How to Derestrict Bike: The Complete Guide

a man goes downhill fast on his derestricted electric bike

Firstly, a disclaimer that needs to be put forward is that it's illegal to ride-tuned bikes on United Kingdom roads, bikes that are deresricted and go above a certain speed limit.

That said, it will give you access to higher speeds, and you could ride them on disused tracks, private roads, or in the middle of woods. Places that aren't public property and don't have traffic.

Despite the interest, only a few know how to go about derestricting e-bikes. While you could have it done at a private shop by spending a few bucks, doing so yourself might be significantly cheaper and give you a sense of satisfaction.

This article will enlist two ways of derestricting e-bikes. One way is by utilizing e-bike tool kits, and the second method is the handy method.

However, it's necessary to repeat that derestricting your bike might be complicated and lead to untoward consequences. You must do this safely and slowly. Doing so might be an offence, depending on where you reside.

Pros and Cons of Derestricting E-bikes

One advantage is that the bike will continue to assist you if you're pedalling up to the cadence you can manage. The motor will assist you until you can't pedal faster anymore and your legs spin out.

Some tool kits might be limited to a certain speed limit, such as 50 miles per hour, which may not be an issue for most people.

Derestricting e-bikes would help you go at the maximum speed on certain trails you ride and on other creative adventures that only you might be aware of.

a man and a woman with helmets are riding derestricted e-bikes on the shadowy path

The cons could be that by increasing the speed to a maximum, you might expose yourself to more danger and make a crash more likely.

It's especially true if there are other people on the path or track you are riding. Making it more dangerous not just for yourself but others around you.

You might not be able to stop in time for a crash into an object or a person, and since it's a derestricted bike, you'd be liable for the damage you cause.

In cases of a crash on a modified bike, even if you have insurance, it will not be valid. The same goes for any warranty that you might have.

Derestricting an e-bike also makes the motor and other components run out fasters since they're under more stress and might need a replacement sooner than expected.

However, it's up to you. If you want to make your bike go faster, that's your choice. If you ride on private roads and trails, the faster speed might be worth it.

Methords to Derestrict E-bikes

1.E-bike Tool Kits

tool kits for derestricting e-bikes

The first method of derestricting a bike is by using e-bike tool kits.

As time passed and the popularity of e-bikes increased, many bike enthusiasts complained about the set speed limits and the need for them to be higher.

These concerns were brought to the e-bike manufacturers, who started introducing tool kits to help the derestriction of e-bikes. Using tool kits was a method that allowed for more ease in tuning and is a safer way to go about it.

It works on the principle of adjusting the speed rate and modifying speed data, which fools the bike into thinking it's going at a slower rate than it is. It intercepts the cables going into the motor and modifies the data so that the motor can run at a higher top limit.

An added benefit is that it's easier to stop derestriction using these devices, and it doesn't take long to undo the derestriction and return it to the default state in case you feel like doing so.

A load of websites and shops might assist you with purchasing these devices, and it might be worth considering some reviews on the web before going ahead with your purchase.

2.Handy Method

This method is slightly more technical and advanced than the first method. And it's better if you give it to a trained mechanic to do it for you.

However, if you want to give it a go on your own, we'll roughly mention how to go about it.

There's a main cable that comes from the battery to the motor, but you just need to leave it as is. The same goes for a coloured cable that may or may not be present and is for the lights.

The cable we are concerned with is a black rectangular cable that is the connection for the controller. After spotting it, you need to bring out the sensor or the magnet and attach the magnet to a pedal bracket.

After this, move the sensor to face the magnet, and voila! Your bike is derestricted.

When you put this cable back, you have to be a bit careful about how you do it, and if you feel any resistance, it might be best to double-check if you're putting them square.

The pins inside the slot are tiny and easy to break, so it's best to be extra delicate with this step. If you break them, the motor needs to be repaired with a new board fitted inside.

a woman riding derestricted ebike on the private road with smile


However, if you derestrict a slow bike, there's only so much that the derestriction can help with.

If you want to achieve maximum speed and get reliable performance, then you must ride the latest bike bought from a reliable vendor.

An excellent place to get e-bikes is Eskute, which offers 2 years warranty and a 15 days return policy on all the bikes available.

Head to Eskute to get brand-new or second-hand e-bikes depending on your preference.


New Reg

New Reg

This is a very informative guide on derrestricting e-bikes! It clearly explains the pros and cons, including the legal risks and safety hazards. I especially like the point that even your warranty could be voided. While tempting to get more speed, I think I’ll stick to riding my e-bike legally.



Is there any way to derestrict a wisper tailwind trail???

Michael McKinney

Michael McKinney

Just bought a keteles k800 2000 what dual motor electric bike. I’ve already been through the display but still have some type of limiter on this that I just want to remove can anyone help me on how to do that

Michael McKinney

Michael McKinney

Just bought a keteles k800 2000 what dual motor electric bike. I’ve already been through the display but still have some type of limiter on this that I just want to remove can anyone help me on how to do that

Car Couk

Car Couk

Interesting article! Sounds like there can be a real thrill to riding a derestricted e-bike, but definitely gotta prioritize safety. Maybe hitting up some private trails would be the way to go.

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