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Electric Bike Charger

An electric bike charger is an essential accessory for all electric bikes to keep the batteries fully charged when necessary. Our ebike chargers are customized for ESKUTE electric bike types, and please make sure it's a compatible charger with your ebike models before placing the orders.

power adapter for voyager electric bike
power adapter for voyager electric bike

Electric bike Charger for Voyager

Electric Bike Charger for 2022 New E-Bikes
Electric Bike Charger for 2022 New E-Bikes

Electric Bike Charger for 2022 New E-Bikes

power adapter for wayfarer electric bike
power adapter for wayfarer electric bike

Electric Bike Charger for Wayfarer


Please don't use other chargers on your ESKUTE electric bike because it might harm your battery or the drive system. Pay attention to the voltage and current; keep the same with nominal voltage and current. Usually, the higher the current, the faster the battery gets charged. If you have no idea how to choose the chargers for your e-bike, contact us to get some advice.

Ebike Chargers - How to Know the Right One for Your Bike


Ebike Chargers are an important component of electric bikes. Choosing the right one is important to avoid short-circuiting your battery. Find out why here. 

What do mobile phones and electric bikes have in common? They both need chargers to work correctly. Jokes aside, electric bike chargers are essential to the bike's overall performance, as the bike cannot function when uncharged. 

The job of an e-bike charger is important as it transfers electric charge from an external electrical source to your bike's battery. So, the next task you'll get is how to pick the suitable charger for your electric bike. 

One of the most important things to look out for in a charger is its wattage. Another thing you have to consider is the compatibility of the charger. If the charger isn't suited to charger your Ebike battery, you might be risking setting your bike ablaze.

What Should I Check for in My Ebike Chargers?

The entire setup of an ebike is made to fit, and one faulty component could prove detrimental. Using the wrong charger does more harm than good and should be avoided at all costs. Ideally, a fully charged battery should cover at least twenty kilometres or more, depending on its capacity.

A bad charger shortens this distance and reduces the battery's lifespan. That is why we have listed below items to review in any charger you use. 


The most crucial factor to check in your charger is the voltage of the charger and that of your e-bike battery. The electric bike battery's voltage and chargers should be the same. If not, the charger begins to damage the battery. It could also lead to a fire hazard, as the inefficient charging might result in a spark in the battery and charger temperatures.

If your e-bike's battery is 48 volts, the charger must match the voltage at least. If you get a charger with a higher voltage than your bike's battery, it's even better. No matter what you do, never compromise on the amount of voltage produced by the charger.


Your charger wattage is the amount of power that passes through your charger at any given time. The amount of your charger's wattage affects the rate at which your battery charges. A charger with higher wattage will charge your battery faster than that with a lower wattage.

Most chargers have their wattage written on them. If it isn't, you must multiply the charger's voltage by the current that passes through. For example, a 48V charger with a 5A current has a wattage of 240W.

Suppose you are always looking for ways to save time; getting an e-bike charger of higher wattage is a way to save some time while charging. A good charger should have a wattage rating of at least 500 Watts.

Cable Length

Another factor that should determine where a cable is good enough is the length of its rope. The importance of a long charge cable is that it makes it easy to charge your bike when the power source is far away.

Before getting a charger, estimate the distance between your external power source and where your electric bike is parked. If you can't get a charger with adequate cable length to cover the distance, then go with what's available.

However, getting a long enough charger can save you from accidents due to tangling with many wires. You can also save yourself the general messiness of having a lot of cable on the floor.

Use only Manufacturer Specified Products.

We are not saying unknown brands do not make quality products. But you are playing a roulette game when you buy from a brand that does not have a quality track record. The best way to get the right one is to buy from the manufacturer directly. This method guarantees that all ratings are accurate and you get a quality or suitable product.

While you might think you are saving a few bucks by buying an unknown brand, it isn't always so. In the long run, it might prove more costly as a change of battery and charger becomes necessary. 

Can I Use Any Charger for My Ebike?

Not every Ebike charger is suitable for every bike. Apart from differing voltages, the charger connecting point is another issue. While some chargers have a single pin, others have a three-pin connection. Of course, a 1-pin charge won't work with one with a 3-pin.

Also, the battery charging port is another thing to consider. The ports differ from electric bike to electric bike. Therefore, before picking a charger for your bike, think of compatibility. It would be best if you also considered your country's voltage range. Your charger should be able to work with the supply voltage coming from the electrical mains.

In some countries, the supply voltage is between 220 and 240 volts. In other countries, like the United States, it's 120 volts. Confirm that the charger will work before buying it. However, most chargers work between this range.

Should You Leave Your Ebike Charging Overnight?

Usually, it takes about 2.5 - 6 hours to charge the battery of an electric bike fully. Given the time it takes, it only makes sense to charge overnight. However, there are concerns about damage should batteries be left for such a prolonged period. 

You have no reason to fear as there is no danger to charging your bike overnight. Technology has evolved to the extent that most batteries now have inbuilt charge management systems that make overcharging impossible. As soon as the battery is complete, it stops receiving charge. It means the battery will not be damaged even if you leave them plugged in all night.


Most electric bikes come with their chargers. You must think carefully before purchasing a replacement when those chargers get damaged. If your bike has a 48V battery, the charger should be between 48-54V.

It is important to know the voltage of your battery before getting a replacement. If you have any questions about your bike, feel free to check the Eskute Help Centre for more assistance.