Whether you use your electric bike to run errands, commute or take longer rides, you will need a means of carrying your essentials, such as camping gear or a repair kit. So your best gear-carrying options are the e-bike bags.

In this article, we will go over different types of e-bike bags, the best alternatives to e-bike bags, and the factors to consider while buying e-bike bags. Sounds great? Keep reading for more information.

What Are the Types of E-Bike Bags

Here are the different

1.Pannier E-Bike Bags

Pannier e-bike bags are perfect for riders who prioritize


Carrying capacity

Therefore, if you are a bike tourer or commuter who wishes to carry a good amount of load and easily take the bag off your e-bike, the pannier e-bike bags are the way to go. These bags are typically attached to the rear or front rack's sides and are usually used in pairs.

2.Rack-Top (Trunk) E-Bike Bags

Rack-top e-bike bags are perfect for riders who prefer an easily accessible bag for their gear. They are usually attached to the top of the e-bike's rear rack. Typically, rack-top bags do not have as much carrying capacity as pannier e-bike bags. However, rack-top bags have fold-out pannier options for increased storage.

3.Handlebar E-Bike Bags

The handlebar e-bike bags come in a range of sizes and designs. For instance, whether you are searching for a small e-bike bag to carry your flat pair biking kit in or roll up your camping gear, or want to store your biking valuables, there is a handlebar bag that will suit your needs.

They are perfect for just any e-bike rider. One significant advantage of these e-bike bags is that they are easily accessible. 

These e-bike bags are usually attached to the handlebars using straps.

4.E-Bike Frame Bags

E-bike frame bags are an ideal way to utilize all the available space in the e-bike's front triangle.

These types of e-bike bags vary in size. For instance, whether you want to carry a lot or little gear, the e-bike frame bag will keep the weight out of the way and be centred for a great biking experience and performance.

They are usually attached to the inside of the front triangle of the e-bike's frame.

5.E-Bike Seat Bags

The e-bike seat bags are ideal for cyclists who wish to have a light bag that keeps their gear out of the way so they can ride easily and fast.

They are usually more aerodynamic compared to other e-bike bags. Therefore, they are best for riders who wish to keep their performance and speed.

You can attach them to the seat rails or seat posts.

6.E-Bike Backpacks

The e-bike backpacks are perfect for riders who wish to bring their repair kits and gear on a ride but still want to keep that extra weight off the e-bike, which helps maintain agile handling.

The majority of these backpacks are also perfect for off-the-bike activities.

Best Alternatives to E-Bike Bags

1.E-Bike Racks

If you do not want to use an e-bike bag, you can strap your gear to the rear or front rack using a bungee cord.

Most racks attach to specific mounts on the bike's frame. Therefore, you must ensure you have the appropriate mounts before buying a bike rack.

Many other racks attach to the seat post using a clamp.

2.E-Bike Trailer

If you have a lot of gear to carry, a bike trailer is a perfect alternative to bike bags. For instance, it gives you much storage space for hauling heavy loads on long-distance rides.

A bike trailer can be used with rear and front racks or on its own. However, this depends on how much load you need to carry.

They are usually attached to the rear hub of the electric bike. 

3.E-Bike Baskets

E-bike baskets are a perfect alternative to e-bike bags, especially for carrying a range of items, such as grocery bags or fair-weather rides.

They can carry loads on the front or rear of your bike. Front baskets are usually smaller than rear-mounted baskets. They are often anchored to the front fork or hung off the handlebars and are typically attached using metal stays.

On the other hand, rear baskets are generally mounted on either side of the bike's rear wheel. You can use them to carry tall loads because they have no lids.

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best E-Bike Bag

Here are a few of the vital factors to consider while screening for a new best electric bike bag:

1.The Bag's Carrying Capacity

It would help if you determined whether you want to use your e-bike for carrying a little gear or a lot.

If you are out for a quick road bike, you will want something sleeker and smaller. On the other hand, a bulkier e-bike bike with tons of room is ideal for commuters.

2.Attachment and Portability

You should know whether you will need to be taking your bag off your electric bike regularly or whether it will stay on your e-bike most of the time.

For instance, if you commute and wish to bring your e-bike inside the house, you should go for a bag that can easily pop on and off your e-bike.

3.The bag's weather resistance

Does your typical biking length or environment regularly have you cycling in bad weather?

If you are an all-weather conditions rider who does not shy away from road spray and rain, go for e-bike bags rated as "water-resistant" or "waterproof."

For instance, water-resistant e-bike bags are made from rubberized materials, which keeps the content inside dry even during a heavy downpour. They also have a roll-to closure that stops water from getting in.

4.Weight and Profile

If you are trying to go fast while riding a road bike, keep the weight down, and your electric bike's aerodynamics on the point will be vital.

Therefore, electric bike riders who wish to keep up their biking speed should consider going for lighter but reckless e-bike bags, which help keep the weight centred on their electric bikes.

5.Ease of Access

Generally, handlebar bags are more accessible than seat bags or pannier bags, which makes them an excellent option for small but frequently used items.

You also need to consider other things, such as:

*How many openings are there? Flaps or zippers?
*Are there small pockets or just an ample, undivided space?


Some e-bike bags adjust via expandable collars or compression straps, allowing you to carry different loads without shifting the load as you move on your electric bike or the unused part of your bag flapping in the wind.

Final Thought

We hope this article has helped you know the types of e-bike bags, their alternatives, and the factors you should consider while buying the best bag.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best e-bike bag, you can find one at Eskute Accessories. You can contact customer support to make an order.