350w Electric Bike: Specification and Uses

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Electric bikes in the UK come in different wattages. The wattage of a bike is how much power the motor of the e-bike can generate. For example, a 350w e-bike has more power than a 250W e-bike. Due to this, the 350w is more suitable for some activities than the 250w bike. A bike with extra power comes in handy when biking on challenging terrain and makes riding less strenuous.

If you are looking for the perfect balance between performance and compactness, a 350w bike is more than adequate. These bikes provide 60Nm torque and are powerful enough to handle most urban terrains easily. Read on as we discuss all 350w e-bikes and their best uses.

What is a 350w electric bike?

A 350w bike is a bike whose motor uses 350 watts and is usually paired with a 36V battery. 350w electric bikes provide more power than the smaller 250W e-bikes. This e-bike only differs in power, and riders can expect similar features on the e-bike regardless of the wattage. These bikes work for regular urban rides and rough terrain. For most regular riders, this is enough to meet their needs.

350w electric bikes are a low-cost option for riders looking for high-performance bikes. In addition, these 350w bikes are usually lighter, quieter, lighter, and cheaper than other high-performance bikes.

In terms of speed, most 350w bikes reach speeds of around 25 mph with no hassles. Note that several factors determine the top speed of a 350w electric bike. These factors include:

  • The biker's weight.
  • Weight of the electric bike.
  • Level of assistance.
  • Terrain.
  • Battery age.

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Is 350w enough power for an ebike

350w is more than enough power for an electric bike. This motor is powerful enough to propel riders across most surfaces. It's important to note that the rider's weight affects how well the bike fares on challenging terrain. Bikers may need to pedal to ride on steeper hills. 350w e-bikes are typically paired with a 36-volt battery which can power the bike for about an hour.

Your ebike is 350w doesn't mean it will always use 350w during rides. For example, bikers riding on flat terrain with the right conditions won't require the bike's full power to maintain a constant speed. However, if you're riding up a steep hill, the bike will most likely use all of the motor power.

Remember, there are performance differences between mid-drive and hub electric motors. A hub motor of 350 watts isn't the same as a mid-drive motor of 350 watts. Mid-drive motors are more efficient than hub motors and have more torque. For this reason, mid-drive engines are the best motor options for riders who love riding on hills.

350w vs 500w vs 250w e-bike

Here, we'll compare the most common e-bike motor sizes. These motors have distinct characteristics that highlight their differences. So, without further ado, here is a comparison of 350w vs 500w vs 250w e-bikes.

250w e-bike

250w e-bikes are the lowest power class available for electric bikes and are most commonly used for EPAC electric bikes, including pedelec bikes. These e-bikes generally perform well on flat terrain for average-weighted riders.

You may need to pedal harder if you ride 250w bikes on hilly terrain. So, we don't recommend 250w bikes for challenging terrains except if you'd prefer riding with little or no assistance. Bikes with this motor can reach 20 mph and have a longer range per charge. These bikes are typically compact and lightweight and come with smaller batteries due to their design.

250w electric bike on the rocks

350w e-bike

350w e-bikes are a step up from 250w e-bikes, and the difference is noticeable when riding on hills. A 350-watt bike rides on hills easier than a 250-watt bike. However, these bikes don't feel much different from their 250w counterpart when riding on flat terrain.

Although 350w bikes have a slightly higher top speed than 250w bikes, the torque, acceleration, and range are similar. These bikes are perfect for riders who want more power in a lightweight design. 350w bikes offer the ideal balance between 250w and 500W bikes. These bikes are more powerful than 250w bikes and less expensive than 500w bikes.

500w e-bike

500W electric bikes are designed for speed, performance, and efficiency. These e-bikes are faster, slightly heavier, and have a longer range than their less powerful counterparts. Even though the 500W bike has the same maximum speed range as the 350w motor, it accelerates faster and requires less assistance. Furthermore, you get more power and torque to ride quickly on flat or bumpy terrain.

350w bikes are best suited for riders who ride long distances. Moreover, bikers who love riding on hilly terrain will be better served by riding a 500W bike. However, these bikes are heavier and less compact than 250W and 350w electric bikes.

Is a 350w e-bike legal in the UK?

Once the motor of the e-bike is beyond 250W, it should be classified as a moped or motorcycle. You should complete training and get a driving license to legally ride a 350w e-bike in the UK. Bikers can ride these motor-powered bikes if they don't exceed the 15.5mph limit. However, it is illegal to ride this moped on a public highway without registering it and having insurance. Once you complete all the necessary documentation, you'll be able to ride this bike anywhere.

Furthermore, to ride a 350w e-bike on public roads, you must be at least 16 years old. However, anyone above 14 can ride an electric bike on private streets. The minimum age to ride a moped in the UK is 16 years old, but this has been reduced to fourteen years for electric bikes due to their lower power levels.

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Electric bikes with 350w power are ideal for riding on most terrains. This motor gives riders enough power to breeze through easier terrain and overcome more challenging obstacles. 350w bikes share a lightweight design with 250W bikes with more power that can scale hills better. Fortunately, there aren't any laws banning 350w bikes in the UK. However, ensure you adhere to the 15.5 mph speed limit and complete the necessary documentation. Don't forget to contact us if you have any questions. We'll get back to you right away!


Grady Mitchell

Grady Mitchell

I need to buy to motors for Edison jyl-26’36v 350w2621050550 also need few more parts

Robert Davies

Robert Davies

Hi there, good morning, I have an ebike, and I’m looking to change/upgrade my battery, in order to be able to travel a little bit more distance. My battery at the moment is 36v 417watts and a 250watt motor, if I upgrade the battery, do I need to change the motor, the new battery will be around 650watt 17.5 or 20ahour. Also, if I need to change the motor, would I therefore have to change the controller? many thanks, regards Rob

Mary Bevington

Mary Bevington

Hi Isabella. I’m writing to you for advice. I recently had me bike converted to an e-bike locally. ( beginning of the year) I hate to admit it but I wasn’t fully aware at the time that the legal limit was 250w. My bike is 350w. I now know that mine is over the limit , unless I have it registered as a moped – which means tax and insurance. I’m now debating whether to do this, or just buy a proper e-bike 250w.
The person who converted it at his bike shop didn’t talk to me about the 250w limit and have found out it has 350w and a throttle. I love riding it and do not cycle above 15 mph but I now understand it is not classed legally as an EPA bike.
I just don’t know whether to get it registered legally as a moped, which will mean spending more money or to save up for a proper electric bike. Be grateful for your thoughts on this.
Kind regards



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